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I meet some swingers on the way to Vegas.

Stealing a glance at the man just outside, she noticed him move his right hand up and down the fly of his tailored trousers.

The water bounced off her bosom as the soap was washed off, then she turned her back to the shower head and lathered the twin mounds of her peachy buttocks. Lost in her ablution, the hard needles of water saturating her silky soft skin, she closed her eyes splitting her buttocks with one hand to soap her anus.

Gordon got his erect knob out as he watched the water run down her back and over her shapely butt and gave it clockwise twists in his fist.

"Oh my gosh!" When Ashlynn turned back she gazed open mouthed at the masturbating businessman.

"You alright? You ever see one this big before?" The man barely blinked.

She stood still, the hot water soaking her body as she screwed her eyes up to see through the steam. His cock was very large and extremely thick, must be nine inches in size she guessed.

He took an impressive thirty seconds to strip off his suit, shirt shoes and underpants to stand naked in the middle of the bathroom. She looked at his surprisingly defined muscles in his stomach and legs, a soft downy grey chest of hair covered his upper frame. He stepped into the stall and joined the bewildered woman.

The hot water streamed over their nakedness as Gordon hugged her desirable body to his. His hands slid up and down her breasts, made slick by the soap, as they embraced. In turn her hands came behind his back, his erection pressed on her right upper thigh. He moved her damp hair away from her neck and put his lips to her soft skin. She moaned as he bit into the soft flesh of her shoulder.

"You have an amazing body, Miss Brooke. Now suck my cock, or the deal is off."

Her sexual desire seriously aroused, the blond ground herself to him, her hips bumping on his body lasciviously.

Ashlynn sank to her knees on the wet tiles and plunged her mouth over the thick cock and proceeded to suck him off. Inch by inch eased inside her mouth until the tip touched the back of her throat. Famed for her excellent prowess on screen at blowjobs, the honeyed blonde used both hands and mouth together on his stiff pole. Teasing, licking, licking his big balls, she showed the business man her skills.

"You are quite incredible, my dear. You could make a living at this I would wager."

Really! All he had to do was visit google and just type in Ashlynn Brooke and he might get a pleasant surprise.

She leaned back a bit and gently licked all the way up his shaft, lingering on the fat head, and then back down again slowly. Then she shifted up a gear, sucking in his entire length, inhaling as she did so to create a tight hold on his meat. Gordon grabbed a handful of her fine hair and pulled her to him firmly. Ash rocked on her haunches and gulped for air, drool slipping from her pursed lips.

"Boy, it's big alright." She spluttered as she removed him from her mouth.

Gordon shifted his feet on the slippery tiles and held her head in both hands and steered her to his twitching prick. She swallowed him whole, her fingers digging into his thighs as she forced him down her throat, her lips at the base of his stalk. In her time in front of the camera she had taken some big cocks, and this guy was up there with the biggest.

Then he let her free and looked into her big brown eyes. Ashlynn was breathing fast as the man bent to kiss her belly, moving left to right. He went lower and put his lips to her pussy mound, inhaling her womanly scent with a deep sniff. Apart from the shower, her cunt was aroused and moist with her own juices, and she closed her eyes when his warm tongue reached up into her inner lips. She played with her tits as he delved deep into her quim, his hands tight around her ass cheeks.

"Mister Gordon!"

The water continued to trickle down her back and ran in a river down the cleavage of her butt, the sound loud in her ears.

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