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My first Boyfriend ...and how I strayed.

"But whose lips?" I wondered silently.

Feeling a second tongue now running itself up and down the length of my shaft while the head of my prick was being knobbed joyously was driving me insane! "Oh fuck!" I moaned unabashedly.

"You like?" Miranda asked. It had been her tongue running laps literally up and down my shaft. My cock was still being sweetly sucked, though now it became obvious to me that the two of them had traded places in a manner of speaking, as lips now nibbled along both sides of my prick, tongues dancing, fencing one another with my steely-shafted cock sandwiched somewhere in between.

In my mind, I could clearly see the two of them, oddly, Darlene's image taking over for the still unknown, unseen personage of the second pair of lips now chewing, nipping, then once again licking the super-sensitive head of my penis.

I felt movement, the sudden withdrawal of those incredible tongues moving away. Seconds later I could hear the soft whimpering moans of my wife, moans I was all too familiar with.


By way of an answer, she merely moaned once again, though speaking a second or so after that.

"You know what she's doing to me Mike?" Miranda asked. "She's sucking my tits," she answered before I could ask her.

Once again I could see that. I could see the hardness of my wife's yearning nipples. I could see them all puckered and tight, those stiff little 'clit-nubs' as I called them, swollen, aching and in obvious need.

"Fuck," I moaned softly, my hand subconsciously moving as though to stroke my still aching cock, alerting me in an instant that it couldn't. "Fuck!" I spoke once again, though this time in frustration.

A gentle laugh, not Miranda's, but not enough to tell me who it was either.

"You know how I like it when you flick your tongue back and forth against them?" she asked.


"Well, she's doing that now, to my left nipple. Her fingers have got my right nipple pinched between them, and she's rolling it back and forth, still pinching, pulling as she's now sucking me," Miranda continued on, now giving me a blow-by-blow description of what exactly was taking place. "But you know what?" she now asked me directly.


"I think I need both nipple's sucked on," she said with a sense of conclusion. "Yep, I need both tits being sucked on," she stated.

Once again the sound of movement, then I felt the press of soft flesh against my mouth, my lips hungrily, needfully finding that hard extended nipple, drawing it in.

"That's it honey, suck her titty the way you like sucking mine," Miranda told me.

"What?" I said around a mouth full of breast, but continued sucking anyway, as the realization of that sunk more fully in.

Only for a moment or two longer however, as movement, then adjustments made me realize I was now being offered my wife's breast, taking it in kind, now sucking it as the presence of another, close by obviously, began devouring her second breast.

"Fuck!" Miranda moaned audibly. "That's nice...really, really nice!"

I lost track of how long I spent in 'titty-heaven' but sudden movement, along with my wife's breast suddenly being taken from me, left me mouthing for it like a hungry baby losing its source. Once again however, the soft pulling tug of lips upon my shaft had my head melting into the pillow like a marshmallow in hot chocolate. And as I melted, I felt movement, then a presence, and then the sweet smelling aroma of fresh tasty cunt assailing my nostrils. I lunged. My tongue quickly spearing the sweet folds of pussy flesh, the tantalizing drip of pearly fluid quickly coating my tongue as I ran it like a gentle feather up and down the silken folds of tender flesh.

"Ohhhh," came the soft gentle moan. Once again, not Miranda, though so lost in my own fantasy delusions that I'd been unprepared for it, and thus unable to even try to guess as to who it might be.

"Shhh," Miranda cautioned, her mouth briefly taking leave of itself from

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