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Emily and Becky explore their submissive desires

Having no more clothes to bet with my wife thanked the guys for the game and went to the table to put her clothes back on. The bartender told her that she was not allowed to do that. He explained that she bet each piece of clothing and they were no longer hers. With a devilish smile, my wife glanced quickly at me and said to the bartender, "Maybe I can earn them back." As she said this, she unzipped his pants.

The bartender said she would have to "earn" it back from everyone. "Love too" said my wife. I slowly sipped my beer as I watched my wife get used by the 4 pool players and the bartender. Each one stripped naked and surrounded my naked wife who was sitting on a chair. She would suck one cock and stroke one with each hand. After ten minutes of sucking and stroking, my wife got up and laid back on a table. She spread her legs and exposed her completely shave pussy to the five hard ones. "Who's first" she asked.

As the first guy slide his cock into her pussy another made good use of her mouth. The other two players were getting stroked by my wife. With no one paying attention to his cock, the bartender noticed I was watching from the bar. He said, "Hey buddy, you want to get in on this too?"

As he said this my wife said, "Oh that's my husband. He just likes to watch."

"Oh your husband, huh. That's different. Come over here." the bartender says. "I have a job for you."

I get up from the bar and move over to the sex scene. I am told to undress. The bartender sees my raging hard-on and comments, "Wow, see your wife get used is a real turn on for you, huh?"

The first guy that was fucking my wife starts to grunt. He pulls his cock out and shoots his load all over my wife's shaved pussy. The bartender looks at me and says, "Since she's your wife you have to clean her up." This catches the attention of my wife who stops her sucking and stroking. "Yeah baby, clean my pussy so the next guy can fuck me." she said. I reach for some napkins that are on a nearby table. My wife exclaims, "Not with napkins! With your tongue. Lick his cum off my pussy." The first guy steps aside to make room for me. I get into position and start licking her pussy. Each lick is a mix of pussy and hot cum. My wife moans with pleasure. She announces that she is coming and not to stop. I continue to lick until he orgasm stops and he pussy is clean. She looks down at me and says "That was wonderful. No clean the cum off his cock."

I turn to look towards the guy who just came and he is pushing his semi-hard cock in my face. I do the only thing I can and open my mouth and accept his cock. I suck and lick his cock as my wife cheers me on. Soon his cock is clean. It is replaced by a new hard cock.

I look at my wife and she tells me to suck that cock as she is getting fucked by another guy. I watch her as I slide the cock in and out of my mouth. She is delight and exclaims, "That is so hot. I'm going to cum. Stroke his balls as you suck his cock." I reach up and caress his balls. I notice his ball sack starts to tighten and his cock get harder. I feel a gush of cum hit the back of my mouth as he announces he is cumming. My wife orders me to swallow every drop. My cock throbs with excitement as I swallow his huge load. My wife continues with words of encouragement and excitement.

As a result of these events, the second guy fucking my wife can not control himself.

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