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Erotic wrestling match.

"Glad to meet you, Brenda," Ali and I said at the same time, laughing about it afterwards.

Neither had an early class on Monday, so we told them to plan on spending the night and we'd drop them back at the dorm in the morning, on our way to the gallery.

"I'm very happy to meet ya'll too," Brenda replied, a smile on her face.

It was a cute face, I thought, as I turned to face them while Ali drove. Brenda, it turned out, was 'just' nineteen, a few weeks ago; can I spot 'em or what?

She was curvy, five-six'ish, and probably one-twenty-five or so, I quickly opined, to myself. Fairly average looking young woman but with an aura of sexiness about her; maybe it was because I knew she played with Sami that I just assumed I sensed that, but whatever the reason, I did sense it.

"You guys want to go to Mother's for po-boys?" Ali asked after she stopped for a light; Mother's was a well-known eatery of N'awlins, a staple in the epicurean jambalaya that New Orleans provided.

"Good choice!" Brenda said, "I love their po-boys," Sami jumping in and agreeing with the suggestion. Ali didn't have to ask me; she knew I was always up for a trip to Mother's.

And, as is always the case, Mother's didn't disappoint.

We were able to gain a little insight into Ms. Brenda over our sandwiches. She knew that we knew of her and Sami's late-night trysts; Sami told her she had told us that, and that Brenda wouldn't be opposed to a little exploration.

Brenda didn't appear uncomfortable knowing what we knew, and seemed okay with it. She has a boyfriend, back home, and likes boys and likes having sex with boys, she said very matter-of-factly, scrunching her face up, as if in deep thought.

She started girl-play a couple of years ago, when she was sixteen or so, with a friend of hers during sleepovers at each other's houses.

"You know," Brenda said between bites of her sandwich, "Lisa and I started out just kissing each other, goofing off, acting crazy," pausing to sip her cola.

"But that didn't last long," Brenda resumed, "after a couple of months-and we slept over with each other almost every weekend-one night, while she was kissing me, she started feeling me up," stopping, and looking at us with that 'you know' look.

"So, what'd you do?" Sami asked.

Laughing a bit, Brenda said, with a smirk, "I felt her back, and it was off to the races into our panties," laughing aloud now at the memory.

We laughed with her, all of us knowing exactly how she felt; that first time that girl-play got serious for each of us.


The ride to the house from Mother's was rather quiet, the four of seemingly lost in our thoughts. There was also an overbidding sense or sexual tension in the air, I thought at the time and, later, Ali said she had felt it too.

We all knew that there would be lots of sex in our house tonight; we knew it, but said nothing of it, the knowledge alone was enough for us all.

We gave Brenda the quick nickel tour of the place, getting their things settled into the connecting bedroom to ours. Brenda remarked on the 'convenience of the connecting rooms, smiling wickedly when she said it.

"Let's go downstairs to the den, and enjoy a bit of smoke," I suggested, "relaxing us," I hinted. And get us horny, I thought, or hornier, I should say.

Being around Sami and Justine, and the kids that worked for us, was a turn-on for both Ali and I. We shamefully, but truthfully, admitted that we both liked younger pussy; not illegal, just a bit younger.

Since Ali and I were in our mid-thirties, I supposed that we could be considered cougars preying on young kittens; not an untruth, I suppose.

We used the hookah-styled pipe, the ice and wine providing a nice, cool smoke for us, the smoothness encouraging us to partake very freely. It did the job very nicely, putting us all into a stoned state.

"I think I'm going to forgo the swim, and just hit the hot tub, Brenda," Ali said, slowly, very stoned, "care to join me?" adding,

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