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Newlyweds are transformed and impregnated by a unique plant.

I acted like I was making a call, and faked laughing at something funny. As I returned to the jacuzzi with fresh beers, I announced that 'Her folks rocked up just as they were about to come over. Mike is quite displeased, haha!'. Jessica giggled, and accepted a fresh beer.

We chatted more about her degree, and her friends at the nearby Uni. She was now on her third beer -- well, until she dropped it into the water, that is.

'Whoops!' she yelped. She tried to catch it on it's way down, but failed miserably. She pouted for a moment at the water where it was gone, trying to decide if she wanted to wet her hair to fetch it.

'It's not worth it now, babe' I said, grinning at the pathetic expression on her face.

I stood up and reached over her to fetch fresh beers for both of us. I felt my leg brush against her knees in the water, and as they did, her legs parted to let me reach for the beer. I opened and handed her a fresh bottle and she took a big swig, still pink from the embarrassment of losing the previous one.

We continued in conversation for a while longer, until she announced that she needed to pee. I directed her to the toilet, and she trotted in. Five minutes later she returned. The beers were taking their toll, and as she re-entered the jacuzzi, she tripped. It would have been unpleasant for her, had I not caught her.

Drunken and dazed, she looked up into my eyes as I cradled her tango style. Then, she surprised me.

She reached up and put her hand behind my neck, pulling my face to hers, she kissed me. I almost dropped her.

She did not let go. The alcohol had killed her inhibitions and released her wild side. I broke the kiss and put us both upright.

'Wow.' I said, looking into her eyes, then leaned in to recommence the embrace.

I poked my tongue into her mouth, and she eagerly reciprocated. I relaxed a little and leant back, making her follow. She did, and clumsily straddled me.

With one hand holding her head, I reached the other around behind her and let it rest on her buttocks. It got no reaction so I slowly began to rub her cute bubble-like bum. Subconsciously, she began to gyrate her hips gently. I could feel my cock begin to flush with excitement

I took my other hand from her face, and gently began to tug at the bikini bra straps tied halter-style behind her neck. It undid without much fuss, and the bra slid down, uncovering her perky young tits.

Another tug at the knot below her shoulder blades removed the bra completely.

I moved my hand to her waist, and began to hug her body to mine. She took the lead and wriggled closer to me. I could feel her diamond hard nipples rubbing against my chest hair, and felt the swelling member in my pants begin to push quite firmly against the velcro of the board shorts.

Jessica could feel this too, and began to rub herself along the shape of the bulge. This was too much. I reached down and undid the shorts, releasing my 8 inch beast.

I began to rub Jessica through the sheer fabric of her bikini bottoms and her breathing grew quite short and hurried. The young lass was quite excited.

I tugged simultaneously at the knots on her hips, and felt the fabric of her bikini bottoms melt drift away between my legs.

'Are you OK with this, babe?' I asked, as she stopped momentarily for a breath.

'Mm hmm' was all she said, rubbing her shaved mound against my quivering shaft.

I reached down and took hold of myself, and holding my other hand to her lower back, began searching for her heat.

The helmet of my cock nestled itself into the luscious lips of her cunt, and began it's journey backwards, looking for her opening.

I groaned in anticipation as it found its target.

'Point of no return, babe.' I warned, as I pushed into her. She kissed me again, just as passionately as before, and let her weight help our union.

She was tight, but more than ready. Her tunnel stretched around my thickness, and she bounced gently to encourage the penetration.

After a few minutes, I was balls deep in the skinny slut, and she was gyrating on my lap.

I reached under

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