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New man in town helps out around the house - several houses.

Everyone masturbated as well of course, and although the majority of members were officially heterosexual, many of them married, mutual masturbation was very popular. As the meetings lasted ninety minutes there were other, non-sexual, activities on hand, such as table tennis, cards, dancing and watching videos, all of which were performed in various stages of undress and invariably developed into sex-play. Penny liked to dance with Samantha and stroke her breasts. At a certain stage in the dance she would pee in her knickers, revelling in the feel of the warm piss trickling down her legs. She would then masturbate, or let Samantha masturbate her through her wet knickers.

Samantha was a compulsive masturbator and could enjoy at least six orgasms during the ninety-minute session and, by arriving with a full bladder and then drinking plenty of water while she was there, she was able to both start and finish the session with a pissing exhibition. There were climbing bars on one of the walls, and she liked to go to the top, turn round and piss as far as she could into the room. There was always someone below who enjoyed a warm shower. One or two girls like to take the piss directly in the mouth, but most liked either to stand and let it trickle over their breasts and down to their sex, or to lie down and take the piss directly onto their fannies while they masturbated.

The favourite card game was "pwhist", which was basically the conventional knockout whist, except as each person was knocked out they had to perform for the others. This meant pissing or masturbating or both and the overriding rule was that no contestant could repeat the act of the earlier performers. Thus, this had one girl pissing while standing on her head, so that the piss ran down over her stomach and breasts and onto her face, another pissing into her cupped hands and then washing herself with it and a third calmly pissing into a white trouser suit while calmly reciting "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day...".

A few were into filling their knickers with shit as well as pissing. This was considered quite acceptable and most of the non-shitters were turned on by it. Some of these, Penny included, were tempted into trying it. Shitters were, naturally, expected to clean up afterwards and disinfect and deodorize themselves and any areas where the shit may have dropped!

The monthly 'Guest Night' doubled the number present as no girl had difficulty in finding a man who was turned on by watching women pissing and masturbating. Naturally, the men were obliged to do the same -- and they never had any trouble fulfilling their obligations! Straight sex was not allowed. It had been tried at the beginning but had been found to change the whole tone of the proceedings and so penis/vagina and penis/anus contacts were out, though blow-jobs were not. Since, in most cases, the men were not able to have as many orgasms during the ninety minutes as the women, they were encouraged simply to watch and play with themselves for the first half hour and then join in with the girls on an equal footing. As far as pissing was concerned, the men seemed to get most pleasure from pissing over one or more girls, but there were those who pissed in their trousers while dancing or playing table tennis and some even lay down and pissed into their own mouths. The girls got most pleasure from watching the men masturbate and as many of the men were married to wives from whom they were obliged to keep their auto-erotic tendencies secret, they took extra-pleasure from masturbating to an all-too-willing audience.

The men who came with Samantha and Penny were not regular boy-friends but two bi-sexuals whom Penny had once seen masturbating together, though not each other, in the park.

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