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Krystaline and Matt finally meet.

It was about a 100 metres into the woods and was not easily visible from the road. As I approached I could see that there was a trail that looked to be well used trail coming from the other side of the woods and that the door hinges on the shack had been kept well oiled.

Seeing this didn't suggest hardly used to me and I stood outside and listened carefully for a few moments. I was sure I could hear some heavy breathing coming from inside the shack. I stepped forward and slowly pushed open the door and peered round it. There was only a light that filtered through the cracks in the roof.

In the gloom I cold make out an old table and a couple of chairs sitting in the middle of the room. And as I looked to my right there was a bed with a woman lying naked on top of it stroking her breasts with one hand while finger fucking herself furiously with her other hand.

I watched her work her self to a shattering climax before deciding to leave despite the hard on in my pants telling me to stay and fuck her. As I was just closing the door Helen came up behind me.

"I see you have found it then? Shall we go inside" she said

Before I could say or do anything she pushed the door open and walked straight inside. There were two squeals of surprise as the two women saw each other. I stood waiting for what their reaction would be.

"Oh I am sorry, I didn't know anyone was in here" Helen said embarrassed

"It's ok Helen, I should have been more careful and locked the door" said the woman

Helen then introduced me to Lisa who was a teacher from the local school whom she had known for a long time. I could see that Helen was eyeing up Lisa's slim body as much as I was and was surprised to see her move toward Lisa and begin to kiss her on the lips.

To my surprise Lisa responded and began to feel Helen's 38dd breasts through her t-shirt. Helen slid own her hand down Lisa's stomach and onto her wet pussy as she began to massage her clit which had Lisa bucking almost uncontrollably on to her fingers.

I couldn't stand it any longer and as we all stripped our clothes I joined the two women who were now lying on the bed fondling each other. As I walked the few paces to the bed I bent over and guided my cock close to Lisa's mouth. She turned her head and took my 8" tool into her mouth and began sucking it like a lollypop.

I was so fucking horny that it didn't take long for me to shoot my load down her eager throat as she swallowed cum. When I was spent I lay back and watched the two women explore each other's body. As they got into a 69 I could see Helen's body begin to shiver and shake as her orgasm began to take over her and send her over the edge.

Lisa reached out and took hold of my semi hard cock and began to massage it back to full hardness as Helen lapped at her sopping cunt. My cock was now at full mast again as the two women parted and Helen rolled off and lay beside Lisa.

"Don't just sit there looking, get that big cock up me and fuck my brains out" Lisa purred as she pulled at her light pink coloured nipples.

I didn't need to be asked a second time as I got between her slender thighs. Helen grabbed my throbbing cock and guided me to the entrance of Lisa's dripping cunt hole and ran my cock over her wet lips coating my cock with her juices. As I pushed my hips forward I entered Lisa slowly until my dick was buried deep within her pussy.

Helen rubbed her wet fingers over Lisa's puckered little rosebud as she slid two of her fingers knuckle deep in her anus. I could feel Lisa's cunt muscles adjusting to accommodate my cock and then clench on my cock as Helen's fingers began to fuck her arse. I began to push in and out using long slow strokes that I knew many women enjoyed.

With all the attention she was receiving it wasn't long before Lisa was cumming over my cock with each stroke of my cock as her orgasms came one after the other. I increased my speed and after few minutes she cried out for me to cum deep inside her

"Fill my cunt, fill it up with your hot spunk" she yelled as m

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