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I breathed yet another sigh of relief as we started up the stairs, Scott doing his best to keep me concealed. I knew that I'd definitely got across my point to him that I was done for the night, and there wasn't going to be any sort of shenanigans between him and I or anyone else for that matter. I felt safe once again, and it was great of Scott to help me out like he was. I couldn't help but imagine that his current actions towards me were at least in part, why Trevor and he were such good friends. Trevor had always been a good judge of character, and I could tell that he really was a good guy.

As we walked down the hallway towards the bedroom Scott had set me up with, it was obvious that at least a couple of the other rooms were occupied. Occupied, as in people were fucking in them, the various sounds accompanied with sex were quite easy to hear as we passed by. Scott looked down at me with a proud smile, "Ahhhh, the sounds of young lust are always the best sign that you've thrown a great party. I can now feel this one was a great success, I'm sure you'd agree."

I nodded in agreement and laughed, but then became a bit concerned as we reached our destination, "I really, really hope my room isn't being 'used', Scott."

Scott just shrugged his shoulders, reaching for the doorknob and simply said, "Only one way to find out, right??"

Once the door opened, we were both not too surprised to see a topless brunette girl kneeling on the floor in front of a short African American guy. He was doing his best to fuck her tits, but by the looks of how awkwardly they were going about it, it wasn't going very well. From what I could tell in the two seconds I had to watch, she wasn't very busty and he wasn't very big at all. That old stereotype about every black man having a huge cock was definitely not true in this guy's case.

Scott cleared his throat loudly to get their attention as our intrusion didn't seem to notice the door opening. The guy jumped back from the brunette with a startled gasp, who quickly grabbed her top and covered up her reddened tits. "Get the fuck out of here! Can't you see we're in here, muthafuckas!? Find another room to fuck in! This one's taken!" Yelled the guy as he covered up his hard-on with his hands.

I got immediately scared at this guy's response, but Scott handled it coolly and calmly. "Listen man, relax. My name's Scott and this is my house which got you hooked up with that fine female there. Now this girl here is staying in this room as my guest, I already set everything up for her." The guy calmed down quickly once he figured out who Scott was and the girl was already putting her clothes back on. Scott continued, "Now I'm really sorry to break things up but there's plenty of places for you two to pick up where you left off. Okay?"

Short Guy responded by pulling his pants back up quickly, "Aiight then, Scott. We're cool. You just shouldn't creep up on a muthafucka like that, man! Come on shorty, let's bounce up out of here." He grabbed her hand and they hurriedly whisked passed us, the brunette girl blushing like crazy.

After they exited, I couldn't help but complement Scott on how he handled the situation, "Very well done! I thought that guy was gonna get rowdy, but you handled that perfectly."

Scott smiled, "Well let's just say that when you've had as many parties as I've had here, I've come across the same situation many-a-time. You learn how to do these things with practice!" He added with a laugh, "Now you better lock this door after I go unless you want drunk people looking for places to fuck to be stumbling in the rest of the night! That includes me!"

I cracked up as much as I could despite the extreme fatigue I was feeling, gave him a quick hug and a quick peck on the lips.

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