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Oh Daddy, bad girls need to be punished.

" I managed to stammer back.

"Yeah sure, I'll let the others know. Good luck with the call." She called back flashing a wry smile before they closed the door." That had been close, though Kate at least seemed to find it amusing, and it hadn't exactly put her of. She had continued sliding her mouth up and down my shaft her lips soft and light, her tongue sliding over the tip licking up the pre cum that seeped out.

I groaned swallowing hard and reached down sliding my arms around her body and lifting her up. If this was going to happen I was going to make the most of it. I set her down on the edge of my desk and let my hands slide up to grasp the edge of her panties and tugged them down over her long slender legs.

She gave a small gasp smiling wickedly at me spreading them apart, letting me see the bare exposed lips of her pussy. I didn't wait I couldn't. I slipped forward grasped one knee to hold her apart and dived down on her exposed pussy plunging my tongue inside her slick folds.

I heard her gasp, that quiver of excitement rippling through her body as I began to enjoy her. I felt her fingers slide through my hair holding me close against her as I began to explore her, lips tongue and mouth pressed tight against her exposed flesh. She was wet and hot the sweet taste of her excitement already building as I nuzzled her flesh.

I didn't go slow, didn't wait didn't tease. Just plunged my tongue inside that molten hot core of her pussy and then closed my lips around her clit rubbing against it and then lightly sucking hungrily enjoying her. Above me she moaned soft and low, almost purring with pleasure.

"Oh yes that's it, don't stop, don't even think of it."

I only moaned. It was all I could do, not that I was even thinking of stopping anyway. It was far too late for that. She had started this but it was only go end after I had enjoyed all I could, which at that moment consisted of making the pretty brunette actress on my desk climax.

I kept my mouth tight against her pussy sucking on her clit and drew my hand up along one thigh caressing the bare skin until I could work my fingers up to plunge inside her soaked sex, first one then another. She moaned again her body vibrating as she lay back naked apart from the bra she wore. Panting and moaning she bucked against me her hand holding me tight against her body quivering and vibrating.

I could feel her grind against my mouth and I didn't stop lightly nuzzling her, easing back a second to take a breath blowing across her heated flesh making her gasp again her eyes fluttering for a moment before I dived back in capturing her clit again sucking on it as I used my fingers on her. It didn't take long another minute and she bucked against me writhing biting back the moans as she came hard while I tasted her excitement seeping from her.

Her body shuddered, quivering above me as she came hips sliding back on the polished wooden surface of my desk her juices smeared across my lips and mouth, all over her thighs. I moaned with her tasting that sweetness, lapping it up as I slowly eased back the pressure watching her tremble and pant as she regained some composure.

I didn't give her a chance to settle too much. Not after what she had done. I stood up one hand holding her thigh so she was left open and exposed. I used the other to tug her down to the edge of the desk as I shuffled forward and guided my still throbbing cock to the entrance of that slick soaked pussy.

I teased the swollen head of my cock against her gritting my teeth at the sensation of her hot and wet watching as her juices stuck to the tip of my shaft as I rubbed it against her clit before guiding it down to find that the spot I wanted. Then I pushed inside our moans mingling together, mine at the sensation of her pussy engulfing my cock, hers at the sensation of my shaft slowly filling her up.

I didn't hold back, didn't give her a chance to adjust and savour that initial moment of penetration.

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