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" Neil looked over at his brother after her words. "Don't let him get to you Neil, he's just jealous because I'm not teasing him anymore."

"Anymore?" He asked, very confused.

"You see Neil, the day after I graduated high school I caught your brother having 'fun' with some pictures in my yearbook. I snuck up on him and saw that the picture he was jerking off to was one of mine." She explained.

"Kim, shut up." Reid audibly whispered.

"No, he needs to know what we did." She started stroking Neil's hair.

"What did you two do?" He asked.

"Nothing, we did noth..." Reid started but was cut off by his sister.

"I gave him a blowjob!" She shouted out. Both men were in shock. "I snuck up behind him and tapped his shoulder. I asked what he was doing and he wouldn't answer, just like you didn't, so I reached down and started stroking his hard dick. One thing led to another and I started sucking it."

"Only the one time?" Neil asked.

"Of course not, we usually trade oral in motel rooms or at home when you're asleep."

The youngest of the siblings was in shock. "Have you ever gone farther than just oral?"

"Nope, I agreed not to do that without including...well, you." She slowly moved her lips in and kissed her youngest brother on the lips. "We didn't want to leave you out Neil." Without him noticing, Reid had stood up and started lightly rubbing Kimberly's back. "Now it's time to include you."

Kimberly reached down and gave Neil's hard cock a rough squeeze, causing him to moan. She started kissing him again as his older brother started to pull her shirt up. He kissed the center of her back and started down until he reached her shorts. Roughly, Reid yanked down the shorts and exposed her bare ass to the open. He got on his knees behind her and started rubbing her soaking wet pussy.

The blonde pulled her shirt completely off and pressed her petite breasts into Neil's face. He had no idea of what to do so he started kissing them. He could feel it heaving up and down as her body started reacting to the touch of his brother's finger against her throbbing clitoris. She pulled Neil's head against her nipple and moaned hard as he lightly suckled on it.

"That's a good boy." She whispered.

Kimberly felt Reid's lips press against the flesh of her ass, lightly kissing it up and down while still roughly abusing her clit. She fumbled around with Neil's shorts and eventually freed his throbbing cock from its chamber. He jumped a bit at her first touch but quickly relaxed and enjoyed the feeling. She stood up, Reid's finger still against her clit, and pulled her other brother up to his feet. She peeled the remainder of his clothes off of his body as the other brother stripped himself as well.

All three siblings stood in the tour bus completely naked. Both men had hard seven-inch cocks standing out in front of them, Reid with a very wet hand. Kimberly's nipples were very hard and her pussy steaming hot and dripping wet. Everyone could smell just how excited she was. She slowly dropped to her knees and took a cock in each hand, slowly stroking them up and down.

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" Neil asked.

"Of course." Kimberly whispered as her thumb toyed with the head of his cock. "Nobody will know."

She slowly inched his cock in her mouth as he moaned loudly. Her hand continued to work the other cock like a pro. It was obvious to Neil that she had had much practice when it came to sucking cock. She bobbed her head up and down while making sure to use her tongue properly. Every spot of his head was covered in her sweet saliva.

Kimberly slowly pulled his cock out, gave it a kiss and smiled at him before turning her attention to the cock of her other brother. Her left hand started to work Neil's balls while Reid got another amazing blowjob from his big sister.

The younger brother knelt to the ground, releasing his balls from his sister's grip, and grabbed onto her hips.

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