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Brad and Tiffany see who else can help Tiffany let loose.

Tee hee hee."

Hilda was going crazy.

When Hilda Humper finally pulled her big boobs away, Charlie sputtered and gasped for breath. Breathing could be difficult after having one's nose pressed into the deepest cleavage known to man. Hilda didn't wear a J cup bra for nothing. With boobs that big she needed powerful support, and when those giant bosoms were freed from that support, crazy things could happen. When two gargantuan wonderful wonders of nature are unencumbered, splendid and enjoyable situations can ensue, and the man that is a part of them is lucky indeed. Janitor Charlie felt like a pretty damn lucky man at this point. He could think of no better and more blissful way of being asphyxiated than by the girth of Hilda's super titties.

"Oh, my boobies feel good," Hilda informed him as she pressed her pair together and then placed a hand under each one and pushed them up and down. "They feel like they have had a full massage. These big fuckers are tingling profusely. I can only think of one thing that feels better than this."

With this comment, Hilda grinned, her thick wide lips curling into an upward arc that made her already beautiful face look angelic. Charlie was now sitting beside her against the wall and Hilda leaned over and gave him a soft little peck on the lips.

"Miss Hilda, you are a sweet lady," Charlie said, returning her smile with a grizzled one of his own. "And if I was about twenty years younger, I would probably ask you out."

"Who needs a date, when you can just skip the formalities and go straight for the sex?" Hilda whispered, her lips pressed against his ear. "I think the best thing a man and woman can share is a fuck." With this line her voice took on an almost cynical tone.

Hilda gingerly toyed with the janitor's still fully erect johnson and her titan titties bobbed ever so slightly as she began to stroke it. Charlie made happy sounds as she rubbed him that almost sounded like whimpering.

"Wee wee like?" Hilda asked, as she squeezed his spongy head and then cupped his balls. "Hildy's little 'suck my tittie ditty' wasn't quite accurate. I mentioned regular sex first. I think I want your wee wee in my mouth first."

As Charlie leaned back against the wall Miss Humper brought her pretty blonde head down between his legs, which were brought up to where his knees nearly touched his chest and his feet were planted on the floor. Hilda pushed his erection up against his stomach so that she could slide his briefs down a couple inches. Charlie's penis sprang to attention and Hilda brought her head down to it, sweetly licking its head and then expertly taking that head between her lips and into her mouth. She was now going to give it her very sweetest and most pleasurable treatment.

Charlie the janitor let out a soft cry of shock as he felt the warmth of Hilda's mouth closing around his swollen mushroom tip. Her tongue tickled him right at its peehole and then circled the head of his penis in a rapid rotation that made his head spin. Charlie had never felt anything so wonderful in his life. Miss Humper's head lowered still further as she took in another stiff inch of his thick pole. What she was doing to him was making his member as hard as a steel column.

"Mmmmphhh," Hilda moaned in a muffled and obstructed voice, her wide mouth stretched still further open because of the sheer thickness of Charlie's shaft.

Charlie's hands gently tussled her long blond hair. His cock was tingling so excessively that he could not help but moan his extreme gratitude. Hilda's mouth was so hot and wet that he felt like steam should be coming from it. Charlie felt like an intense heat was being placed on his penis, yet at the same time her soft sucking sent a chill of pleasure through his entire body. Hilda was like a fever on him and he hoped he would never get well.

"Ohhhhh, myyyyy!" Charlie yelled as Hilda slid another two inches into her mouth and then sucked loudly on it like it was a nipple, giving sustenance.

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