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The Quality Manager lived up to his name.

" He whimpered. I chuckled darkly.

"I won't put you in the dungeon, pet."

My lips were on his again. But this kiss was nothing like what we'd shared only minutes ago. This kiss was rough, me showing him who was in charge. I bit at his lips, tugging his bottom lip between my teeth. I pressed my body against his, my erection rubbing forcefully against him. He whimpered against me, his hands moving to my chest once more.

I felt his chest, my hands dancing across his dark purple vest. I tore it off easily, the buttons clattering softly as they hit the hardwood floor. My fingers ran up his shoulders, and I dug my nails into his crisp white shirt, tearing it off of him easily. It fell, tattered, to the ground. Jacob was helpless against me.

I kissed down his neck. I licked at the savoury trail of blood on his skin, waves of pleasure crashing through me as I tasted him. I sucked and bit at Jacob's neck and shoulders. He writhed and moaned against me, both in pain and pleasure.

Without warning, I grabbed him roughly and turned him, slamming his hips against the desk. Jacob cried out in surprise and pain. I chuckled again, running my fingers delicately up his spine, making him shiver with anticipation. Then I aggressively pushed him, pinning his chest against my desk.

"Stay." I commanded, moving my hands to Jacob's trousers. He obeyed, resting his chest against my desk, submitting to my will. He titled his head up, looking out my door, which was still wide open. His cheeks tinted a deep pink.

I hardly ever bothered to shut my door when my brother and I were intimate. I'm not so self-conscious to care if a servant catches us. Everyone in the castle, including our parents, knows that Jacob and I are lovers. While I try to hide it from my parents, more so to prevent them from feeling uncomfortable than to actually keep any sort of secret, it is completely their fault if they come into my wing of the castle and see something they don't want to.

I unzipped my little brother's trousers, letting them fall to my office floor. Jacob whimpered helplessly, as I exposed more of his body to the cool air. I began fondling my brother's erection, smirking as I felt it harden in my hand. I clicked my tongue patronizingly. What a pathetic whore.

I know that Jacob loves me. He's as obsessed with me as I am with him, only he's much more open about it. If he had a choice between having me beat him every day for the rest of his life, or me never touching him again, he would choose the first one, just to feel the warmth of my hand. Absolutely pathetic.

Jacob whimpered, this time with pleasure, as I rubbed him through his underwear. He arched his back, pressing his ass against my erection. I pulled my hand away, and easily tore off his underwear throwing it to the floor.

"Oh pet," I murmured, my fingers trailing up my little brother's spine. He shivered against my desk, but didn't say anything.

My brother has a beautiful body. If I was a loving man, I'd spend hours fawning over him. Kissing all the bruises, massaging out all the knots of stress, licking at every cut and bite. I'd stroke him slowly, listening to every delicate sigh and whimper of pleasure. I'd bring him to his climax, hold him against me as he came.

But I am not a loving man.

I brought my hand down hard on his left ass cheek. A loud slab reverberated off the walls of the study. My brother cried out, twitching against the desk, tears springing up into his eyes. A satisfied smile came across my face as his cheek turned a wonderful shade of pink.

"Why am I punishing you, Jacob?" I asked, positioning my hand above his right cheek, preparing to strike.

"Because, because, I lied to you?" He asked cautiously. I smacked his ass, and he screamed with pain.

"That's wrong my love, guess again."

"Because... because I was disobedient?" Jacob's clenched his ass together, awaiting the next blow. He was panting, his voice thick with tears.

I slapped him again, the sound echoing down the corridor.

"Wrong again, my sweet. Try again."


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