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His fetish develops in his girlfriend's mother's bed.

The succubus then pulled out another card and held it in her hand. Like before, it began to float and glow. "... Strength." The incubus then released his magic and punched forward, aiming for the succubus's chest. She held out her palm and blocked the blow like it was nothing. Apparently the spell the incubus had recited granted him a strong punch or enhanced muscles to fight barehanded. But somehow, the succubus was much more stronger than the incubus. The fire wielding incubi silently mouthed a "What the fuck?" for each of them. The head incubi couldn't act indifferent anymore and opened his eyes widely, surprised by the succubi's action.

"... The Chariot." Another card appeared in her hand, it glowed like the other two. Then, faster than Rainer's eyes could adjust to, the succubus jolted out and knocked the remaining four incubi henchmen unconscious, leaving the head one alone. The succubus wasn't superhero fast, but fast enough to where her opponents had little time to react unless they were used to fighting against such speed. The head incubus then attempted to retreat, he dashed down the street he came from, attempting to escape the succubus. His resistance was futile. The succubus, still in high speed, grabbed onto the neck of the retreating incubus and dragged him back to the stone table. She threw him into the chair she was sitting in before and said, "... Don't move."

The incubus's pleads sounded just like every pitiful bad guys desperate screams for mercy on TV, "C'mon! Just let me go... I'll leave you and him alone so you can enjoy each other! C'mon, you know the Shiirran won't fucking stand for this!"

The succubus just looked at him with cold eyes, though Rainer could've sworn he saw her turn slightly red when the incubus mentioned, 'so you can enjoy each other'. Rainer didn't pay that any mind as he watched the process. He didn't feel like interfering, Mandal was annoying enough, but to have such pathetic copies of him in the Land of Lust irritated him even further. The succubus then demanded her prisoner, "... Tell me your name."

"Huh? Oh, uh, its Harrigan..."

"... Do you wish to have an equal chance between complete freedom and death? Or be thrown at the mercy of justice? Which option to decide your life, do you desire?"

"Huh? What? What do you mean?"

"... Very well, I will choose for you."

"Wait! No... Ah I choose the justice!"

"... I will choose for you, and I choose the option you didn't. You desire freedom more than punishment, thus equal chance will be given." Rainer thought her actions resembled the immaturity of a kid who dangled a toy in front of a friend and took it back the moment the kid had it. "... Wheel of Fortune." The violet succubus held a card out, and it began to glow. Unlike the other cards, two pictures appeared on the card, one depicted a man walking among the people, that was freedom. The other depicted a man being laid to rest, death. She tossed the card into the air. The card gyrated and twisted faster than Rainer, the captive Harrigan, and even the violet succubus could tell, it was so no one could see the outcome. Soon, the card returned to the succubus's hand, the outcome was life. "... That was fair, wasn't it? You may go."

The succubus moved out of Harrigan's way, allowing him to escape. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I promise to not involve myself with you again! I swear!" He ran away as if his ass was on fire. His complete arrogance from when they first met was gone.

The succubus then turned towards Rainer, "...I will be leaving now, may you reach your desires."

"Hey! Wait a sec here." Rainer managed to halt the succubus with his words. "Who the heck are you? I want to at least know that much."

The succubus again blushed, but Rainer was too focused on knowing her name to notice it. "... I'm afraid I can't give you what you desire, yet. I can at least promise to in the future."

"No, screw that. At least give me a chance, with that fortune card of yours."


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