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In today's world, some women still love their men.

Rick had watched hour after hour of secret recordings. He now knew all of Howard's not so legal business dealings and had spent many hours watching the delectable Mrs. fucking and sucking and otherwise servicing her rich and kinky husband. Most surprising to Rick had been watching daughter Lisa also service her stepfather with her mothers willing consent and cooperation.

He wondered if the Mrs. knew of the suckretary and the office bondage party's that hubby had held to keep his not so proper employees in line. But that was for another day. Today it was time to put his project in play. Chuckling he took the tape he had so carefully spliced together and went to start the party.

Donna at 32 was a raven-haired beauty in the prime of her life. She glanced over at her Irish red haired daughter and smiled. They were rich beyond words now that the legal bullshit had finally been finished yesterday. Today had been a shopping trip to celebrate. New clothes and a new Mercedes made them both feel like, she laughed, a billion dollars.

She punched in the security code that opened the gate and drove the quarter mile of driveway to the house. They gathered up their packages and ran giggling into their big beautiful mansion.

"Did you leave the music playing?" Donna asked Lisa as she walked into the front living room.

"Like I would listen to that." Lisa tossed her hair. "Get real." Lisa stopped and stared. "Mom!"

Donna went quickly to her daughter's side staring at Rick sitting in Howard's big leather recliner and at the large gun in his hand pointed at both of them.

"Hello, won't you come and sit down.' He waved his gun at the sofa. Once they were seated he walked over to them tossing Donna two pairs of handcuffs. "Put those on just to keep things safe for all of us." He kept the gun pointed at Donna until they both were secured in cuffs. He reached over and cinched them tight.

Donna snapped at him, "What the hell do you think your doing?"

"Arresting you and your darling deadly daughter for murder one. That's premeditated murder and in this state that means death by lethal injection for you and twenty-five to life in prison for your daughter."

They both started denying everything as Rick started the tape. The protests died off as the tape played on the huge plasma TV. Before the sound of the body falling down the stairs faded, Rick paused the tape.

Donna stammered "He, he was a monster he beat my daughter and me and made us..." her voice trailed off as the tape resumed with Donna and Lisa taking turns sucking on the old mans cock, laughing and smiling and challenging each other as to who was the better cocksucker.

"Just in case your wondering there's hour after hour of you both happily fucking and sucking and being whipped, flogged and otherwise played with." Rick smiled at the mother and daughter. "Once your charged of course all that lovely money will go bye bye as it is illegal to profit from a crime. Which means everything will be held by the court until your cleared or convicted. Either way you're screwed."

Donna sat staring at the muscular cop as he talked and showed piece after piece of tape showing how much he had on both of them. Damn it she thought 2 and a half years of letting that old viagra popping fucker screw and touch and make us into his slaves and then the perfect murder and now this cop has us locked up and can throw away the key.

"Mom?" Lisa voice cracked as she looked to her mother for some kind of comfort.

"I don't know baby."

"Well now," Rick smiled "we do have option # 2."

Donna looked up. "Option 2?"


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