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Ville meets a sad girl.

One shot looking down from above at her entire length and one close-up from below showing her face framed by the tits.

Picking up the belt, I double it and, without warning, slap the underside of her right tit. She cries out at the sudden attack, but I tell her to "Hush and take your punishment for being naughty." The belt left a faint red mark across the tit which I lick to comfort it. I repeat this on the left side of the tit, then the right, and then the top. Then around again. Slap - lick - slap - lick Twice more and the right tit is a nice shade of pink. That looks so nice, I repeat the procedure on the left tit, and then take a picture to capture the rosy color.

I drop the belt and pick up the feather. Now round and round the thrusting tits - keeping away from the nipples. The skin of Peggy's tits has become so sensitive, the feather doesn't tickle any more - it feels hot. The tits want to be sucked and bitten. All in good time.

All this exertion has made me warm. So I strip off the leather vest and pants and stand nude over my lovely captive.

With an excited flex from Oscar, I straddle Peggy's stomach and lay Oscar down between those soft breasts. Using my hands on the sides, I press the breasts together to make a tunnel, and I start to fuck her tits. The breasts are warm from the belt and wet from the licking, so Oscar slides nicely back and forth between them. I keep it slow and steady. I could cum easily now, but I want to build the tension higher yet.

Each time Oscar gets close to her chin, Peggy tries to reach him with her tongue. He can have that, too, before we're done, but for now I let Peggy have one lick on the head before we back away. When I move up for that lick, my balls drag into the tit valley. Nice and soft and warm!!. We'll do that again, also.

We've had the heat - now the cold. I hold an ice cube against one nipple. Rinsing my mouth with hot water, I remove the ice cube and suck the nipple. Repeat hot - cold - hot - cold until Peggy can't tell the difference. The ice feels as hot as the mouth. At that point, I replace the clamp on that nipple - a little tighter than the first time, and then turn my attention to the other nipple. So it won't feel left out, I give this one the same treatment. Repeat the hot - cold and end with the clamp.

I see Peggy's tongue wiping back and forth across her lips Trying to stimulate them? Or just keep them moist?. Whatever. I bring my mouth down on hers. Her tongue immediately invades my mouth - searching for any stimulation it can find. I respond by working my tongue in and out demonstrating the motion we both hunger for. She sucks frantically - her body writhing - soon she will be conscious of nothing in the world except the need to cum. And cum. And CUM.

With Oscar between her legs, I let him slide up and down - from her calves to the darker top of the thigh-high nylons. Her stockings become slippery with his juices. Before we're done Oscar will become familiar with every inch of the lovely 5' 3" body.

I roll down the stockings one at a time. Slowly - lusting over the feel of the soft firm flesh of her legs. One by one, I lift the legs and stroke them gently all the way from the ankles to her panty line. With my face between her legs, I stroke them with my cheeks from the calves all the way up her thighs to where I can smell the fragrance of her arousal.

Pulling the soles of her feet together, I insert Oscar between them - giving him a new tunnel to invade. I can feel the pressure building. Next I move Oscar up so he is between the toes of her two feet. As he fucks gently back and forth, Peggy wiggles her toes - trying to grasp him - this is a brand new sensation for me. I like it.

Peggy is moaning almost continuously now. I tell her "Hush, little one You may not speak now, just feel."

Time for another picture - feet together - knees wide apart in invitation.

Like a compass needle, Oscar is pointing at her crotch and trying to pull me in to it.

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