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A rough encounter in a deserted airport.

We rode waves and got knocked around a lot. At about three o'clock I told Jason that I was going for my afternoon three mile run. He had his track shoes with him (did he have his heels as well?) and we went for a run. I never could keep up with his pace as he was a track star in school but he kept his pace to my level as we ran. It was humid and hot and I sweated. We both ran on the road parallel with the ocean with only running pants but without shirts. Jason received a lot of verbal attention from women passing by. He made like he did not hear their comments. Girls from nearby houses shouted out to him. Girls and women joggers as well as bicyclists shouted out some funny and some very off color comments to him.

When we got back to the beach house I told Jason to get a change of clothes and I did the same. I bought out two towels and I pointed out the outdoor shower on the side of the house. While he was showering I went in and got two cold Heinekens from the refrigerator. I handed him a towel over the top of the shower door and also handed him the Heineken. He thanked me and asked me not to tell his mother about the beer. I told him my lips were sealed. I really wanted to seal my lips around his cock. He came out and I went in and showered. I was out in a few minutes and we sat on the deck. My wife and sister in law had gone shopping and had left a note. The note said they would be back by six thirty. It was four o'clock when I read the note. My heart started to pound because they were gone (and the house was empty) but I kept my cool. We chatted. He asked me how long we had planned on being at the shore and I told him two weeks. He was making conversation and it appeared that he wanted to really talk about something else.

He asked me what I thought about our "experience" on the Fourth of July. I told him that I had enjoyed various experiences in my life and that I had learned to put them into a perspective. I told him that in life that was no absolutes. I took each experience in life and just enjoyed the good ones and forgot the bad ones. He wanted to know what category ours had been and I said a good one. He smiled and said that was the first time he had come with anyone else (either boy or girl). He added that he had to jerk off three times that night after our experience in order to get to sleep. I told him I loved doing it. By this time I was seriously hard. I asked him what he actually thought about the whole experience. He said he said he was fearful of being gay but that he loved dressing up and having his cock sucked by me. He said he felt safe with me. I told him to be careful who he chose to do it with unless he wanted the general population to find out. I told him that sometimes people go through phases and that it would be awful to be going through a phase and have people prejudge him and label him.

I wondered where this was going. I was about to find out.

He touched my shoulder and in a gentle voice asked me if I was interested in repeating what we had done. I smiled and said that would be okay. We walked into the house. His room faced the area where the cars would be parked. I pulled down the shade of one of the windows facing the parking area so that only an inch of window could be seen.

I looked at his shorts and he was pitching a tent.

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