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Mistress takes bad day out on her pet.

"If this doesn't do it she can't get preprint.' he said to himself.

Dhea loved to feel Paul's cum pumping into her body and coating her internal sex orgasm. As deep as Paul was in her hole, Dhea loved the idea that right now one of her eggs was being mated with one of his sperm. "So good Sir. It feels so good to have the whore washed out of me now. Thank you Sir. Your cock is magic to me. I need it Sir. I need it all the time. Fill me with you cum Sir", she moaned as she felt his cum pumping deep into her body.

"Yes, give me it all Sir. Please just let it all fill me", Dhea whispered in his ear as he lay on top of her.

A few minutes later Paul pulled out and his cock flopped out her cunt hole. He quickly pushed the plug inside her pussy and placed the straps over her feet again. He lifted her legs over her head keeping his cum deep inside her body.

Then he used his fingers to remove any of the cum that had already slowly leaked out of Dhea's pussy slit. He shared it with her feeding her as he licked one finger and gave her the other. They stayed like this for a long time. Then he released her and told her to clean up.

Dhea went into the shower and cleaned herself completely. When Paul came into the shower she cleaned him too. She washed his body kneeing and sucking his cock and then drying him off she sucked it some more. "Is today the day you show me the chair Sir? I would love to try it", Dhea said looking down at her feet.

Paul took her chin and lifted it up as he told her: "Look up at me Dhea. Look into my eyes now Dhea. And call me Paul. Your whore has been removed for while so I want to see your beautiful face. If it comes back you must tell me immediately and then you must call me Sir again until we rid it of your body again."

Dhea looked up into her master's face and smiled. He bent down and kissed her lovingly. She was so beautiful. He couldn't get over how easy it was to change her and convert her into his sub slut. She was his now and would do whatever he wanted sexually or otherwise. He wondered how long he would keep this one. He usually turned them and then kept them for awhile before he sold them to another master.

But Dhea was so special, so small and beautiful and so willing! God she was more than willing to try and do anything for him, anything. He would hold on to her for a long time before tiring of her and then he would either trade her or sell her to another man for his enjoyment.

That is if she wasn't knocked up. If she was he would get Bobby to be the dad. He would let her keep her appointments with Bobby and he would film them and then show Dhea how nasty and slutty she was with Bobby. He would tell her and show her how much more she needed his help and how much more work she need to change. Then he would sell the film. He controlled her life completely now.

As Dhea prepared their lunch she was completely nude. He made her stay that way after their first sexual encounter of the day. She walked around the kitchen and Paul loved to look at her. Her breasts were small but she had dark long nipples that seemed to always be hard.

Her pussy was trimmed nicely as he directed her to do. It had just a little patch, a landing strip, above her slit. Her hips and ass were small like all young Asian women but she had athletic and shapely legs that accented her ass, he loved to hold her ass cheeks in his hand as he fucked her.

Her body was small but proportioned very nicely. Her face was so beautiful, long black hair and deep dark eyes with her lips so full made him hard just looking at it. Her belly was flat and she was a tiger in bed with him. That was the most important thing to him.

Paul had many beautiful women in his life and some were useless in bed. Some couldn't fuck or suck. But, Dhea was good at both and getting better with each day that passed.

They ate lunch and when she had cleaned up the kitchen Paul took her hand and they went down to the basement.

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