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The Quality Manager lived up to his name.

"Amy, stop, please." Tom protested, vainly pressing her off of him.

Amy felt her body quivering as she ran her tongue gently over the lines of his neck. His taste began to fill her.

"Why are you doing this?" Tom moaned, obviously enjoying himself but still pushing himself away, "Amy please stop."

Amy continued and she worked her hands underneath her shirt. Her gentle licks became kisses. She could feel his pants throbbing against her belly, reinforcing her commitment.

"Oh Tom," she paused, "I need someone to love me, to really love me."

Amy forced a sad look on her face and looked into his eyes.

"I need someone to love me, and I know you love me."

She could see that it was working, that he was crumbling.

"You do love me don't you?" She looked up at him and gently rubbed his arm, "because I love you."

Tom bit his lip and nodded yes hesitantly.

Amy moved closer. Her body felt electric, she could feel all over her nerve endings from the top of her head to her toes.

She reached her arms around his neck pulling her body up until their lips met.

"Amy, what are we doing," Tommy moaned, as their lips engulfed one another.

Their tongues gently explored each other's mouths. Amy tilted her head back and ran her fingers across the nape of Tom's neck. The held their kiss for what felt like an eternity, their arms exploring each other.

"Amy, this isn't right, we can't do anymore," Tom finally pulled away and raising his hands behind his neck, gently pulled Amy's arms from around him.

Amy looked into his eyes to see how determined he was to stop. She could see the doubt creeping through his face. The agony of Tom's desire fighting was fighting his instinct to say no. She could sense it.

"Tommy, I think you're beautiful and smart and funny, why wouldn't I want to be with someone like that? Like you?" Amy slowly lowered herself to her knees in front of him and began to unbuckle his pants.

Tom started to talk, but quickly bit his lip as Amy's hand gently grasped his cock.

"Oh Tommy, I love you," she looked up into his eyes just as she parted her lips to take him inside of her mouth.

She felt him expanding inside of her. How she had dreamt of this day, of feeling him inside of her, of tasting him, smelling him. She wanted him so badly for so long and now she was finally achieving her goal. Her body was electric. She could feel each hair as it stood on end.

She focused on him, on his pleasure like she had never done for anyone before. His taste was so exquisite and silky against her tongue. She began moving her head back and forth, slowly after first.

She looked up at him, his face looked to be in half agony, half ecstasy. She felt so powerful, so in control of him. She made his face look like that. She was making him lose control.

She sped up, his mouth moving over him faster and faster. She could feel him spasm in her mouth, his juices occasionally coating her tongue.

Finally she slowed down.

"Is it okay if I take my shirt off?" She looked up at Tom for his approval. Slowly she unbuttoned each button of her blouse and gently dropped the shirt to her arms. She saw him stare as her nipples almost immediately firmed in the cool air.

"You like them?" She looked up at him and slowly stood up, making sure that her breasts gently rubbed against his each side of his throbbing cock.

"Do you want to touch them?" She looked at him coyly, then gently put her hands into his and pulled them up to her chest.

She felt like fainting as his hands firmly surrounded so strongly that her body felt like collapsing into his arms, letting him scoop her up and do whatever he wanted.

She moaned softly as his hands finally relaxed and explored farther and farther across her body, until finally, once again their lips met in a long embrace.

"Oh Tommy," Amy looked into his eyes, "I love you."

Tommy looked away without answering. Deep in her heart Amy knew that he wanted this as much as she wanted it, it would only take a little time.

"I need to feel you inside of me,

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