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Tami and Jonathan take the next step.

"I'm not... fully... shaved down there."

Mia lifted her head, laughing.

"Marta," she called out. "We have a job for you. Believe me, she's an expert," Mia whispered.

The purple bikini bartender walked around and held out her hand for mine. I took it. I looked at Sam who was smiling, beaming, and then nodded at Mia.

Marta opened a door to a cabin just like mine, but with a better smell. She turned me around in a more aggressive way than I had expected.

"Take off."

I froze.

"Take off it all."

I did, as though demanded by a prison guard.

"Lay, relax." Her tone had changed. I was stood there with one arm across my boobs, the other on my bits.

"You are beautiful girl. Great body. Let's make perfect."

She pointed to the small bed, and I laid down. The music started. A soft theme I figure I'd heard in massages. What seemed like a few seconds later Marta tapped my shoulder.

"Here, wear this," and handed me a robe.

"But what about...?" as I looked around for the outfit I threw on that morning.

"Not need. Not here. You beautiful girl, you just relax. Everyone happy here."

I turned to leave. As I reached for the door handle I felt her hand on my shoulder.

"No. Be strong."

My look of confusion was probably all too obvious. Manta pulled the robe from around my shoulders, letting it drop to the floor.

"Now you go."

For the first time I looked down to see myself in a way I hadn't really witnessed before. I mean, Sam had shaved me the first time, but this was somehow different.

"Have fun," Marta said in a stoic way, but with a nod and, I think, a wry smile.

I walked out. Naked. And headed up the stairs. My pace slowed as I reached the top, and I peeked ahead of me. It seemed nobody was there. Not even Sam. So I bounced up, feeling a new openness.

I turned towards the bar.

"Hi honey," said Mia, scaring me out of my mind. I was frozen in the spot. "I knew it. Amazing. I mean, like, wow."

I didn't know where to look as she looked me up and down.

"Sam said to watch out. She was right."

I wasn't sure what to say at that. The compliment from someone who was probably a supermodel was incredible. The terror that now faced me was more overwhelming.

"Marta is the best, right?" Mia said as she moved behind the bar. "Let me get you something."

It hadn't fully occurred to me until Mia stood up from behind the bar that she, too, was totally naked. As she placed the glass-a Bloody Mary, of course-on the bar she commented "wish I had your tits, hon."

Suddenly even more aware of my nakedness, all I could spit out was "wish I had your cheekbones."

She grinned. "Earned me this," she said, looking around the yacht. For some reason I thought there must have been a different owner.

"Come on, bring this with you." She nodded at the Bloody Mary and came out from behind the bar, statuesque and confident.

Sheepishly I grabbed the glass and followed her out on to the deck and into the sun.

"No tan lines," Mia said with another grin. She pointed to two loungers. "Here." And as I looked at the surroundings, the sea, nothing else, I heard Mia say, "and relax."

I laid down and let the sun do its job. It didn't feel like seconds after I'd put the glass on the little table that I felt something. Startled, I opened my eyes and looked down, and there was Mia. She looked up with those blazing blue eyes.

"Relax, honey."

The next few minutes were a blur. There was the splash of the ocean, the sun, and Mia, licking. I let it happen. She knew what to do and it didn't take long until I was tensing, almost convulsing, and came. When I opened my eyes she was grinning, her face lit by my juices. I didn't know where to look.

"Relax, honey."

I laid back and blended into a daze of sea, yacht, sun, nakedness, and what was clearly a supermodel providing the bow tie on a morning I won't soon forget.


"We need get ready for dinner. Have guests."

Mia's voice, while soothing, also kicked me into awareness. Here I was, lying in the sun on a lounger, on the deck of a yacht, still naked. I have no idea how long I was there.

I heard Sa

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