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I should have known better.

I kept all these emotions bottled up, although I'm sure Mom could see them in my eyes. Slowly I pulled away from her and told her to go pick out a movie. With a gentle swat on her butt, I sent her on her way.

Quickly I cleared the table. I noticed the trash needed emptying when I threw the pizza box and paper plates away and so just as quickly I bundled it up and took the trash outside. Coming back into the house, I grabbed a dishrag and wiped down the table. Seconds later I followed Mom into the family room.

The gods were still smiling at me. I quickly realized that the movie Mom had picked out had a couple of steamy sex scenes, nothing hardcore, but erotic none the less. I sat down on one end of the couch and Mom sat down beside me after having put the DVD in the player. I pushed the remote to start the movie.

The movie hadn't been on for very long. Mom was sitting close beside me. I really wanted to put my arm around her. Looking back, my actions were probably very sophomoric. To this day, Mom still giggles about my technique. I stretched my arms above my head, stifled a yawn, and when I brought my arms back down my right arm came down around her shoulders. She kind of gave me a sideways glance, but didn't say anything. I left my hand firmly grasping her shoulder.

A few minutes later things got rather steamy in the movie. My cock was expanding rather quickly forcing me to reach down with my other hand to adjust it within the confines of my shorts. I noticed Mom was also starting to squirm around a little. I dropped my right hand down off her shoulder a little and rested it on the outside of her blouse. My hand was headed towards the object of my desire, but still had a long ways to go.

As the movie progressed I slowly started tracing small circles on the extreme upper slope of her right breast. Mom reached up her hand and grabbed mine, stopping any further advance. She turned her head, kissing me lightly on the cheek and said, "Behave yourself."

I turned my head towards her and briefly kissed her on the lips. "Mom," I whispered. "I can't get over how beautiful your breasts are. When I saw you this morning, I fell head over heels in love with your body, but I really went wild over your gorgeous breasts."

Mom shuddered slightly and turned back to watching the movie while still holding my hand in place. A few minutes later I could almost see a determined look come over her as she slowly slid her hand back down to her lap. I resumed tracing small circles on the extreme upper slope of her breast. Gradually I started to expand those circles. Each time my fingers would dip a little lower on her breast. I still had a ways to go before I would touch her nipple, but each circle brought me a little closer to my goal. Mom kept staring at the movie, but as my hand continued to move lower on her breast her breathing became more pronounced.

I was taking my time trying to gradually work my way to a point where I could rub her nipple and hold her breast. Mom's breathing was getting more ragged. She suddenly took a deep breath and reached up again to grab my hand. She held my hand rather tightly while she tried to bring her breathing under control. It wasn't long and I could see that determined look come over her again. She grasped my hand firmly and slowly dragged my fingers down until they were covering her nipple. God, even through her bra and blouse her nipple felt so nice and firm, jutting out into my hand. I squeezed her breast gently and Mom shuddered holding my hand firmly against her breast. I didn't know it at the time, but Mom had a mini orgasm just from me touching her breast. Being the inexperienced clod that I was, I just figured she had got a slight chill and so suggested that she lay down with her head in my lap and pull the blanket at the end of the couch over her.

She smiled at me and scooted down the couch, raising her feet up on the couch and lowering her head onto my lap.

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