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Edward watches as hairy Jane takes his friends.

"Take your time, let me do all of the work. If you have to do something, play with your nipples." As I begin to rock slowly in and out of you, your hands reach to cup your breasts and follow my suggestion. You pinch the little buds, pulling and rolling them between thumb and forefinger. Your head tilts back, eyes closed and lips parted at the feeling, and I smile.

We keep at this for a few moments until you start to get impatient again. "Oh God, please rub my clit... please... please..." you beg.

"Shhh," I whisper in your ear. "Just relax and let it build slowly."

"Ahhhh... please do it... I need it..."

"Trust me."

With a frustrated moan, you reach down and begin to furiously stroke your clit. I grab your wrist and pull out of you. "Noooooo!" you cry.

"I warned you. I told you to do this my way but you wouldn't listen. Now you have to pay the price." I get out of bed and make my way over to my garment bag. I unzip it enough to where I can grab one of my ties and pull it out. Getting back in bed, I straddle your torso and tell you to give me your hands. You look at me with a hint of fear in your eyes. "Trust me. I won't do anything to hurt you. I promise. Otherwise, we can stop if you don't." The sincerity in my voice and eyes war with the uncertainty in your head. Finally desire wins and you hold your hands up to me.

I take your hands and place them with your wrists together. I wind the tie around them a few times then thread the ends between the wraps and your wrists before tying the ends. Next, I take the cover sheet off of the bed and slide it between your restrained arms. Lifting your arms above your head, I loop the sheet around the headboard of the bed and knot the ends together. None of the bindings are that tight and you can easily free yourself with a little effort if you desire. I grab your hips and move them down the bed, stretching you out prone.

"Now, since you couldn't play nice, you now have no choice. Just for that, I'm going to drive you absolutely crazy before I finish making love to you." I position myself between your legs and gently nudge them open. I then lean down and, taking my time like earlier, begin to eat you out.

Holding your legs open, I start by leaving light little kisses on your lips. You gasp and tense up, thinking I'm going for the kill right away. I chuckle and move my attention away from your pussy and to your left thigh, kissing my way around and down. I get to your knee and sit up. Lifting it up, I look into your eyes as I kiss and lick the underside of your leg and the back of your knee. You moan and writhe again. Now making my way down the rest of your leg, I get to your foot. I place a kiss directly on the top of the bridge and knead the sole in my hands. I lower you left foot, pick up the right one, and reverse the process, making my way back up to your pussy.

When I get there, I can smell just how horny you are. Your scent fills my nose and I can see your juices glistening as they flow from your by now dripping pussy. I push your legs a bit further apart and move in closer. I inhale deeply, relishing in the effect that I'm having on you. I reach out with the tip of my tongue and touch it against your flesh. Your back arches and your hips buck trying to get me to delve further into you. Spreading your lips open with my hands, I jab my tongue directly at your clit. You grunt and tremble as a result. "Ahhh-uhhhhnnn..."

I go back to gently probing and licking your pussy. God, I love to go down on a woman. I love savoring the scent and taste. The slick feel of her juices on my tongue and face. The softness of her pink flesh. The way that I can feel every twitch and tremor of her body. The way I can make her dance and writhe with just my tongue. How her thighs grip my head as her orgasm races through her. Completely at the mercy of something as simple as my tongue.

I take my time with you.

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