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Tonight's the night!

Walking out and seeing James' face made it worth it. His eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped open. I walked up to him and, putting my finger under his chin, pushed it closed, "You're going to catch flies if you're not careful there big boy."

"Now, do I owe you Chinese or Mexican food tonight?" I said as I twirled my keys on my finger and headed to my car.

"Mexican sounds good. I'll just keep working until you get back." He shot me that shit eating grin as he turned back towards my house and started hammering against the wall, my bathroom wall.

I felt a chill run through my body. Did he see me getting out of the shower? Did he see my cock? No he couldn't have, he would have left or got cold with me. And he did not get cold with me. I'm sure he is a gentleman and turned away once he knew I was showering, right?

I came back with a bag full of food. James' truck was gone. My heart sunk. I pulled the food out of the car and walked to my front door. Oh great a note, I bet it starts with "Dear John".

I ripped the note off the door and walked into my house. I started reading the note, "Hey Kim, I just ran out for some beer, be right back, J" I really need to get a grip on my hormones.

James arrived about five minutes later. We had another lovely evening of food, beer, and conversation. James kissed me good night as he left, telling me he would see me in the morning.

James' Story

I was just finishing painting the outline on the ground for the addition when Kim's car pulled into the driveway. I felt an excitement rush through my body. My underwear felt wet. This is the first woman that turned me on so much and at the same time scared me.

I didn't want to seem too eager so I continued to spray paint the ground as she walked up to me. I felt her staring at me, at my ass. I couldn't help but make a comment. She was quick witted and shot right back at me.

We shared a few jabs back and forth. It felt so natural and comfortable to verbally spar with her. We have mutual personalities and sense of humor. I walked her around her new home. She looked lovely standing in her future master bedroom as she twirled around the space. She invited me to dinner. It wasn't exactly an invite as it was a statement. I loved her confidence and brash tact. I watched her ass as she wiggled her way to the front door.

I shook the cobwebs out of my head and began to examine the side of the house that is coming down for the addition. I heard the water go off in the shower and didn't give it much thought until I glanced up and looked through the bathroom window. I watched Kim step out of the shower. The bathroom window was up high so I could only see the top half of her body, but it was enough to make me moan out loud. Her breasts were perfect. I stood frozen in place as she toweled off.

She dipped down below the window, probably to dry her lower half. I turned my head imaging her rubbing the towel between her legs. I pictured the towel rubbing against her pussy. I was hoping she was as hot and drippy as I was. I wanted to lick her pussy and rub my face all over it. I inhaled deeply and I could smell her perfume scent throughout the yard.

I caught myself staring at the ground and absent mindedly rubbing the shaft of the hammer against my crotch. I felt the cool air against my pants and as the wet spot formed. I was so horny. If only I knew she was into girls as well as guys. I could give her the best of both worlds. I have to wait until the job is complete before I could spring anything like that on her.

I wanted her so bad. If she strapped on a nice big fat cock and fucked her man with it I would be in heaven. I would love to wrap my big hairy legs around her little waist as she plunged her silicon cock deep in my pussy. I would reach up and grab onto her perfect sized breast and squeeze them, or lean forward and take one into my mouth as she continue to plunge her attached cock deep into me.

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