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Seafair Holiday, lovely ladies, and a close shave.

When I felt him shooting his cum into my cunt, it also triggered my own orgasm.

Frank got off me and went into the bathroom to wash up but, as usual, I remained on the bed without washing. I guess it was now late morning and Jeff reminded the guys that he had to get to the airport in time for his flight, Joe suggested that we leave now and we could have lunch at the airport while waiting for the flight, everybody agreed and so Jeff started packing and the guys did some last minute arranging and cleaning of their clothes, I had nothing to do since I didn't even have a stitch of clothing with me and all I had was my well used body. Joe told me that he had brought another dress for me which he had put in the car boot and I would have to get dressed outside, Frank rejected that idea, he said that I should remain naked in the car until we hit the freeway and he would stop at a rest stop for me to get dressed, Jeff looked unsure about me going around naked but I just accepted it since I knew it was pointless to argue, I knew now that the guys didn't like me to wear clothes and since I felt the same way, I had to agree to their suggestions.

The four of us walked out of the room and got into the car, Frank drove with Joe in the front seat while I got behind with Jeff, I told him that he still had complete access to my body right until we got where Frank would allow me to put on my dress. We stopped at the motel's office for Joe to drop the room key and soon we were on the freeway. I'm not sure if anybody had seen me walking around naked and now in the car I couldn't be seen by other people in cars but I knew that anybody in a truck or trailer would get a good view of my naked body. During the drive Joe told Jeff to make the best of his chances with my body reminding him that it would be a long long time before he would be in a similar position of having a completely naked woman at his disposal, I moved nearer to him and he seemed to have taken my husband's advice because he soon had both his hands roaming all over me. I pointed out that my cunt and ass were still oozing cum and he said that he would clean me up. What he did was to poke his fingers into my cunt and draw out the juices inside and wipe them off with a handkerchief but as he continued poking his fingers in and out of my cunt I started to get aroused again. When he moved to do the same in my ass, we passed a trailer and the driver gave us a long blast on his horn so I knew that someone had seen Jeff poking his fingers into my ass.

After a few minutes we arrived at a truck stop, there were no trucks parked outside and Frank drove straight in, he stopped just opposite the rest rooms and told me to go in and wash up and only after that could I put on my dress, I got out of the car and walked, naked, into the restroom and cleaned my cunt and ass, I managed to also wipe my body all over. When I came out there was a man walking into the men's restroom next to the women's and he stopped when he saw me naked. I just stood there but he turned and saw the three men in the car so he just waved and smiled at me and went inside, I came over to stand next to the car to ask for my dress but Frank told Joe to check if I had cleaned myself properly, I commented that this was the first time he wanted me to clean my body, all the other times they had insisted that I not clean myself but keep my cunt (and ass) filled with their cum, Frank reminded me that we were going to the airport. All Joe had to do was reach out of the car's window and push a couple of fingers into my cunt, he told everybody that he couldn't feel any cum inside but it was wet.

Only after this did Frank get out of the car and walk behind to the boot and open it showing me the dress that my husband had brought for me.

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