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Blackmailed into living out his fantasy on a stag gone wrong.

Lisa always has men all around her and she even decided to go completely smooth as some of the men suggested to her.

I even think that Lisa looks better. Everyone we meet admires our tattoos, although I think they like checking out Lisa's pussy more.

It was that time of the month and it was our turn to host the swinger club meeting which was going to be in two days.

Lisa and I wanted our first hosting to be special so we tried to come up with some ideas, such as:

. issue sleep masks for each member to wear so they would not know their sex partner

. throw names in a hat and let the member pick a name from the hat

. Lisa can pick a name for the women

. I can pick a name for the men.

We called David and Linda and asked them to come over to discuss the options. In a few minutes they arrived.

We told them of our ideas and they liked it if members would draw a name out of the hat. So that is what we decided.

We also told David and Linda about Jennifer and they were ok with her attending the meeting as long as she knew what to expect. We told her she knew what she had to do.

Saturday night came and all 12 members arrived. Lisa and I served wine and snacks before we started.

Lisa announced the format for the evening and that each member would pick a name out of a hat for their first sex partner of the night. Everyone applauded.

David and Linda announced Jennifer as wanting to join the group. He introduced Jennifer to the group and everyone said hello.

Jennifer stood in front of the group naked for all to see. Lisa brought over a sleep mask and put it on Jennifer so she would not know who was having sex with her in the beginning.

Jennifer was told to lay down on the floor with her legs spread wide. Tom and David approached her and placed their cocks near her mouth. Jennifer started sucking one then the other.

Linda went over and started sucking one of her swollen nipples as did Diane.

Richard got down between her legs and opened up her cunt and started eating her.

One by one the people doing her changed but they never let up. The guys shot their cum all over her. The two lesbians had their way with her and the two bi guys jerked off on her.

Richard mounted her and eased his huge cock in her cunt until it was almost all in her. Everyone watched as he started fucking her, slowly at first, then quicker.

Everyone started yelling for him to cum in her. It didn't take long before he shot streams of cum in her. Cum was gushing out of her cunt as her body was in spasms from Richard's cum hitting her insides with force.

All the members applauded and David told Jennifer to remove the mask. She did as she was told and stood up, completely covered in cum. Lisa told her to lap up some cum and Jennifer started scooping cum up and putting it in her mouth and swallowing as much as she could.

Richard then made an announcement. He said that until a couple of days ago, Jennifer was a virgin, so please let Jennifer know we all love her and glad she is here. Everyone applauded and then went up to kiss and hug her.

David announced that Jennifer is now a member. Linda then told everyone to enjoy the rest of the evening.

It is now several months later and Richard and Jennifer came over to visit. Richard kissed and hugged us as did Jennifer.

Richard said they wanted to announce that they were going to get married and wanted us to be the best man and maid of honor. He also said that they plan on joining us for great sex whenever we could and that will never change.

We jumped up and congratulated them.

Richard said the ceremony will take place at the secluded spot, with the members of the swinger club. They would have a small reception in his house and as a wedding favor, each member will be able to have sex with Jennifer and the video that we took of the first time Jennifer and I fucked will be showing.

Lisa and I were elated and so happy for both of them.

Jennifer said the wedding was going to be in two weeks, the same day as the next swinger meeting.

The day finally came and the entire wedding party went over

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