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A night out with a difference!

Are you alone, can you join me?"

I hitched my skirt, then pushed the crotch of my soaking wet panties aside. My fingers dived on my clit, "I'm playing with my clit now, Angelica, I do so love your name."

"I wish that was me playing with you right now, Jenny, can I kiss your little clit for you?"

"Oh, yes please, I wish you would, and will you put some fingers inside my pussy and wank me?" So, I pushed three fingers as deep as I could inside myself, "Angelica, you've got three fingers inside me now, it feels so nice."

"Fuck!" Jenny, I'm going to cum, are you ready to cum for me yet?" Her words shocked me, they didn't fit her image at all.

I couldn't answer properly, I was already there, my climax was building fast, "Ohhhhhh, I, oh shiiiiiiit!" I stammered as it hit me

I could hear Angelica moaning and saying, "That's it, cum for me baby."

Then I was soaked, "Oh fuck!"

"What's the matter, baby? Tell me."

"I think I just peed myself, the floors soaked. You made me cum so hard, I've got to clean up before someone comes," then I giggled, realising what I had said.

"Jenny, can you get an afternoon off, or maybe an extended lunch break?"

"I'll see what I can do and then ring you, is that okay?"

"Yes, I want to see you today, in fact, I must see you today. Do your best, my little lover. Thanks for making me cum by the way. Oh, and keep thinking about my pussy that's waiting just for you."

I could have swooned, I was over the moon, all my dreams were coming true.

I couldn't wait for lunch time to come around, the clock hands didn't seem to move. My boss had been quite happy for me to take the afternoon off, there was nothing very much going on.

I rang Angelica's work, the secretary said she was in a meeting but had been expecting me to call. She asked me what time I would be available and what my work address was, explaining that a car would pick me up out front. It seemed an afterthought when she asked what I liked to drink

Wow! I thought, little me being picked up by a company car, that'll give them something to talk about around the office.

My chauffeur driven car dropped me outside the facade of the huge building, the driver opened my door for me before I had time to do it myself, he pointed the main entrance, "The desk will be expecting you, Miss Peters."

The lift took me to the eleventh floor, I'd never been so high before. The door open to an incredibly expensive looking reception area, A smart older lady sat at a desk. "You must be Jenny," she said, "Angelica wasn't wrong, you are very pretty," she continued, giving me an appreciative look. There was a twinkle in her eye when I blushed. She beckoned me to follow her and led me into an office, the like of which I've never seen. A huge antique desk dominated one part of the room, various folders neatly stacked on it.

The other half of the room had two massive brown leather sofas, a beautiful large glass low table between them. There were a few other pieces of furniture dotted about.

Two glasses and a bottle of white wine in an ice bucket were on the table, next to them was a tray of chocolates.

"Angelica asked me to apologise, she won't be very long. Help yourself to some wine and make yourself comfortable, you won't be disturbed by anyone."

I poured myself a glass, it was absolutely delicious, never have I tasted anything like it, I bet it was expensive. I studied the label, I'd never heard of it, quickly I jotted it down in my notebook, 'Pernand Vergelesses Premier Cru 2015'. I knew it was a Burgundy, it said so on the back, but other than that, it meant nothing, except I loved it.

I had only just sat on the sofa, when Angelica walked in, "Hello, Jenny, my love, sorry I kept you, something came up I needed to deal with, but now I'm free, there'll be no calls for at least the next couple of hours. Oh, I see you have some wine, I hope you like it?"

"It's incredible, you're spoiling me, it must cost a bomb."

"It's what I have for special visitors an

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