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My first Boyfriend ...and how I strayed.

I'd expected that she'd then push herself backwards again, so I could get properly inside her and reach my own climax - but soon found she had a different, final scenario in mind.

As her orgasm waned she shifted forwards, off my cock then turned and looked at the state she'd left it in. It was rearing almost vertically, slick from end to end with the juices that had flowed from her, the head a dark, glossy plum-red colour, the swollen veins along the shaft giving it an almost obscenely gnarled look - but from the satisfied expression on her face I could see that's exactly what she'd hoped she had done to it.

She looked up and gave me a strange smile. 'Not long to wait now Mike, I promise.' she said.

Then, having adjusted the towel on the floor she knelt and her lips and tongue drove me insane with their intermittent licks and sucks - but if I thought that was how she was finally going to get me off, I was wrong again. Once she was satisfied I was not only clean but also on the verge of exploding she slipped through my legs, crouching, pressing herself against the backs of them, then reached up between them to take hold of my cock with one hand and my balls with the other - and pumped me to one of the most spectacular climaxes I'd ever experienced.

She'd obviously put the towel down in front of me to protect the carpet from my spurting semen - but unfortunately for her she'd been so successful in working me up that when I came it was with such incredible force that the first and second loads shot well beyond it and even those that followed formed a sticky pool right on the very end of it.'

When Mike came towards the end of that part of his story I could tell by the change of tone in his voice that just recalling that particular memory had a very powerful effect on him and when I glanced at Barbara and saw the expression on her face as she in turn looked down at what she still had her fingers around, I guessed his cock was reacting strongly too.

As I was watching that little by-play Helen leaned closer and whispered in my ear. 'I could picture that scene so clearly, do you think you'd like something like that sometime darling?'

'Mmm, maybe. It was certainly powerful stuff - just look at Barbara.' I whispered in turn.

'I've been watching her for some time - and judging by what she seems to have got in her hand I'd say Mike is feeling pretty tense too.' she replied.

just then Barbara stood up and taking Mike by the hand, pulled him up after her - then turning to Helen and I she said.

'I think it's this man's turn for a bit of relief, recalling those times has been rather potent - and though it's nice here by the fire I think we'll be more comfortable over on the blankets. So you'll have to excuse us for a while - I'm sure you'll find something to do, even if it's only watching us.' she added with a cheeky grin, then tugged at Mike's hand as she headed off into the shadows.

'I'll make some fresh tea while they're gone.' I said to Helen. 'Would you mind gathering up the plates and things darling? It's getting pretty late and we're not equipped for a night out under the stars.'

So, while trying to make out some of the action taking place in the deep shadow beneath the trees and we waited for the billy to boil, we gathered everything together and re-packed it into the baskets. The dancing fire-light occasionally reflected off pale skin and the timing of its flickering sometimes coincided with the rhythmic movements, catching them in mid-thrust, like a strobe light momentarily freezes a dancer in mid-step. But other than those infrequent glimpses their undoubtedly torrid love-making was hidden by the surrounding darkness.

Chapter 33

Home Again

We were sitting side by side, sipping hot tea when they finally rejoined us and from the smug look on Barbara's face we could tell that Mike had more than adequately fulfilled her nee

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