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Blackmailed into living out his fantasy on a stag gone wrong.

"Looks like I'm right."

Jasmine gave an angry shake of her head and pulled back her hands from his chest. "It's the wine--"

"Just stop," McComb rebuked with laughing eyes. "Too late to lie about it, you're a hot little bitch. Little Teddy keep you on a tight leash?"

Her mind raced for a means to put him off. "Interested in Ted's leftovers?" Jasmine sneered.

"Well, see, I have to be at least curious," he side-stepped smoothly. "I kissed you 'cause I thought it'd been fun to watch you jump out of your skin. Imagine my surprise when you damn near swallowed me whole. Then again, I had wondered what your pretty little head was doing on my shoulder in the first place."

"I thought you were Ted!"

Actually she'd not even put a face to him. But this was an emergency and in his absence, this was how Ted could save her: her jokey pal was now her amazing, incomparable lover, eclipsing all other men, even this one.

McComb picked up her small hand, raised it to his cheek and rubbed her palm against his sideburn. His smile far too knowing, he murmured, "This feel like Ted to you?"

Jasmine held very still and said nothing. Ted, of course, had no facial hair whatsoever. As she'd been kissing McComb, she'd stroked his unfamiliar face, which would have prompted her stop if baby-faced Ted had been on her mind.

Laughing to himself, he kissed her palm then released it. "Ted's got himself a problem here."

Her face flamed at the implication that she couldn't stay faithful. Far from oversexed, she had only had one boyfriend, ever!

"I love Ted," she ground out, an icy ring of truth to her words.

"You want me," McComb parried, his eyes roaming over her flushed face, her still-panting lips.

"I don't--"

"I am 35, twice divorced and have dated a lot, you really think you can lie to me about this, of all things?" He paused, then his eyes grew dead serious. "You'd be much better off around me if you didn't happen to strike me as a liar, Jasmine. That clear?"

She gave a jerky nod of her head, her eyelashes lowering. "Yes, sir."

"And now that you're awake, I might as well tell you we're headed to my place."

"Your place?" She looked at him again in frantic worry, willing him to say she'd misheard.

His smile held no trace of guile. "You fell asleep before you gave us your address," McComb explained, then his expression turning sympathetic added, "And you've been through so much in such a short time, I couldn't bring myself to wake you. Seemed easier to let you spend the night in my guest room."

Jasmine nodded again, forcing herself to keep calm in the face of a despair that threatened to consume her. "Guest room will do fine, sir."

"Of course, my bedroom is also at your disposal," he submitted, dipping his mouth again to her cheek and throat. "The view's better, the bed's bigger, the sheets are silk..." His teeth nipped her earlobe.

"Perfect for making love," he whispered in her ear.

Incredibly, Jasmine found herself wishing they were already at his place -- the sooner she could lock herself away in his guest room, the better!

"I'll manage-- thanks," she stammered.

McComb lifted his head and looked at her in amusement. "You sure? I hate the thought of a guest being in distress under my roof."

The back of his hand slid down her throat, eliciting a shiver. "So if you find it too drafty over there, my bedroom door will be open. I sleep in the buff, so all you have to do is wake me."

Jasmine couldn't imagine doing anything of the sort! If she ever came upon Reggie McComb vulnerable for once, naked and asleep, she would... well, she would...

"Like that idea, do you?" he murmured, studying her expressive face.

"No!" she snapped, her brows drawing together in a forbidding scowl.

"Alright, baby." McComb's expression was once again cool and distant. "But you're obviously still a little shaken. Maybe all you need is to feel a strong pair of arms holding you tonight, and nothing else."
His fingers stroked her cheek again, his voice becoming gentle.

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