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Sometimes you don't know what you like, until you're told.

"Now I know that's not a beer bottle." she said motioning to my crotch.

I look down and see the bulge in my pants and laugh.

"Well what do you expect? I'm not dead inside." I reply.

She puts her bra down, tucking her tits back up inside the restricting cell of theirs and finally pulls her shirt over top. She reaches for my beer bottle still placed between my legs and grabs the neck.

"Do you need any help with this?" she asks with a sly smile.

Her fingers gently stroke the beer bottle up and down at first, but then as she goes, she starts going faster. Her fingers start to accidentally slip off the bottle on occasion and brush against the bulge just a few inches from it. She doesn't look up at me as she sits, partially bent over, her tits bouncing with every stroke she makes.

Her strokes get faster until suddenly, like the one between her tits, the beer foams out the top and all over my crotch and her hand. She and I laugh as she asks, "Was it good for you?"

She licks the beer off her hand and even bends down to the bottle and sucks off the neck, this time, taking it deep into her mouth, her nose pressing up against the bulge in my pants. After the same thunk of a suck she sits back up right and stares at the bottle. I can see something going on in her head as she sits silently.

"What?" I ask.

"I really need you to promise me, you wont say anything to John about this. I love him and I don't want to lose him." she says.

"You know me better than that. You're my friend, I'm never gonna tell him any of this. I wouldn't do that." I say reassuringly.

"Okay good, because I'm probably gonna do something I shouldn't."

"What's that?" I ask.


She grabs the bottle between my legs and puts it on the table besides hers. Then she gets up and straddles me across the lap, pushing her cleavage tits up into my face as she slowly lowers herself down onto the bulge in my pants. I can feel her grind slightly on it and I see a smile go across her face.

"Oh, wow..." I hear her say under her breath.

I find my face within inches of her cleavage as she slowly starts to grind my dick a little faster. She puts her arms around my neck and pulls me towards her, so I'm smothered in her breasts. The only thing I can think to do is start licking and gently kissing the insides of her tits. Her grinding gets a little quicker paced as she lets out soft moans and leans back her head.

My hands find themselves on her hips. I raise them up along her sides, pulling her shirt up with them, my fingers slipping beneath it. They reach the sides of her bra and I gently push it up and off her tits again, letting them free to bounce as her grinding gets faster and harder. Her breaths of pleasure increase as the bulge in my pants becomes rock hard.

I squeeze her tits in my hands and lift up her shirt so I can get a good up close and personal look at each of them. I'm like a kid in a candy store as I attack the right one, latching on to the nipple and sucking hard on it. My teeth gently grab her nipple as I suck. She moans a little louder. A few more fondling squeezes and I look up at her.

She keeps her eyes shut as her mouth hangs open, letting out deep breaths of pleasure. My hand lowers down her stomach and to her pants. My fingers find their way inside and under her panties where they're greeted by the hairless and smooth feeling of her pussy.

"Ooh, someone keeps a tidy house." I joke to her as she stops grinding and my fingers grace her pussy lips.

She laughs and says, "Easier to get around."

I chuckle as my fingers caress the outside of her pussy. She reaches down and unbuttons and unzips her pants to give my hand a better angle of attack. She lowers her head onto mine as we lean back against the wall and with a slight nod to me between breaths she says "Do it."

My finger rubs against her pussy and the moan she lets out is that of pleasure, grander then anything she did from the grinding.

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