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An acquaintance stops over after work.

I sit here now remembering and I want you. I want to give you the kind of pleasure you deserve and desire, the knowing that I will do anything to make it happen and that I want it to happen.

We rested then, my hands softly stroking your body as I nuzzled my face against the softness of your breasts, hearing your breathing returning to normal but it was the smile you gave me that built up my passion once again and still I remember the look of your eyes upon mine as my fingertips trailed thru your hair and down the side of your face, gently brushing your ear and cheek and as they glanced your lips they parted and I let one linger there a moment, enjoying the feeling of your tongue licking the moistness that remained of your cum and you licked and then sucked it clean making my cock grow hard once again, but as much as you wanted to feel me inside you and even though that too was what I wanted, I wasn't done with my tongue, you should have known better and our shared smile gave the answers to what I was about to do once again.

I moved back down lifting your left leg over my shoulder as I moved. Sliding my hand over the nipple of your left breast I stopped to twirl a finger around it, flicking it softly before giving you a tug and then letting my hand drift down again over your tummy and then covering your mound, savoring the feel and experience. You arched your back in expectation of what was about to happen, then turning my hand I slide my thumb and middle finger between the fleshy lips, holding you wide open exposing your lovely clit nestled there so inviting and throbbing and just begging to be toyed with. I lowered myself to you and with a firm flattened tongue began to lick you over and over till I felt your hands grabbing at my hair pulling my face harder onto you.

I don't know if these mere words can explain the feeling that gave me, but I remember eagerly taking your clit between my lips sucking it in gently while swirling my tongue over and around you and then you lost all control, grabbing my hair, my ears, and it felt as if you were trying to consume me while I was devouring you and I not only felt your raw passion but your love. Maybe above all else it was the feeling of that love that I remember most as I sit here, imagining you sleeping now, dreaming these things as well so many miles apart till once again we are together, and soon it be forever.

Do you feel me there now Baby? Can you sense my presence as you lay there sleeping? Can you remember how it felt as I used my fingers to grasp your lips and pull them while pressing against your clit with another finger? Can you feel me tugging them as I lower my mouth on you and slide my tongue as far inside you as I can, swirling it around and curling it while moving it in and out of you? I can! I can remember the feeling, the taste and the wetness right now. I've not forgotten how you pulled me up to you then, kissing me and licking your own wetness from my tongue, lips and chin and how our tongues played with each other.

You pushed me back then, my hardness there for your taking, and take it you did, first in your hand stroking me and milking out the precum knowing what I liked without asking.

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