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"May I have a cuddle please Sangitta?"

"Of course you can Julie. Come and sit on my lap."

Julie did as she was told. She climbed onto the lap of Sangitta and felt her wrap her hands around her. Sangitta held Julie for about five minutes and then she said.

"It is time for you to go now Julie. Make sure that you only bring back your sexiest of clothes. I need you to keep a standard when you are in the flat and I want you to impress my guests when they arrive." Said Sangitta.

"I understand." Replied Julie.

"Now please get off my lap so that you can go and pack your clothes up and I can talk to your mother."

Julie climbed off Sangitta's lap and left the flat. Sangitta took her phone and began to text Denise.

"Are you alone?" She asked.

"Yes. My husband has gone to work and I do not start work until one o'clock."

"I have just had Julie round here and we have had a very interesting conversation."

"Oh yes."

"Yes she has agreed to become my maid and I thought because of this I had to let her know about you and me."

"I understand."

"How did she take it?" Texted Denise.

"She was a little shocked about the two of us but she seemed to accept the situation."

"I am glad that she was not too upset."

"She is coming home to pack up her clothes and she is going to move into one of my spare bedrooms. I will pay her well and make sure that I take good care of her. I will not punish her and I will take her to my bed."

"I am fine with that. I knew when I became your lover that I would not be the only one."

"Now I have a job for you. I want you to help Julie pack and make sure that she only packs the best of her clothes. Can you do that Denise?"

There was silence for a moment and then came back the reply.

"Yes I can do that."

"Good I will speak to you later."

Sangitta ended the conversation and looked round the apartment. She could not wait to see Julie running round her flat doing what she told her to do and that would be fun.

Her new life was falling into place and she could not wait to continue her journey of discovery. She waited patiently for Julie to get back. It took her a good couple of hours to pack her clothes up and then she arrived back at Sangitta's apartment.

Sangitta showed her round the apartment and let her choose the room that she wanted to now call her home. She chose the larger of the two remaining bedrooms then Sangitta told her that they were going shopping. Julie just nodded her head in agreement and dialled a taxi for her and Sangitta.

The taxi arrived and Sangitta directed him to a street that Julie had not heard of before. The taxi driver knew the street and set off. It was in a different town to that in which they lived and took about twenty minutes to get to. When they arrived Julie noticed that they had parked outside a posh Boutique. Sangitta paid for the taxi and they both climbed out.

Sangitta showed Julie into the Boutique and she went and asked one of the assistants for some help. The assistant nodded that she would be more than happy to help Sangitta with her request. The assistant came and took Julie by the hand and took her through to the back of the shop. Sangitta took a seat on the sofa for guests and was offered a glass of champagne. She gladly accepted.

In the back room the assistant turned to Julie and said.

"Would you take your clothes off please?"

Julie felt a little self- conscious but she began to remove her clothes as requested. Soon she was stood there naked. At least the shop was warm. The assistant then began to measure her from top to toe and made a note of them. When she had finished she took Julie by the hand and said to her.

"I believe that you are to become a maid. Is that correct?"

"Yes." Said Julie.

"Well if you walk around the shop you will see that we offer an array of maids outfits. Sangitta has said that you may chose three outfits. One must be made of leather. One must be formal and the last one must be for everyday use. I will let you browse the rails and come back in about fifteen minutes."

"Thank you." Said Julie.

Julie found herse

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