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The Price of Retribution.

"I take it that you admit to these borrowings?"


"Good, now the next item. I realise that from time to time you have to offer a sweetener to retain clients. My problem is that you only offer sweeteners to regular clients who don't need the inducement, and who just happen to be friends of yours. Now it's not a quantum leap in credibility to think that maybe you are getting kick-backs from these friends. It may not be financial, it could be contra deals, payment in kind, something of that nature. Am I close to the mark here?"


"That practice could be looked on as fraud, I'll leave that up to our legal people. Now the final issue, and this one displeases me more than any other. Your receptionist, Cindy, now she's a very attractive young lady, agreed?"

"Yes." Troy had a good idea where this was heading and he was quite frankly scared.

"Now her conditions of employment are set out in her employment contract, agreed?"


"I have read this contract thoroughly, and I have had our legal department go through it with a fine tooth comb and I have failed to find anywhere in that contract any mention of her duties including giving you a blow job when you feel like it!" The last sentence came at a volume and tone that caused Troy to jump, everything up to that point had been spoken in a low and controlled voice.

"And, and I cannot find anywhere in this contract any mention of her being required to provide sexual services to your friends and business acquaintances." He tossed a copy of Cindy's employment contract onto the desk in front of Troy. "Can you show me where it says that?"

Troy didn't even look at it. "No."

"What would we suggest that we do about this?"

"I don't know. I guess the decision is up to you."

"Thank you." Martin got up and went to the door. "Cindy, would you come here please?" Cindy walked into the office. "Sit down please. Now Cindy, I have spoken to Troy here about the issues that have been identified in the report that we received and we have come to the time where a decision is necessary. We have three choices as I see it. The first is we can turn the matter over to the police and let them deal with it. The second is that we can fire him, it will be a summary dismissal which means that he will get no retirement benefits. The third is that he can tender his resignation and leave with his entitlements. Which choice would you suggest we make?"

"The third. He will have time to reflect on his behaviour while he looks for another job and that may take some time given that what few qualifications he has are 'in house' and not much use out there in the real world. I think that will be punishment enough."

"You're too soft, I would have gone with the first choice, but I'll go along with your choice. You heard the lady Troy, Cindy will type up your letter of resignation and you can sign it before you pack up your things and leave. The company will accept it and that will be the end of it, don't bother calling us for a reference because we will have to be honest in our appraisal of you and I don't think that you want that, do you?"

"No sir."

"I'll leave you to it. Don't get up, I can see myself out." Martin got up and left the office. Troy was just about to take out his anger on Cindy but her expression cut him off before he could utter a word. He sat down and scribbled out his resignation and threw it to her to type up. Within half an hour he had cleared his desk and left the building.

Ten minutes after that Cindy stepped into the coffee shop across from her work. Martin had her coffee waiting for her. "You were brilliant!" She exclaimed as she kissed him and sat down. "And that bit about not contacting the company for a reference, he'll never know that you have nothing to do with the company."
Joseph and Rachel had arranged a dinner for their daughters and their families as soon as they returned.

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