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We became best friends even though she was so young.

Jen, this is Dick. I met him last year at a conference."

Jen took Dick's offered hand, but was confused into silence. Why did Michael introduce her as a friend, and not his wife?

An awkward silence followed. Dick openly stared at Jen, his eyes moving from her pretty face to stiletto heels, and back again.

Michael finally broke the silence. "Um, Jen, I explained to Dick how you're my wife's friend from college."

"Yes, yes," Dick said, his eyes continuing to feast on Jen's face and body. "It's convenient that you and Mike's wife have the same name. Easy to remember, right? It's too bad Mike's wife couldn't be here tonight."

Understanding hit Jen. "Um, yeah, too bad." Jen looked at Dick for the first time. He was older, maybe late forties. He was short and paunchy, with thinning jet black hair (clearly colored). Did Michael want her to flirt with him?

"Dick, what terrible gentlemen we are! Jen doesn't have a drink. Could you get her something, while she and I catch up a bit?"

Dick looked disappointed that he had to leave Jen's side, if only for a moment, but he agreed.

"What's going on?" Jen said as soon as Dick left for the bar.

Michael grinned. "It's a perfect set-up. I can watch close-up while you flirt with him."

"Michael, this is crazy. You know him. He's going to find out we're married."

"He lives in Minnesota, and goes back in a week. He'll never find out."

Jen shook her head. "I don't know ..."

Michael smiled encouragingly. "Okay, I know he's not the best looking guy around. He's not Matt." Michael's grin widened. "But remember the line from that movie, 'Romance'? Ugly attracts beauty. Give it a chance, you have fun."

Jen looked uncertain. "I don't know, Michael. We just did this last night."

"And you were great," Michael said enthusiastically. "Listen, honey, I wouldn't want to pay the game again so soon either, but Dick called out of the blue today. He knows I'm married, but doesn't know what you look like. It's too perfect to pass up."

Jen was still doubtful, but she couldn't do anything because Dick returned with the drinks. "Here you are, my dear, a Cosmopolitan."

Jen managed a weak smile as she took the martini glass. "To such a beautiful girl. And to the start of a wonderful evening." They clinked glasses, and Jen took a long sip. Dick finished his with a long gulp, and ordered another one from a passing waiter.

"Mike told me there's a rooftop garden here," Dick said after receiving his new drink. "Jen, would you like to see it with me?"

Jen looked over at her husband, who nodded with a slight smile. "Um, okay."

"I'll hang out here," Michael said, his smile growing.

Jen took Dick's offered arm, and they took the yellow-lit glass elevator to the roof. The garden was crowded, but not as crowded as the bar. Dick put his arm around Jen's waist. In her heels, Jen was taller than Dick, so his hand was dangerously close to her shapely ass. Dick didn't seem to mind.

"Come on," Dick said as he lead her behind a few trees. "It's not as crowded here. We can talk."

"Mike tells me you're recently divorced."

Jen was shocked. "He did?"

Dick smiled reassuringly, revealing yellowed smoke stained teeth. "Don't worry, he told me to be quiet about it." Dick took out a cigar. "Do you mind? I can't believe smoking is banned in bars, even here in New York City. Where is the world coming to?"

Dick lit up and took three long draws. Jen tried to avoid the cigar smoke, which she hated.

Dick finished his bourbon, and then ordered another from a passing waiter. Somehow he held both the glass and the cigar in one hand, so his other hand remained around Jen. His hand drifted from Jen's waist to her ass. "If you ever need company, just let me know. I mean, from your divorce. It must be terrible what you're going through."

"Ah -- thanks." Jen wasn't sure what he was talking about.

"I mean, getting it all the time, then the divorce, and poof, no more sex."

Jen was shocked. What had Michael told Dick?

Dick caressed Jen's ass over her skirt, stroking between her cheeks.

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