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Oksana realizes her dream.

"I think you have said quite enough for today. And don't even think about telling me that it is none of my business. Finn is my friend, and that is reason enough."

She stood there, her stomach dancing with butterflies, daring him to cross swords with her. She watched the range of emotions cross his face. The impassive mask dropped into place and he turned on his heal and vanished into his office. The door clicked closed and Isabelle let out her breath. She was almost surprised he hadn't slammed it closed.


Finn and Simon left the house an hour later, Finn pale and composed and Simon still slightly out of it from his medication. Isabelle kissed Finn lightly on the cheek.

"Don't worry," she whispered, "somehow everything will work out. Just take care of Simon."

"Thanks Isabelle," he smiled. It was a strained smile, but a smile none the less. "I appreciate it, more than you know."

"They're going to my apartment for a day or so," Ian told her as they watched the car drive off. It's another hour past that to Simon's house and they are going to be going the opposite direction to head back up to the cabin tomorrow or the day after."

Isabelle could feel eyes on her as she and Ian walked hand in hand back to the house, Isabelle shivering a bit despite the warm coat she wore. She resisted the urge to find Johns face in one of the windows facing the front of the house. She and Ian continued down the hall to her room where she stripped off coat, shoes, sweater and socks and crawled on top of the bed. Ian joined her, snuggling close and pulling the soft chenille blanket over her. She smiled, he already knew her so well. With the emotional turmoil of the earlier part of the day, the tension of her meetings with Dr. Halloway and the family shit hitting the fan she didn't so much relax as crash.

Ian woke several hours later; Isabelle curled up in his arms. Smiling he began to stroke her soft black hair, grateful that he no longer had to worry about 'getting caught'. He loved the feel of her silky hair against his hands. Her skin was warm and soft as he feathered his fingers over her face. He snuggled a bit closer and breathed in her scent. Shampoo and the underlying smell that was all warm skin and soft breath. He kissed her forehead gently, luxuriating in the feel of her skin against his lips. Isabelle sighed in her sleep as his warm lips brushed hers, and he continued to stroke and kiss her, taking in every bit of her. Any feeling of frantic need had shifted to a deep contentment as he kissed and stroked the young woman in his arms. His hand slid down her back and he cupped her ass, pulling her towards him until their bodies touched closer still. She moaned low in her throat and his tongue dipped past her lips, stroking and tasting. Now half awake, Isabelle ran her fingers though his thick hair, her entire body responding to his touch. She was reduced to want and need and heat as Ian kissed her and began nibbling on her neck.

Ian hadn't intended to start anything, he had wanted to take things slow, and to let Isabelle set the pace for their physical relationship. The minute he touched her, his need to feel connected to her had begun to chip away at the edges of his resolve. He needed her. A long emptiness was filled, an emptiness that had been with him so long he had forgotten its presence. The urge to claim her was overwhelming. She was his, only his and he could taste her want and need in the air she breathed. He exulted in every sigh; every moan and gasp as he slowly undressed her and kissed, stroked and tasted every inch of her skin that was revealed.

Her legs parted at a slight touch from him and he tasted her, salt and musk.

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