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Two couples have fun in the woods.

I sat at the table eying them up and down lustfully. I could feel my pussy throbbing; I really needed to cool off, so I jumped into the pool with them. This cause them to calm their rough-housing a bit and as I ducked my head under to cool off, I couldn't help but peek at their young bulges appearing through the thin material of their shorts. As I came up for air, I sensed a definite energy or tension in the atmosphere. We splashed around in the pool for a while and I did whatever I could to make 'friendly' contact as we swam around. After a while, I swam over to the steps to exit the pool and could definitely feel three sets of eyes staring at my arse as I strutted up the steps to grab a towel. I turned around and saw them all avert their eyes quickly. I just laughed as I thought to myself, 'This is turning out to be fun!'

After another short while they all got out of the pool dripping wet, their shorts clinging to their impressive bulges and sat down for a drinks break. We made some small talk about the weather and what courses they were doing at university before Andy asked, "Uh, Jules ... Where is Mr Robinson?"

"Don't worry about that," I replied. "It's enough to know that I don't expect him home for quite some time."

It was about then that Josh got a text message on his phone, and after looking at it said, "Sorry guys, I've got to go. Samantha wants me to take her shopping."

"Geez, mate, she really got you by the short and curlies," said Andy.

"Yeah," agreed Damien. "Really pussy whipped! Oh sorry, Jules, we didn't mean to be crude."

"That's the power of the pussy. Right, boys?" I smilingly purred. Josh suddenly looked like he wasn't so sure that he wanted to go; but reluctantly gathered up his things and headed off.

After he left, Andy said, "Well thanks, Jules, for letting us come over and swim in your pool. We should probably be going too so you can enjoy the rest of the day in peace and quiet."

"Nonsense," I said. "The party is just getting started!"

I got up, grabbed the sun block, and jumped back into the pool. Andy and Damien couldn't help themselves and followed me into the water, so I decided to get a little bolder. I waded to the shallow end of the pool and started applying the sun block to my arms, shoulders and soft breasts as the horny young men looked on.

"Andy, would you mind putting some of this on my back, please?"

It was a bit of a cliched situation, but it worked and as he started to rub some lotion into my back with his strong hands, I nearly melted.

I took the tube of lotion back and said, "Here; let me do you now." As I was rubbing him down, I told him, "You know, Andy, I could tell years ago that you would grow up to be a hottie. I bet that you have to beat the girls off with a stick, don't you?" He laughed nervously as I continued, "Your friend is cute too. Damien, come over here and let me put some lotion on you too."

"No thanks, Jules, I'm good," he said.

I replied, "Just because you have dark skin doesn't mean you can't get sunburn."

He still didn't make a move, so I waded over to him and slathered some lotion over his back, and then turned him around and caressed his gorgeous pecs and abs with SPF30. I don't know what came over me just then, but I reached down under the water and started rubbing his crotch.

He jumped a bit, but I just purred to him, "Calm down, Damien; it's OK. Don't you know how sexy you are?"

He was dumbstruck and just nodded in response. I glanced over to Andy who looked both confused and amazed at what was happening. I realised that now the perfect opportunity for me to make some of my fantasies come true, so I grabbed Damien by the hand and started wading out of the pool.

I said, "Come on, boys; why don't we sit in the gazebo for a while?"

I grabbed Andy's hand with my free hand as I walked past him, and we all exited the pool together.

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