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Nylon slave to a sexy girl band on tour.

When I kissed her, she kissed me harder. When I touched her breast, she took off her blouse and bra so I could touch it more. She had an orgasm when I played with her pussy, even through her clothes. Before I knew it, she was nude and waiting for me to give it to her. What could I do? I took her cherry and she didn't seem to mind at all. If fact, she loved it too."

Seth: "Wow, something similar happened to me. You know that Blonde who asked me out the week before? Well, we went to a movie and a bite to eat afterward. The whole time, she couldn't keep her hands off of me. Not that I minded, of course, but it was a little embarrassing having this hot blonde groping me in the restaurant with everyone staring at her. It seemed that she couldn't wait to have sex with me, so we rushed home and did it all night. Yes, I applied some more formula after a while because I didn't want it to end. Man, was she horny."

John and Tyler both reported more sex than normal, and not only received many orgasms from their girlfriends, but gave them more as well. They definitely liked their guys using Preparation-Y.

Manny also got laid twice. "Man, it was like, they couldn't say no to me. Whatever I wanted, they were ready for it. This is good stuff."

Dave reported hot sex with the redhead with the red Beemer, and even IN the red Beemer!

The girls had a different and interesting perspective to add in their reports on this version of the formula.

Veronica: "I dated Colin again. You know, the football player. Before, we had just had sex, hot sex, mind you, but just sex. This time was different. He was much more gentle with me and actually made love with me, not just TO me. I came at least three times and each was more satisfying that the former. I felt very relaxed, not tense or rushed like before, maybe because he was more relaxed and gentle?"

Desiree: Once again, she had guys and girls flirting with her all week, and had sex with one guy and one girl. "I seemed to be very relaxed and happy. And several other people were hitting on me all week."

Kim: This time, she surrendered to her desires and had full sex with the two guys she had given blow jobs to the last week. "I wanted them a lot, and they weren't so aggressive, so I gave in to them. It was fun."

Grace and Ashley: Both had sex with their boyfriends several times. The guys seemed to want them all the time when the girls had the Preparation-X on them. "It was good. We felt wanted and loved."

Katie: She wore Preparation-X in several classes and got positive responses, like flirting from guys who had barely noticed her before. There was one special guy who she trusted to accept a date with for the next week, however she was apprehensive at what would happen then.
Amanda suggested that Katie talk to the guy and see if he would use the formula with her on their date, the see how she would respond to him, as well as his response to her. She agreed to try it.

Also, they asked the other subjects to use it on their boyfriends or girlfriends if they were in more than a one night stand relationship, or desired more than that. Of course, the proper male or female formula would have to be used to get accurate results.

Several agreed to try it this way and were excited to see what would happen. They had been careful to ensure that no one wore the formula in the weekly meetings, or around the other subjects. That might skew the results, and they didn't want to deal with an orgy at the meeting. But now was the time to see what would happen when two subjects were both wearing the formula. And boy, did things happen!

Tyler and John both got their girlfriends to try the female formula at the same time they used the male formula.

John: "We were so attracted to each other that it was impossible to keep our hands off each other. My sweetie and I had sex often and about anywhere we could."

Tyler: "My GF and I had a similar experience.

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