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The conclusion of Hayden and Anna's story.

Harry knelt, lifted her feet and removed her shoes from her bare feet. He kissed and caressed those delicate feet, his hands moving up her bare legs, so smooth, so sensuous that he wondered how long he could stand the pressure of his own hardness.

Her gown, he discovered was subtly split to the knees, and this helped the passage of his hands along her wonderful thighs. Harry knew he was moving towards the smoothest skin on her whole body. Then he found that her thighs were not parted sufficiently to allow his fingers to make that journey to her softest, warmest, most secret area.

He stood for a moment, looking down at her, and she gave that gentle smile in return. He kissed her, with just sufficient pressure to make her lie back, and as she did her thighs parted slightly. Harry moved his hands all over her body, hoping that somewhere, somehow he would strike a spark. In the whole of their contact not a word had passed between them.

His hands continued to stroke all over her. From her hair down to her feet, and back again. Every part of her should be alight, but there was no sign. On their journey his fingers trailed up over her bare thighs, intending to make contact with her pubic zone, but there was still a tightness in her upper thigh that debarred him.

Kissing her again, he saw that one of the straps of her dress had slipped down her arm. As he reached for it she raised her arm so that the strap was released, and that side of her gown lowered to reveal the wondrous orb of one breast. With his mouth and teeth he pulled the other strap down, and again, she moved her arm to free it. With just a gentle tug he pulled the dress lower to display both her breasts just as he had expected them to be, taut, pink tipped as though she were some adolescent schoolgirl. He kissed and licked both breasts avidly.

Harry thought about squeezing them hard to see if that could rouse any passion in her. But no, he had to maintain his gentle approach. He beginning to think that this was some kind of trick. Had he been given a gorgeous, docile, but frigid woman. An iceberg all of his own for the night? Surely not, the voluptuous lips, the silken skin, the constant promise of sensuality, could not be false.

In the mirrors that seemed to surround them he could see her bare breasts, her thighs slightly parted under her dress, and his own reddened face, as his hands caressed every inch of her.. There was one more step he had to take. The gown had to come off. He needed desperately to lie against her naked skin.

He began to tug the dress down and was pleased to feel her raising her body to assist its passage. And that long awaited body emerged from the gown like some gorgeous butterfly coming from its chrysalis. Immediately Harry was stoking and kissing every inch of her skin. He found her thighs parted sufficiently now for his fingers to dip into the exquisite mystery of her sex. Yet, still, it felt dry and unawakened. Harry had a surge of dismay.

Maybe he could moisten her with his mouth, he thought. Licking his way down her body, he parted her labia, in preparation. But he had to stop just to savour the sensual sight, of her pink folds of flesh, those rose petals of love among the natural blonde pubic hair, that wanted to curl on his willing fingers.. And it was at that moment that he was aware of the first quiver in her body. Her thighs trembled under his hands.

He heard her voice for the first time as she murmured, "Take off your clothes, please." Practically oozing his delight, Harry responded rapidly, pushing all his clothing away, knowing full well what effect his nakedness had had in the past.

And he was not disappointed. First he heard her little gasp. Then he saw her face, mouth slightly open, as she looked at his erect penis which had become so hard that his desire was to touch her labia with his tip. She stopped him. As her hands reached to stroke, she stooped and twisted her body so that she could lick and kiss the large purple head.

What had triggered her? Was it ju

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