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The conclusion of Hayden and Anna's story.

It was him. He asked if she could come to the training room.

This is the room where bad things typically happen. This is where the difficult conversations go down; people get fired. It's not the best place to get called to, for sure. She made the walk back to the back of the store and into the training room. He was sitting in a chair at the head of a long conference table. He asked if she could shut the door and she hesitantly obliged.

He said, "Come here, I want to show you something." She came over and looked at the paper he had lying on the table. "We are nowhere close to hitting budget so I figured I would just take the loss and hide out in here for the rest of the night."

"Oh, okay. Did you want me to keep an eye on things for you then?" She asked.

"No, no, stay." He replied.

He lifted one hand up and brushed a strand of blonde hair out of her face. "Have I ever told you that you have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen?"

Her heart started pounding inside her chest. There was no way she could be misinterpreting this now. There was definitely something coming from his side. She felt herself start to panic and blush. Her cheeks were turning bright red and she laughed out of nervousness.

"Um, thank you" she replied quietly.

She was breathing heavier than she should. She had never been this close to him and definitely never felt this much tension between them.

Wanting to reciprocate a compliment she cleared her throat and said, "You have a beautiful smile."

This made him smile, of course, which made her melt, of course.

"Thank you" he said back to her.

He took both his hands and reached out for hers. All in one move he moved her hands to his shoulders before putting his hands around her waist. He pulled her down until she was sitting on his lap.

"What if someone comes in?" she asked nervously.

"What if they do?" he replied stoically back.

She had never been in a situation like this before and wasn't sure what to do. Part of her wanted to run out of the room, finish work, and go home. But, the other part - the courageous part - wanted to abandon all feelings of responsibility and let herself totally go.

The courageous part of her won.

She pressed her lips onto his. His lips parting slightly. teasing her with just the tip of his tongue. His arms wrapped around her waist even tighter and she felt herself just give in to him completely. His hands moved up to her breasts, grabbing one in his hand and squeezing it tightly. She let out a soft moan and grabbed the back of his head, pulling his mouth even deeper into hers.

She could feel his cock pressed against her leg. She was surprised at just how much of it there was pressing up against her. She couldn't wait to get a look. She pulled away and looked into his eyes. She bit her lower lip and slid off his lap onto her knees. She reached for his belt to start getting his pants off; he helped her. He pulled out his dick and it stood in front of her like a glorious tower, pre cum already starting to glisten at the tip. She had never been this close to such a mind-blowing dick and she suddenly wondered if she'd be able to handle it all.

She started with just her tongue. She started at the base and slowly licked all the way up to the tip. She tasted the saltiness of the pre cum and instinctively opened her mouth wide to taste more. He shifted his hips forward when she took him in her mouth and let out a soft groan. With his cock inside her mouth, she used her tongue to move in circles all around the head. She tried a few times to take as much as she could into her throat but it really was a lot. She pulled her mouth off and rubbed her hand all over his cock, getting it nice and wet. Positioning her hand at the base and her mouth at the top, she got to work making his cock get the kind of treatment it deserved.

He could feel himself getting closer and closer to cumming but he didn't want to so soon.

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