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Sarah enjoys a few new experiences in her new home.

Before I knew it Fall semester was over and the catalogs for Spring semester appeared. On the cover, among other campus pictures, was the picture of me with my arm around Maria as she pointed excitedly.

I enthusiastically signed up for Spring classes and rushed to campus the first evening of Spring quarter. But Maria was nowhere to be found. I didn't even know her last name. She looked maybe German or Dutch, but I wasn't sure. I searched the crowds of students but I couldn't even find her friends. I felt a sort of strange vague sense hopelessness. I felt lost -- empty.

Of course my mom immediately spotted my picture on the cover of the course catalog and wanted to know all of the details about my "beautiful secret girlfriend". I reluctantly confessed the truth...

"Richard, why didn't you ask her out and try and get to know her better?" My mom questioned "The worst that could have happened was that she could have said no."

My dad seemed amused by the situation but didn't say much.

"Richard, you know you can meet a lot of nice girls in college." My mom reassured me. "Maybe you should take some of that moldy money you've saved up and go to a good college -- at least for a couple of years. It will be a good experience. And maybe you'll meet another nice girl like Maria."

So off I went to college that following Fall. I don't know how I ended up at a small private University nestled high in a mountain valley in Colorado, but I did. It was certainly different than California. I met a lot of beautiful girls, and even dated a few, but none could measure up to Maria.. Or I should say none could measure up to the Maria of my dreams. However my lies about my sexual conquests continued, and even grew.

I picked electrical engineering as a major and got excellent grades in all of my classes my first year. Probably more a result of my electrical background as an electrician than time spent studying, since I spent most of my time checking out the pretty girls around campus.


After a long hot summer, in Sacramento, spent working for my dad I returned to the University and the crisp surprisingly cold mountain air. Fall seemed to be trying to become a Winter.

I was bundled up in a new down filled coat and trudging up the hill towards the campus when I saw her. It couldn't be her.. I took a deep breath and the ice cold mountain air filled my lungs and made me stop momentarily to catch my breath.

I anxiously hustled up the hill after her, but I turned away when she looked back my way, and I pretended to study a brick church I'd stopped in front of. Oh my god it seemed to be her..

Nervously I followed... She almost certainly had a boyfriend and I wasn't sure what I'd say to her if I caught up with her. "Hi aren't you my soulmate, Maria?" No, that would sound ridiculous.. But it would sound confident!

"Maria" headed into the Student Union and I followed pretending to study some notices on a job board just inside the door.

"Find any killer jobs?" A cute little blonde asked me.

"Um, I don't know... I um don't know what I'm looking for..." She was cute but I didn't really feel like talking to her. I needed to find "Maria"....

"You know.." She grinned broadly "You're really not bad looking."

"Um uh thanks.." I hadn't expected that.

"Anna...My names Anna! You know.." She started again. "You look a lot like my friends old boyfriend."

I didn't know what to say, and I didn't want to be rude, but if I didn't leave soon I felt sure that I might never find Maria again.

"Look...", Anna took a breath "They broke up... but her parents don't know about it... Would you consider....? Would you consider.. pretending that you are him?"

"Are you crazy!" I blurted out as I started to turn and leave "I have to go meet somebody."

"You don't have to say much." Anna chased after me. "All you have to do is come by and say hi to her parents."

"I don't know." I laughed.. heading down the hall towards the dining area.


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