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Can Regan redeem her bad karma and find love?

After a couple of to and fros, the dildo is fully inserted in her, with only the hose sticking out. She looks at him, questioningly.

"Wrap the tie around the tube near the base of the dildo a couple of times." She does so. "Now, tie it to the front of the tie on your stomach." Having done this, the dildo is securely lodged in her. "Put your knees together, and tie them together with this." Another tie is presented to the sluttishly dressed submissive and she wraps it around her knees, tying it tight and further trapping the dildo in her pussy. He wipes her hands on a towel and places the bulb in her hand. "Give it ten full squeezes." The first eight squeezes barely register, but on the ninth and tenth she can feel the added size inside her pussy.

"Take the gag off, and then add another two squeezes." She performs her tasks, unbuckling and removing the gag; she then gives the bulb the two squeezes, feeling her pussy beginning to reach the largest limits she's ever taken it to. "Take my hand, and lick it." Taking the unusual request in stride, she licks his hand; paying attention to the whole of it, fingers, palm and thumb. "Now suck it." She sucks his fingers. "Now push my fingers to the back of your mouth and down your throat."

She baulks at this, exclaiming "What! Why should I do that?"

"I thought you were submissive and would do what I told you to?"

'Yeah, but that's not..."

"Well, do it anyway! I ask, you do - that's submission."

"Okay then..."

"Good then take my fingers and suck them down your throat until you gag." Pulling on his hand, she sucks his fingers deep in to her mouth until they go slightly down her throat and make her gag. She pulls them out. "Now, as punishment, three squeezes."

She shuts her eyes and grabs the pump, giving it one, two, and a third slow squeeze. "Oh my god, I can feel that. It's stretching me out! Oh, wow!"

"Good. Now be a good little slut, and take my dick out of my trousers."

Having unzipped his pants and taken his rock hard cock out, she gets her next instructions. "Suck the end." She rolls up his foreskin, licks the end of his penis, and then sucks the head of it in to her mouth, giving it suck after suck. "Good girl! Another squeeze."

Another squeeze causes another moan. "Oh, I feel full."

"Now, I want you to deep throat me. Pull me to you and down your throat until you have my whole dick down it."

With her lying down on the bed and him standing beside it, she finds it very easy. She grabs his bum and using it as leverage; she pushes and pulls him in and out of her mouth, then throat, until, eventually, she has him balls deep. She pushes him away, having completed her task. "Good. Now two more squeezes."

One squeeze - "Owwww, that aches."

"One more."

"Well, OK..." Squeeze. "Wooooooh, god, that's stretching me out."

"Mmmm. Good, that's exactly what we want. In fact, if you get one more squeeze out of it, we'll move on to your next test." She gives the bulb that last squeeze, shutting her eyes against the intensity of the stretching within her. "OK, you can release the valve." She does so, feeling her lower tummy deflate slightly as the monster dildo returns to a better size. "Untie the dildo, and then take it out." Having done as asked, she finds herself with an empty feeling, wondering what's next for her poor, tingly, demanding, and stretched vagina.

"I think we should up the ante a bit, don't you?"

"How do you mean?"

"Here." He hands her a small pile of clothes pegs. "I think you know what's coming next. Take off those rings and clip one to your right nipple."

"Mmmmm, that smarts! Ohhhhhh, more please!"

"Now, your left nipple."

"OK." She attaches the second peg to her left nipple. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm."

"Now, your left, and then your right pussy lip."

"But that'll hurt!"

"So what? Does it matter?"

"Well, no, but..."

"You know what; I think you're talking too much.

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