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Alex pushes Jade's fantasy farther.

As the stranger, I would make the first move. I would set her down beside me on the sofa and start kissing her. At first she would pull away, as if shy. I would continue kissing her and move my hand under her dress up to her crotch. As my hands start rubbing her crotch her kisses become more and more passionate.

Soon she is French kissing me and rubbing my crotch. I pull her dress open and begin kissing then sucking each breast. I hear her moan; as I push one, then two fingers, inside her now wet and hot pussy. We continue to French kiss as she works my pants open and pulls my hard cock out. She strokes my cock, feeling its size, length, thickness; comparing it to her husband's.

I am very horny now and I pull from her and go to my knees between her legs. I pull off her panties and push her legs apart. I start licking her pussy and sticking my tongue as far up her cunt as I can. I keep licking her until I hear and feel her cum. I continue licking and sucking until her clit becomes very sensitive. I wipe off my mouth then stand in front of her with my hard cock staring her in the face. She begins stroking it again looking at it as if for the first time.

Then she leans forward and starts licking up and down the shaft. She licks my balls and then back up to the underside of the head. She flicks her tongue several times on this sensitive spot before covering the head with her mouth. She sucks on the head and strokes the shaft back and forth as she sucks. She allows the head to pop out of her mouth and on to her cheek then puts it back into her mouth. She tries to take the entire length into her mouth but cannot. I ask her if she likes the taste?

And she replies, "Yes." I ask, "Is it as good as your husband's?"

She answers "Yes, it taste even better than his."

I ask, "Is it as large as your husband's?"

She replies, "Yes, it is longer but not as thick." This talk takes me near the point of shooting my load right then. I ask her if she is ready to let me fuck her.

She says, "You will cum too quick, cum in my mouth I want to taste you." With this, I explode into her mouth. She continues sucking and swallows every bit of cum. For me the role play is over. As a strange man I have just cum into my wife's mouth. She straightens her dress and goes upstairs to bed. When I get into bed I ask, "Would you really let a stranger cum in your mouth?" "If you want me to I will", she answers. This is how the role play goes. We have talked about her being with another man but never made it really happen.

Then the other day (night actually) we were leaving a party when a friend of mine asked if he and his friend could get a lift home. I had not seen Gary in several years and missed him at the party. We both had a lot to catch up on and both wanted to talk. He introduced me to his friend Tom. Tom worked with him and agreed to come with him to the party to try and get laid. Tom told me he had gotten a BJ in the bathroom by a sexy blond and after so much drinking was ready to hit the sack.

We all three laughed and I told Tom and Gary that I needed to find Diane and we could go. When Diane and I returned to the car Gary was in the front seat and Tom in the back. Gary poked his head out the window and said he thought we could continue our catching up on the way to his house. I asked Diane if she would mind riding in the back so I could talk to Gary and she said no problem. Diane knew Gary from years ago and we introduced her to Tom.

As I was driving and talking to Gary I thought I could hear some whispering in the back. I figured Diane was being polite, talking to Tom and trying not to interrupt our conversation. I kept driving and talking when I could swear I heard Diane moan. I ignored the urge to turn around and kept right on driving and talking to Gary.

The ride took about forty-five minutes and when I stopped out front of Gary's hotel, Tom and Gary got out of the car and Diane came around

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