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We were made for each other." He kissed her hand, but didn't release it. As he softly rubbed and patted it, he got the surprise of his life. The hand he was holding wore the same ring Mike's wife, Susan, wore at the pool yesterday. The twins had switched places. He had heard rumors of them doing it back in school. Damn! The fates had smiled on him.

He quickly shot a glance over to Mike's table. That twin was talking with two other girls, but he didn't see Mike. "That damn fool," he thought, "he has no idea he's been watching me play up to his wife all evening." Brad would really enjoy making a cuckold of the man he couldn't stand.

The DJ played Twilight Time, one of his favorites from the old days. Brad pulled her onto the dance floor. As they moved to the dreamy music she slipped her arms around his neck while his hands dropped down to her butts. He pulled her tightly against his now raging hard-on and to his surprise she responded by moving her pelvis in a little circular motion causing his cock to get even harder.

He checked again. Mike was still missing. He was probably out in the gardens. Brad began to wonder if Susan would go into the gardens with him. Boy! If he could just make out with her where Mike could see them and not know what he was watching! That would really be something. Slowly he started guiding her ever closer to the door as they danced.


From the time people began to gather for the party, Susan's plan worked beautifully. Nobody knew she and Sara had switched identities and she had the time of her life pretending to be the red-hot woman of the world, everyone knew Sara to be. She was almost tripped up when an old school chum, who had been on the decorating committee yesterday, asked her about the club Sara had said she loved, but she successfully danced around the question.

Brad was already at their table when she and her first Bloody Mary finally joined him. She wasn't much of a drinker, but tonight she intended to live the life her early marriage had denied her. After the first hour of pretending to be enthralled with a bunch of ex-jocks reliving their glory days, she needed the alcohol Thank God Mike hadn't played football. At least his stories about life in the Marines, when you could get him to talk about it, were interesting.

As she endured the endless chatter of men-boys she really studied just one, Brad. He really was a handsome man with rugged features and a well-built body. He must still spend a lot of time at the gym. She found herself wondering about Mike's story of how he got the nickname "Meat" and when he returned from a trip to bring them another drink, she saw for herself how it might be true. A certain way he moved pulled his trousers tight through the crotch displaying signs of a package that would make porn stars jealous.

Susan couldn't understand why Mike didn't like Brad. Once the football talk ceased and he turned all his attention to her, he really was quite nice. After she got another look at his package, when he returned from his third trip to the bar, she began to wonder just how it would feel to be in the bed with him. She checked how things were going with Sara and Mike. Mike had been watching her quite a bit tonight but he didn't seem overly concerned. That meant he hadn't caught on to their deception either. She was free to have fun tonight, as long as she didn't let things go too far.

As the night continued she realized she was feeling no pain. It was hard to get her words right and when she stood to visit the ladies room, the floor rolled like she was on a ship. She was talking too much and couldn't seem to stop giggling. Everything Brad said was just so funny.

When she felt his hand on her knee, she was shocked and yet it felt good with him rubbing little circles on her leg.

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