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Most of the trees are rooted from the pond-bottom.

"Hey, look!" Jamal said as he pointed. Adam looked, and smiled as he saw the bunyip swimming along the large roots. It sucked in a nearby fish and swallowed it whole.
Adam and Jamal kept walking along the river, and spotted a large hut. It looks very shabby, the wooden planks look rotten and old, there weren't any windows, and there are various small objects tied up and dangling from the rafters like wind chimes.

At the dock of the hut, there is a woman there. She wears various dirty rags on her body to form a dress, and a wide turtle shell over her head like a sun-hat. Her skin is dark, or perhaps caked up with dirt. She is looked down and smiled as she crouching down when the bunyip's head came up from the surface. She rubs and pets the face of the bunyip like a pet dog.

"Um... *Ahem* Excuse me?" She turned her head, and looked at Adam as she stood up. Strangely enough, she doesn't look ancient at all. She looks like she could be in her 30's. Heck, she reminds him a lot of Tia Dalma from Pirates of the Caribbean -- pretty much the only difference is the hair, as it is a tangled mess with dried out leaves and flowers instead of all dreads "Are you, Atarah?"

"... Yees." She responded, "Who ah you?"

"M-My name's Adam. This is my friend, Jamal," Adam said as he indicated his roommate.

"Sup?" Jamal said.

"What buseeness to yo seek heer?" She asked, "To vencha so fah into teh woods to seek audience of me," She looked at the bundle in Adam's arms, "Do you weesh to bring tat one back from teh deat?" She asked, "You shood know I do cannot walk te deat, and besides, tat is not deat... Yet."

"Y-Yeah, I know-"

"Wait," Atarah said as she held her hand out. She walked to Adam, "Someting feels... Familia..." She approached him, and looked into the face of the blonde merman. She gasped as she looked at him, "Merreek..."

"Yo-You know him?! He's sick," Adam said, "I found him in the oil spill! Please, can you save him?"

"Into teh shack! Quickly!" She said as she turned around, and led Adam and Jamal over the plank-bridge, and into her overgrown hut. There are all kinds of objects and items, jars full of various animal parts, herbs, plants, fluids and other various contents that Adam would rather not know about.

"Een heer, come!" Atarah said as she escorted Adam into a cramped room.

"Here, take the towel," Adam said as he turned to Jamal.

"Aight," Jamal then unfurled the oily towel, and took it from Merrick's body, "Go on, I'll wait here."

"Ok," Adam then carried Merrick into the room.

"Lay heem," She instructed as she knelt to the floor. Adam gently placed Merrick onto the wooden floor, and. She felt along Merrick's stomach, and then peeled back one of hid eyelids, seeing into the severely blood-shot and blue eyes. She opened his mouth, and wiped her finger across his tongue, before swiping it on her own tongue. Her dark eyes looked up at Adam inquisitively, "You feed heem watrr?"

"Yes... Why, was that wrong??" He asked. She pointed a finger at him.

"Tat ees smart," She said as stood up and turned around, "Teh process ees half complete forr tat..." She reached up to the shelf of jars full of various liquids, "You say heem was swimming in teh oil?"

"Yes, he was... He was alone when I found him. I don't know where his pod was."

"Hmmm..." The woman hovered her finger around the jars, "Teh Shroud of Deat?"

"Y-Yes. He also called it the Blood of the Earth."

"Ah!" She grabbed one of the jars -- filled with a jet-black liquid. She turned around and knelt back down. She dipped two fingers into the jar, and put the black oil onto Merrick's belly button. She then drew a spiral on his abdomen, which led to his chest, "Why do you halp Merreek? I am... Curious," She asked as she continued to draw the oil in intricate lines and tribal symbols.

"Well... He's my boyfriend," Adam said. Atarah looked up, and she slowly smiled as her eyes reflected glee.

"Ahhhhhh, Ah hear you.

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