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Her pregnant friend opens a new world.

"Love the sound of that," I tell her with my lips pressed against her back, still pounding at against her hips.


Her bare feet spread slightly apart as I kneel to dry the lower portions of her body, having spent a considerable amount of time attending to the upper body already.

"I could leave just a little thigh stump," she whispers. "Probably the left leg." Her voice is still quiet.

I peck kisses up the dried legs and then nibble her clit. She pulls my face against her mound and rubs my lips over the sweet tasting opening for a while.

"Nah. It's all a fantasy. Probably just like you being with a one-armed black girl."

She steps back with a frustrated grunt and I stand with my hands against her waist.

"What brought that on?" I quiz.

"Just being realistic, I guess." She walks past and picks up her dress. "I had a nice time." She slips it over her head and adjusts it as the fabric finishes moving along her body. Her feet wiggle into the shoes and she looks towards me.

"Do you want some breakfast?" I ask.

"I work this morning." She glances at the clock. "I have a little time."

She sits in the overstuffed chair by the bed and watches me dress without saying anything. Her hand rubs the shoulder some then slips under the dress and plays.

I stand and buckle my belt, my eyes glued to doing whatever she is doing.

"Just finger fucking," she says then stands. She takes a few steps in my direction and lets her hand drag down my chest. "You keep me aroused." She snickers then pecks a small kiss on my lips, not letting me return the kiss. "I'd love to wake up with you every morning." She pecks another kiss and I feel under the dress.

"There's a place kind of next door I've eaten at."

As the hotel door closes behind us and the humidity quickly makes us as wet as if we'd just stepped from the shower, Malee stops us. She's wearing a similar outfit from yesterday, a very short skirt, but a tight blouse outlining the contours of her breasts and nipples.

"We'll, is this what kept us apart last night?" Malee quickly surveys Eva, spending a little extra time looking at the shoulder. "Jake, you have excellent tastes. I completely approve."

I make the introductions and explain how I overslept yesterday.

"Come have breakfast with us," Eva says while looking at Malee. "I take it, you're like that for the same reason I'm like this." She wiggles the shoulder.

"Probably we both saw Leslie."

I move towards the door of the restaurant and they follow. The hostess gives a pleasant sigh as she picks up three menus and leads us to a booth. I ask for coffee and the women make an agreeable nod letting her know they wish coffee too. Malee sits on the outside of the seat next to Eva's right side.

"How long is your stump?" Eva asks. "I've often thought about having a leg off at the hip."

"Nearly all of it, right Jake?" Malee grins at me.

Eva flashes her a look then smiles, as she understands I have been with Malee. "He's good, isn't he?"

"Uh-huh-h," she drawls as her gaze drifts from me to her. "But I didn't have enough time." She heaves a deep sigh. "I do have a thing for women missing parts ... just in case you might." She snickers. The conversation pauses long enough to order and the waitress to leave. "Didn't know that, did ya, Jake." She takes Eva's hand and holds it tenderly.

"Hmmm," I mumble as I watch them cuddle a little closer.

Malee drags a fingertip over the armless shoulder. "How long?"

"Nearly a year. And you?"

"Six months. I was about to marry a guy I'd been seeing for some time. One night I told him about my 'thing' to have one leg. He left."

"Shit," Eva groans. "Most guys just after the perfect body." She shakes her head a few times. "I dumped my husband, literally, after he let his brother rape me. I ended up here and soon found Leslie and finished a dream." She pats her shoulder.

"How'd you meet Jake?" Malee asks.

The waitress interrupts to put the plates on the table and refill the cups. She asks if we need anything and then leaves.

"I d

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