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Revenge and roses.

" With that she pushed my hands to her crotch and to where I found a semi-engorged cock. My eyes became as big as saucers. She simply smiled at me that warm smile and let go of my hands to pull up her skirt to her waist. I massaged her cock through her thin panties as it grew harder and harder.

When her skirt was all up around her waist, she smiled and nodded at me. I looked down and put my fingers over the lip of her silky panties and pulled them down to let her hard cock pop out. It was bigger than mine, about 8 to 8.5 and pretty thick, but it wasn't outrageously big. I slid my hands around her warm, hard flesh and she moaned lightly. I started to slowly slide one hand up and down her cock while the other gently massaged her balls. She rolled her head back again and started moaning again. Her hips started to roll her cock into the beat of my hands. She looked so sexy as her breasts swayed when her torso began to slowly gyrate in the opposite direction of her hips. It felt like her cock was getting hotter in my hands and her moans grew more intense.

Her hand reached back up around behind my head and pulled it back from my gaze on her breasts. She looked me right in the eyes and asked, "Are you ready to suck your first cock?" Still dumbstruck, I nodded as my heart jumped just about out of my chest. She lifted her self up fully onto her knees and guided her cock towards my waiting mouth. I tried to pull my head towards it, but she held it fast where it was.

It seemed like and eternity till the head of her cock reached my salivating lips. It rested on my bottom lip and instantly dropped my upper lip to close around her head. My tongue sprung to action, licking ferociously at the head or her wonderful cock. She moaned again and let it pass through my lips. I felt each sexy inch slide into my mouth and I was pretty sure my own cock was going to rip right through my jeans.

Her cock started to slide back out of my mouth and I nearly ripped out my own hair in her hands just to keep its warmth inside my mouth. She laughed and said, "Don't worry boy, its not going anywhere." And then she started to slide it back in deeper. This time I gagged a little. She pulled out a little, and then back in. I gagged a little less this time, and she pulled it out and then back in again deeper. I hardly gagged at all that time and then she pulled out and back in damn near all the way. Then back out the back in this time till the hilt. I felt what pubic hair she hadn't shaved off tickling my nose. She just kept it there and I felt it in my throat. "Hmmm, you are a natural cock sucker aren't you? Most guys can't get used to it that fast."

With that she started sliding it in and out, in and out of my salivating mouth. She let go of my hair a little and I eagerly matched her motion with my sucking. She let go of my hair altogether and started just pushing on the back of my head. Her moans became louder and her strokes became faster. I could feel her balls slapping against my chin.

Her back arched and her other hand reached down below her and rubbed my hard cock through my jeans. Somehow, she unbuttoned and unzipped them with one hand. I felt my hard cock jump out of my jeans. Her hand wrapped around it and slid up and down my swollen shaft.

Her breathing became heavy and she let go of my dick to place that hand behind my head to cement her fucking of my face. Her thrusts were deep and quick, never letting much of her cock out of my mouth. Her moans turned to, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Suck my cock you dirty little bitch!" My cock was aflame as her balls slammed against my chin. My face was become wet with my own saliva as I hungered for her to cum into my mouth.

She pounded and pounded my face and my hands held tightly to her ass helping her to fuck my face even faster.

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