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Spicing up their lives.

.. There was plenty of this variation.

___ Fucking: man on top, woman on top, man behind. As one couple finished & departed, another couple would take their spot on the bench.

___ Oral sex, male tongue on cunt. Countless instances of this in varying positions. I was sitting next to a woman whose partner was going down on her. His working tongue was clearly visible.

___ Opportunistic fucking. We saw two instances of this though no doubt there were many such happenings. We were dancing on the second floor when, close to the dance floor, a fellow started fucking a woman who was sitting on a chair of sufficient height to make his entry easy. His bare bum was thrusting vigorously. When he'd finished her partner, who had been watching, took over & a second pair of bum cheeks was clenching away.

___ The second instance happened right next to us as we were resting from dance floor exertions. A couple in maybe their early 30s set down & got amorous. A younger man appeared, however, perhaps by prior arrangement. He proceeded to get naked from the waist down, then get fair about fucking the woman. His bare bum was up close to us. He soon picked up his tempo & lost his load. We were then treated to the sight of him taking a filled condom off his still hard cock & tossing it into a container provided for that purpose. He pulled on his pants & departed, giving a grin & a thumb up to anyone who was looking.

___ A young woman & her man took their place. She mounted him for a 69. Another couple paused to watch them. I'll mention voyeurism later.

___ Lots of doggy style action. One scenario made us laugh. A young woman of maybe 25, good body, knelt on a bench seat & made her cunt very available. The problem was that her man couldn't get it up! She stayed in that position for maybe 5 minutes before writing him off as a loss.

___ One piece of action I deemed as a 'footy fuck'. The man was giving to his lady friend doggy style, showing commendable stamina. After ages he pulled out, still erect, & went to the bar to get them a drink. They sat while consuming their drinks, after which she got back on her hands & knees & he resumed fucking her. It looked like a half time break in a footy game, whiskey instead of oranges!

___ We saw no gay or lesbian couplings.

___ A middle aged couple, sitting next to us early in the piece, suddenly got themselves organised for fucking. Their noises were very audible. He turned her around to finish off. They then returned to the dance floor. Procedural fucking, we thought.

___ And so on... It was mostly the fucking of exhibitionists, lacking any sensuality or eroticism. It was mechanical fucking, sometimes wild & frenzied but still mechanical.

___ I witnessed only one genuine female orgasm. It resulted from a tongue job. I watched the look on her face as she journeyed towards the point of no return. Her face said it all when she went over the top. It was truly beautiful, one of the best.

The episode of incongruity on the night? When a young woman appeared alone in bra & thong, with a halter around her neck connected to her wrists by chains. She seemed lost. No connection made? Last seen wandering towards an 'action area', perhaps in hope.

The episode of mischievous fun on the night? It had to be a fellow giving occasional smacks onto a lovely bare female bum. The owner of the bum had her mouth on another man's cock at the time.

The image of true beauty on the night? A young woman, mid 20s, dancing nude with her man partner, There was an air of naturalness about her nudity, no sign of affectation, nothing tediously exhibitionistic, just an aura of pride in the loveliness of her body. She did not get involved in overt sex. Her presence was awe inspiring. She was pure, innocent eroticism on legs, a memorable vision.

The loser on the night had to be the tall 30ish fellow who wore only a few strips of connected leather.

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