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David & Lisa's story continues.

ake a difference when you put that big thing in me?"

I smiled at her and said, "Yes, It will most probably be more pleasurable for you, since there is no virginal barrier for me to break. It may be somewhat uncomfortable at first, but it should feel very good much sooner. Are you ready for me to try?"

"I am ready right now you beautiful man. Let's do it!" she said. I reached down and gently touched her vulva and it was dripping with her juices. "MMMMM..." she said. When I slipped one, then two fingers past her lips and inside her vagina, she said, "OOOhhh..MMMyyy." I crawled between her legs and spread them as far apart as she felt comfortable with, and rubbed the head of my cock between the outer and inner labial lips until it was poised at the entrance of her vagina.

She started breathing hard and fast, and I said calmly, "Please try to relax darling, I will be very gentle," as I caressed her cheek with my left hand, as my right hand held my rock hard cock.

When I could feel her relax, I pushed in an inch or two and felt her clamp down on me. I waited for her to relax and pushed in some more. After about ten minutes, I was buried completely into her, and I could feel her cervix with the head of my cock.

She asked me, "Are you all the way inside of me? My God I feel so full, but it feels so good. What happens now?"

As I felt her vaginal muscles contract around me I told her, "Now darling, we start making love." and started to stroke out and back in, very slowly. Soon I was backing out almost all the way, and slowly back in. The more she relaxed, the faster and harder I drove into her, until she wrapped her legs around me and started moaning loudly.

We kept going until she started to shake and her vagina clamped around my cock. This made me lose control and I started spewing my seed inside of her. This made her clamp down with her legs, and arms, and made her vagina feel like it was milking my cock.

I hung on to her until she relaxed and opened her eyes. We kissed passionately, and she said, "My God Joe, that was so incredible. It felt like a religious experience to me. I am both happy and sad. I'm happy because it felt so incredible, and sad because I waited over twenty years before I did it. Now I understand why so many teenage girls get pregnant before they get married. WOW!"

Then I realized that my cock was still buried inside her vagina, and for some reason, it was still hard. I started to move it inside of her and she said, "Oh that feels really good Joe, can we do that again?"

I didn't answer her, I just started driving harder and harder, and as she went along with me she said, "That feels different Joe, are you fucking me now?"

I said, "Uh huh."

She said, "Fuck me Joe, fuck the shit outa me!" Never being a man to refuse a lady's request, I complied, and during the next hour she came twice more, and I filled her once before I shriveled and fell out of her.

I rolled off of her, and as we were lying next to one another, she looked at me and said, "That was the most amazing things I have ever done in my life, but we really smell bad. Could I please have a bath?"

I smiled and said, "Why don't we share one darling?"

We got out of bed, and as we walked into the bathroom, Rachael grabbed my cock and said, "I wish I would have tried this sex thing years ago because I really love it. I think this old maid former virgin is turning into a slut!'

When we walked into the bathroom, she realized she had to pee, so as I filled the tub with water and bath salts, she sat on the toilet, and peed. When she finished she started giggling, and when I looked at her, she was watching the remnants of my loads drip out of her vagina. I helped her climb into the tub, and she watched, transfixed, as I stood and peed into the toilet.

When she watched me shake the last few drops of the end of my penis after I finished, she said, "Damn, you guys are so lucky, I wish I could do that when I finished. I would save a fortune on toilet paper." I had to admit, she had a point there.

I climbed into the tub with her, and we

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