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A young woman is staggered by an ultra-confusing journalist.

We leaned against a chair atop the cushioned pad on the floor, and watched the others around us in various stages of copulation or sexual play.

Nancy said, "I'm going to shower. Maybe it'll pep me up. I'm still vibrating from that 'little' climax you gave me - like at Richter 10.9. I meant what I said, that was the best sex I've ever had, and certainly the most powerful orgasm. Thank you."

I in turn thanked Nancy for choosing me for our sexual romp, and then Sheila and I did a little assessment of where our various partners were.

Ally was riding high on an older gentleman in the far corner of the living room. She looked to be in seventh heaven bouncing wildly atop the man and making his entire frame shake almost violently as she started to crest. Fran and Sean were going at it in the family room as they both watched Sheila's porn film. Jane sat in one of the large family room chairs with one of the younger men frantically pumping his cock into her quim; they were both talking dirty to each other despite the similar words coming from the TV. There were quite a few others in the room too, showing the popularity of the video.

Ren__ had two men fucking her simultaneously, and she was moaning her pleasure to the two of them as she allowed them the DP. In the guest bedroom, Lyle was plowing into Ivy's small body as she alternately pleaded for mercy and then for him to do more of whatever he was doing to her. They were all obviously having fun, so we left them alone.

Chip was at the door watching Lyle and Ivy, and slowly stroking his erection. He was ready for action with Ivy, but the pair were well into a long and passionate fuck. Before we left the doorway he said, "I was waiting a turn, but Lyle looks like he's using all those Tantric techniques you're so good at so he's apt to be all night. He really likes Ivy too, and I guess she likes him from what I hear." He turned to Sheila, "Would you like to hang out here ... with me ... for a bit?" He gestured towards the bed that was only being half used.

Sheila kissed Chip, and I left the two of them so they could start fucking beside Ivy and Lyle. I remember having the peculiar thought about how doing that might help Sheila and Ivy bond in some way. The 'sisters' that fuck next to each other, stay together. I chuckled at my perversion of the religious axiom.

I went and found Jean Henson, and the two of us found another empty bedroom and started to make love. We compared notes as we coupled. She told me that Dave had been very taken with Ivy, spending two rounds with her, although in the second round Aidan had joined them. Ivy had proved to be an endearing soul, willing to try anything, and careful not to upset any existing relationships.

Later, I slowly collected the girls, we dressed, and headed home about one a.m. Fran and Ally rode with Ren__, and I had Sheila, Jane, and Ivy with me in the car. We had a lively discussion about the evening, and the various people each had met, often clarifying about various relationships.

At one point, Ivy started, "Errr, this is kind of delicate, but ... Dave Henson is the father of the sisters, right?"

"Right, and it's not delicate in this circle of friends."

"But I saw him making love with Fran at one point."

"Probably. The love each other."

Ivy turned to Sheila, "Do you love him that way too?"

"Yes. We get together about once a week. He and I fucked for a while tonight too. I love him."

Ivy digested that. "The incest doesn't bother you?"

Sheila said, "No. It was a bit of jump at first, but now he's just another one of my lovers AND he happens to be my father. Didn't you and he connect tonight?"

Ivy said, "Oh, yes. He's a divine lover and very considerate. He was probably my favorite of the whole night. It's just ... well, I can't imagine connecting with either of my parents in a sexual way."

I volunteered, "Neither can I. Furthest thing from my mind."

Sheila said with some enthusiasm, "But Steve's brother is a nice addition as a lover .

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