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She knows how to make a good impression.

I gently lowered her into the bath, holding my stomach muscles tight to protect my back. I wasn't in danger but knew that getting into bad habbits with lifting was a quick way to change that. Fi told me where to get the wash cloths bit asked me to do her hair first.

She keeps her hair fairly short so this didn't last long but I made sure to do a thorough job, knowing that most of the girls I had been lucky enough to be intimate with loved having someone else wash their hair.

Having trained in both general and mental health nursing I knew all about washing other people. First you wash down as far as possible, then you wash up as far as possible, last of all you wash possible. I am sure this started off as pampering rather than anything sexual for Fi, whatever messages my brain was sending to my nether regions. Despite this, when I washed her small but firm breasts, I felt the nipples get distinctly harder. I also noticed a part of my own anatomy doing the same.

Next I was paying attention to Fi's legs, covering every part of them with the soapy flannel. Soon I was running a clean flannel over her most intimate parts. I wasn't trying to stop myself feeling the pleasure all of this gave me but our friendship was too important to me to do any more without Fi giving it the ok.

I was really surprised when she said, "Can you touch me there with your fingers?" My first reaction was to reply, "Does the pope shit in the woods?" But, knowing about Fi's Catholic background I was able to change it at the last minute to, "Is the pope Catholic?"

I traced my fingers over the skin around her vagina. Her pubic hair looked untrimmed but the black triangle pointing towards her pink lips did not extend down around her opening. As I felt and saw her respond I moved my tracings closer and closer to her outer labia and when my fingers reached the open goal of her pussy I was rewarded by seeing her lips swell with an increase in blood flow. I started to play with her clitoris with my thumb and took her left nipple in the fingers of my other hand.

My explorations moved deeper into her cave till I was pushing in and out of her well lubricated tightness. Quicker than I would have thought possible, I felt her spasm around my finger. I leaned over to kiss Fi before enquiring if she was ready for the massage.

"You have to dry me first, she smiled and if seeing her naked body had excited me, that smile and it's promise did so even more.

Once I had dried Fiona off and she was lying down on some dry towels on the floor, I started to cover her back with coconut oild with Jasmine and bergamot esential oils and I forget what else added to the blend. I had planned to do a full consultation with Fi to find out what the best combination of oils for her condition would be but had decided to go with my intuition on this occasion and do the consultation on another occasion. Was this decision based on my hoping to put my rock hard penis inside her inviting vagina? Guilty as charged but had Fi not asked me to play with her cunt I would have done it by the book.

Doing the massage, I emphasised to Fi that if anything was uncomfortable she should tell me and that she should keep her status as the expert on her medical condition. Fiona is sassy enough that I didn't think this would be a problem but I thought I should still state it.

Feeling how mobile some of her joints were, I learned far more about her EDS than I ever did through looking at web sites and Fiona's Facebook posts.

I could describe the massage in detail but despite what had gone on earlier it was not about sex but about relieving stress and treating some of the symptoms from Fi's hypermobility syndrome and some of the complications arising from it. By the time I had finished, my boner had gone though I knew it would not take much for it to return.

"Make love to me.

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