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Sizzling sex at the apartment.

Man, if you went outside dressed like that..."

"I don't want lots of guys. I want someone to want treat me like you treat Claire. I want to be...used. But in the loving tender way that you behave with Claire."

"I'm not always gentle with her," he warned. But a grin came over his face too.

"Well...I was actually hoping that would be the case."

His gaze changed, tightened, turned observant along with its disbelief. "You took out your nose ring."

"And covered your tattoos."

"That too."

He looked me up and down. "I like your socks."

"I knew you would."

"You did this for me?" He still couldn't get his head around it.

"Um, not exactly, Darren. I did this for me. I want this. What I want you to do is take this remote and go back outside. I want you to wait a while and then come back in. I'm going to be on my back on this table, and I want you to pretend I'm Claire. I'm not going to move, I'm just going to...I want to feel what it is like to be her. Just once."

I still hadn't knocked the disbelief out of his eyes, but that extremely promising bulge in his pants kept me from wavering.

"If you don't want to do this, just walk right past me and get Claire from the back room. I'll send you a bill, but I won't ever want to talk to you again. If you do want to act out this fantasy, well...I wanna be your doll." I clicked the button to start the door rolling down and tossed him the remote. "Go!"

* * * * *

Lying on my back, I tried not to tremble. I wasn't scared of rejection anymore. Something told me Darren would come back in that door and fulfill my fantasy. But I was shaking with anticipation. I worked on some deep breathing. Then I heard the door rise and creak, and I tried to stay perfectly still. The door slowly rolled back down. I heard him walking toward me, but instead of looking, I remained static in my doll pose.

I could see him standing beside me, but only in my peripheral vision, because I didn't turn my head. Then I felt his breath on my cheek and heard him whisper, "I missed you, Claire." I knew I was trembling, but he didn't acknowledge that. Instead he walked around the table, inspecting me. I felt his hand lightly touch my arm. "Wow, Lisa is good. It looks like she gave you some upgrades. I see she installed the eye-blinking chip and the breathing module. I didn't even know they had those features available yet. And the body heat feature too ... very nice. But why did she deflate your tits?"

And that was when I realized Darren was not only a sexy hot nerd, but really fucking funny too. But I didn't laugh. I was an ice queen.

Darren's hands gently stroked my arm, then glided across my belly. He crawled onto the table and scooped both hands behind my shoulder blades to lift my back off the hard surface. I heard the duct tape rip . Then he lay my bare back down. I didn't make eye contact. I tried to remain perfectly still, even when he lowered my tank top the same way I'd watched him take it off of Claire. I didn't help or cooperate at all. I tried to control my breathing, but now my tits were exposed and ... I don't know if this is normal, but my nipples get hard whenever I even look at them. Having Darren stare at my tits stirred me up, even without him actually touching me. I had a brief moment of worry that they wouldn't look as good as Claire's. But then I felt myself getting wet and remembered wet pussy trumps fake tits. Ha-ha, Claire.

Darren started massaging my breasts with both hands. I locked my focus on a spot on the ceiling and tried to control my breathing. He didn't bother trying to hide how turned-on he was, and he didn't need to, so I heard his breathing and even a little moan. Oh my god, how am I going to keep this up? He just started.

"Your tits feel really good," he whispered in my ears.

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