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She shows him he's Presidential material.

A lot of Pack members think my granny lost her mind. Personally, I'm flattered that she chose me but kind of shocked. I'm in my twenties. What do I know about politics?

Whatever. Like everyone else on this planet, I've got no choice but to play the cards I was dealt. It's my life. I just didn't think I'd be facing a Pack war so soon. The leader of the Strays, we label them, is a seriously twisted dude. His name is Brockton Reynolds. A big and tall white guy with red hair and green eyes. He's from Boston. He used to be an enforcer for a Pack of Irish werewolves in Beantown until they kicked him out. Now he's come to Toronto with his buddies, hoping to tear the place from our grasp. Fat chance of that happening. I love the city of Toronto but I'll see it burned to the ground before I hand it over to some American werewolf and his cronies. And I mean every word of this.

The Strays are gathering in numbers, man. And it is honestly starting to worry me. Last week, I was on patrol when I saw something really weird. A young man walking through a park with his girlfriend were attacked by a trio of wolves. Now, to the human world, it just seemed like just another random animal attack. There are all kinds of animals in the areas surrounding Toronto and sometimes they wander into the city. However, I knew these weren't real wolves but werewolves. I shape-shifted from my human form to my wolfish one. In a flash I became a large black wolf with blazing yellow eyes. And I went after the three bozos who dared attack a human couple in my city.

The three wolves stopped their attack on the human couple and came after me. Two of them were large, silver-coated males. The third was a slender female wolf with a black coat. She went straight for me. Roaring with fury, I attacked her. The other two joined the melee and the fight was on. I'm a damn good scrapper but I was outnumbered. I honestly think I would have gotten killed if I hadn't run off. Being forced to run wounded my pride but I didn't want to die. Besides, three versus one were hardly fair odds. I returned home limping and bloody. In wolf form, I am stronger and faster than anything human. I also heal quicker. However, in human form, I am just like everybody else. That's why it sucks to walk around in human form all day. In human form, a werewolf retains his or her sharp senses of sight, smell and hearing, but all of our other powers are gone.

I should have reported the attack to my grandmother. As the Matriarch of my Pack, she had a right to know. However, my wounded pride prevented me from telling my leader that I had my ass kicked. Besides, I had my enemies scent now. I would be able to track them anywhere. Especially the female werewolf. She's the one who injured me. She was faster than the other two. I swore to myself that I would make that bitch pay. I went to Ottawa to chill for a bit while recovering. I usually hate Ottawa. It's the most boring city in all of Canada. It lacks diversity and it's quite dull. Well, dull and boring is exactly what I needed after the extreme excitement of recent times.

I was walking around Saint Laurent Mall when I smelled a disturbingly familiar scent. I turned around, scanning the vast crowd full of humans. At once I located the source of the threatening scent. A tall, extraordinarily beautiful young Black woman clad in a black leather jacket over a blue T-shirt, blue jeans and boots. She looked at me with undisguised hatred in her beautiful eyes. I swallowed hard as I recognized the female werewolf from the previous night. The same one who attacked me. She walked right up to me. I forced myself to be calm and asked her what she wanted. The young lady introduced herself as Davina Sturgis, enforcer of Brockton Reynolds, Leader of the Pack of werewolves known as the Strays.

My eyes widened in surprise.

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