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Sharing a room with a stranger leads to a man's first time.

She shivered slightly.

"I don't think I have any lemon," she said as she turned toward the kitchen door.

"Without will be just fine," the man said as she went inside.


Daisy filled two large glasses with ice and was pouring the tea when she wondered why she hadn't screamed and ran in the house when the man appeared next to the tree. She felt far too calm for there to be a stranger in her private backyard. The fact that she was thinking the way she was and still being calm was even stranger.

With a deep breath, she sat the tea pitcher on the counter and picked up the two glasses. For some reason, it did not surprise her when the man opened the door for her.

"Thank you," she said as she carried the glasses over to the table and sat them down. Turning, she stared at the man. "Are you in my mind?"

He smiled sheepishly and sat down at the table. "Not so much in your mind as damping down your panic from earlier. I don't really want to draw attention to myself and your screaming would have certainly done that."

"What else are you doing that I should know about?"

He shrugged and reached for one of the glasses. "That's about it, although I do like looking at you and you do have a nice mind."

As he took a sip of the tea, Daisy said, "I'm usually very shy around strangers and you are very strange indeed." She paused a moment to pick up her tea glass. "What is so nice about my mind?"

"It is well organized and very calm and peaceful. Or at least it was until you saw me. After that, all bets were off."

Daisy smiled in spite of herself. She had not had any company since her son had left for college in the spring. Being alone for the first time in her life was peaceful in a way, lonely in another. Her mind shied away from her husband and daughter.

The man sipped his tea, his eyes roaming over Daisy's body. Smallish breasts, rounded hips, the hair on her sex trimmed short and neat. Obviously a woman who took care of herself. Her all over even tan spoke of a woman who was naked more often than not while outside.

"A shy lady who likes to be naked outdoors. That's quite a contradiction," he said with a smile.

"The big fence makes me feel safe from prying eyes." Daisy frowned. "Up until now, anyways."

"I apologize again for the intrusion, but I won't apologize for looking at you. You are a good looking woman," the man said.

"My husband . . . my husband loved to look at me also."

"Past tense," the man said softly. "My condolences."

Daisy shook her head and turned away to stare across the yard as her eyes burned. She had told herself she would not cry anymore. It had been a while since the last time but the feelings welled up as her mind supplied a picture of her late husband, Jim, sitting at that same table looking at her lovingly.

"He was a lucky man, to be so loved," the man said as he stood up.

Daisy still had her back to him as he walked up behind her and put his arms around her waist. She gave a jumping jerk and then whimpered softly as he pressed up against her back and hugged her gently but firmly. It was something Jim would have done.

"Accidents happen," the man whispered in her ear. "They are no one's fault."

Daisy felt her head nod but really did not agree with what he said. She should have been with them that day. Maybe she could have made things different. Daisy gave a jerk as the man went on.

"The only thing that would be different is your son would have been an orphan."

"How . . . how . . . are you reading my mind?" Daisy got the words out in a breathy whisper.

"Now that I'm touching you, yes, I can," the man whispered softly.

Daisy moaned softly and then whimpered as one of his hands moved slowly up across her ribs and caressed her left breast gently. She should have been shocked. She should have been outraged. But she wasn't. His hand on her breast and the feelings it was generating held her complete attention.

The man's lips and hot tongue on her neck made her close her eyes and groan softly.

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