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Jennifer & Jason's saga continues.

Tom and me took it in turns holding a slim ankle, lifting it up to remove a leg from her thong. When we had released her legs I tucked her thong into my pocket and we both took a leg each and encouraged her to spread them apart. We each now had one of her legs between ours, so we shuffled apart spreading her wide and allowing the probing hand and fingers free access to what was by now a very wet pussy. I could see that as the finger probed her pussy to the first knuckle that her outer lips had opened slightly, exposing the bright pink interior of a fully aroused woman, glistening with her vaginal juices, ready to be fucked hard. Both me and Tom ran our fingers up the inside of her spread thigh's, trailing them along the soft flesh above her stocking tops, making Jayne wriggle and moan in ecstasy as she felt us brush her pussy lips. I leaned forward to kiss the soft smooth skin of the ass cheek closest to me, giving it a light bite with my teeth and getting another gasp from Jayne, who had given up on the kissing and was simply letting her head hang down between them while she enjoyed being molested.

Tom now began to play with her pussy as well, he moved the finger probing her and opened her up using two fingers, her erect clit popped into view, standing up red and ready from the surrounding hood flesh. He then guided the finger to her clit and encouraged it to rub around in circles, we still had no idea if it was Dave's or Brian's hand. It didn't really matter as I could see they had unbuttoned the top of her dress and pulled it apart, her breasts hanging down and her big nipples being rolled and pulled between their fingers, their rough, calloused work-men's hands cupping and squeezing her lovely soft breasts. By now Jayne was moving her body in unison with what was happening to her, her breathing becoming ragged as she absorbed the waves of pleasure engulfing her. She now had four men all playing with various erotic zones, fingers probing her wet pussy and hard hands fondling her breast's, she was becoming more and more excited. I knew the signs very well, Jayne was about to orgasm for us, all it would take was one more thing and she would lose complete control of herself.

It was Tom who brought on a crashing climax for her, he ran two fingers up and around her pussy lips, then very slowly he started to insert them into her cunt, pushing in alongside each other until they had reached their full depth. As he did this Jayne's hips started to move in counter point to his probing fingers, and her body started to convulse as her orgasm started deep inside of her. I watched Tom finger fuck my young wife, his fingers plunging in and out of her tight pussy as Jayne raised her head, thrusting her breasts forward into the hard hands squeezing and grasping her nipples and tits. The other finger working her clit in circular motions at the same time. Jayne tensed her body, all movement stopping as wave after wave of pure pleasure coursed through her, holding on to the moment for as long as she could before thrusting hard back against the fingers fucking her in total abandon, her full release and orgasm coursing through her, making her arch her back even more and push down as hard as she could with her hips to engulf Tom's fingers to their full extent. Crying out in an almost primal scream as her body convulsed completely out of control. It was lucky the windows and doors were closed or I am sure people would have arrived to see what was happening where we were parked.

Jayne collapsed back onto the seat between Tom and me, her legs spread wide, the buttons on her dress undone down to the waist and her bra-less tits out on display, the dark brown nipples hard and sticking right out, her body still jerking in post orgasmic surges, her breathing ragged and deep, coming in short gasps as she slowly recovered her senses.

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