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They will probably keep the three of us locked up for three or four days while they try to sort it out, but in the end it will be our word against yours. Two witnesses will beat one."

The pair of them stood there watching me as I ran that through my mind. What he said made a horrible kind of sense. It would only be my word against theirs and we could easily find ourselves held by the police for days before it was sorted out.

"I see that you're getting the idea," said Tom, smirking at me. "Feel free to struggle while we undress you, but do try to keep the noise down. We don't want to wake up our neighbours."

With that comment Tom grabbed my leg, pulled off my shoe, and stepped back again. I'm like, "Say, what?" when Angus pounced on my other leg, took off my other shoe and then he stepped back.

"What the hell are you two doing?" I asked.

"Strip roulette," said Tom.

"What?" What the hell was strip roulette?

"We take it in turns to remove an item of clothing," Tom explained. "The person who takes off the last item wins and has first turn. You can probably work out which of us that will be, but don't tell us. We'll find out soon enough."

With that he pounced again, this time undoing my slacks and pulling them off. I wasn't letting him do it. I was wriggling and hitting and trying to kick, but the big goon held me easily while he unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled them down and off.

That's the way it went. They didn't try to rip the clothes off me. It seemed to be a point of honour that each item should be properly undone and taken off without any damage. Not that that helped me. My clothes were still coming off. It was Tom who finally peeled my panties off, which I'd known was coming as soon as he'd explained the rules.

Now that I was naked Tom started peeling off. It was obvious that he was ready for action. Way too obvious in my opinion.

"Would you like Angus to hold you down while I take you?" Tom asked.

"Why would I want Angus to hold me down?"

"That way you can pretend that you're an unwilling victim," Tom says.

Pretend? I was an unwilling victim and he fucking knew it. I'd made it plain enough. I glared daggers at him, hoping that he'd shrivel up and die. No such luck. He just laughed at me.

"OK," said Tom. "Roll over onto your hands and knees. Let's get this show on the road."

Crunch time. Do I continue to fight or do I yield? Fighting wouldn't really get me anything but a minor satisfaction, as they were going to be able to hold me down quite easily. Still, a minor satisfaction was better than none. Right?

Wrong. Tom sensed that I was getting ready to try to fight him off and got in first.

"If you try and struggle, I'm very much afraid I would have to spank you," he said softly. "Now you don't want that, do you?"

Looking at the muscles on him I decided no, I did not want that. One spank from that great paw of his and he'd probably knock my bottom clean off. Swearing softly I rolled over onto hands and knees. (I didn't know I knew so many swear words. Maybe I was reading Tom's mind and using a sailor's vocabulary.)

One thing I found was to my advantage, in an irritating sort of way. Having the two men slowly strip me, helpless to stop them and knowing what was coming once I was naked, had got me aroused. I was wet and would probably have no problems accommodating Tom, apart from the fact that I didn't want to. So there I was, on hands and knees, feeling Tom settling onto the bunk behind me.

Good god above, it was fortunate I was already wet and aroused. Tom came plunging into me as though he'd spent half an hour arousing me and I was crying out for relief. He just drove home, with me giving a startled yelp, finding that I was indeed able to accommodate him and, fortunately, able to do it fast.

I was half stunned at the speed of Tom's attack, and he didn't slow down at all. The man had no finesse. Probably didn't even understand the meaning of the word. He was all go, go, go, driving into me as hard as he could go.

In self-defence

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