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He wasn't looking for a ball & chain.

" I thought, remembering how difficult it can be to get any penetration in that position. And I realised with a shock, that I wanted to watch as the full length of him slid inside her.

Not knowing if I was going to be able to fulfil her fantasy, I tried to remember the pleading tone in Julie's voice as I put my hands around the back of her thighs and moved my face forward.

I tried to keep any part of my face from touching his penis as I moved carefully closer to Julie's pussy.

I warily extended my tongue and lightly brushed one of her outer lips. She immediately pushed her hips forward to press herself against me.

Even from down here, I could detect the urgency in her movement.

Trying to keep my tongue in contact with her pussy, I cautiously moved up toward the spot Julie had indicated.

I kept on the outside of her lips, gingerly licking up and down and occasionally reaching up near her clitoris, then moving away again, not wanting to brush against him.

I could tell Julie was getting frustrated, she was jiggling up and down whenever I neared the top of her cunt but didn't go that final half-inch.

I was running out of breath too.

I broke the surface and sucked in the tropical night air.

Julie immediately grabbed my hand again. She very deliberately placed my middle finger at the top of her opening.

"Here. Lick me right there ... and I want you to push your tongue inside."

And as she said it, she pushed my finger inside her, between herself and the ridge of Dave's cock head to demonstrate.

It was something about the tone of her voice, or her look, or her vicelike grip on my wrist that told me it would be useless to argue.

She was going to get what she wanted, what she needed.

I took another lungful of air and resumed my previous position.

I tried to keep the thought of Julie's lusty sexuality in my mind, how much this would arouse her, how horny it would get her for the rest of the holiday.

I tried to think of how much I adored and wanted her, of how much this would please her.

Then my tongue was on her cunt lips again, licking, stroking, searching.

The tip of my tongue was moving in tiny circles but ever upward.

I reached the spot she had shown me, I hardened my tongue and pressed it against her.

Julie's hips were starting to gyrate and I had a hard time keeping my tongue on the right place.

I was concentrating on the new pleasure my wife was feeling now, thinking only of how much she would be enjoying it.

I put my hands behind her and spread them across the tight globes of her ass to pull her toward me.

I felt the hard muscles of his stomach against the backs of my hands as he started to move his hips slowly up and back, up and back.

Julie's building excitement had captured my full attention. I wanted her to be taken over by the eroticism of the moment. I wanted her to give herself up completely to her sexuality. I wanted to take her to a level of arousal she had never felt before.

I moved myself closer to Julie's crotch, almost underneath her, so I had to lean my head back to lick her.

I reached out with my tongue and pushed against the spot she had indicated.

I wasn't cautious any more, I just wanted to excite my wife, I didn't care about what else happened.

Julie's hands came down and gripped the hair on the back of my head. She wanted me to go further and pulled me in toward her.

I straightened my tongue and pushed it inside her, exactly where she'd shown me.

I wasn't prepared for the reaction -- Julie bucked her hips violently, thrusting upwards again and again in an uncontrolled, animal response.

But she had a strong grip on my hair and managed to keep my mouth in place.

I could feel the smoothness of the cock head along the underneath of my tongue as I entered her. The hardness of his penis pressed against my chin and bottom lip as I thrust into my wife again but I didn't care.

Julie's movements were getting wilder. Her whole pelvis was jerking forwards and backwards as though in some kind of spasm.

She started to move my mouth away

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