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Hard times force a new job.

Kari was waiting outside looking over the garden in her front yard when I arrived. She was looking very hot that morning. Skin tight levi's (no visible panty line to be found), snug fitting pink tank top, riding boots and multi-colored bandana. Kari is about 5'2, strawberry blonde, probably 160lbs or so, in all the right places, and large (40d?) breasts, quite a change from my late wife who was 5'8 and easily 190.

She greeted me with a hug, telling me she really needed to just get out and relax for as long as possible. I gave her an extra tight hug and enjoyed the feel of those boobs on my side. She stepped back and asked if I liked what I saw?

"Better than I deserve!"

She laughed and told me I'd really like what else she wanted to show me later. With those thoughts in mind we headed out.

Out of town west on hwy 4, north on 99 and a gas stop later and it was time to take a break. We rolled into a small roadside park close to the road, swung off the bike and took a long pull on the soda's we'd grabbed at the gas station.

She leaned into me breathing deeply and said "You have no clue how much I like riding or how hot it makes me feel".

She ran one hand across my stomach and he other up and down my back. I did what felt right and pulled her even closer for a kiss, it felt like it lasted minutes, and might have if a passing truck didn't blow the horn with a shout of "Get a room..." carrying to us.

Not one to waste time Kari's hand dropped to the front of my jeans and squeezing the erection that surprised me she said "Hmmmmmm, guess you do like me too?"

Words escaped me she chuckled and said "Let me get more comfy and we'll find a better spot for this." A quick stroke to my cock made me moan with pleasure I hadn't known for a long while.

Kari lifted her tank top revealing to my eyes for the first time a lovely set of tits, she shrugged out of the pink bra pulled my hands to them and held firmly against them. The top went back on too fast for me; she tucked the discarded lingerie into the saddle bag on the bike.

"I know a nice spot a few miles down the road lets head that way."

Still fully erect all I could do was swing onto the bike and follow her directions to head west.

As we rolled over the hills I could feel her unharnessed tits on my back and even (maybe imagine) her nipples pressing thru my t-shirt. I may have been dreaming that but after a few miles I felt her pull my shirt free of my jeans, her hands roamed my chest and circled my nipples. This wasn't doing much to reduce the tightness in my pants, and Kari occasionally reached down for a quick check on my hard dick. Soon she pulled my shirt up in back and I was surprised to feel the tits I'd recently been shown pressed into my back.

Kari leaned forward and whispered into my ear "Wayne, this is so hot and you are too, I've got to do something I've always wanted to try."

I felt he weight shift on the saddle and she slipped her hand between us toward to crotch.

My mind was spinning as I felt her rocking back and forth and moaned into my neck. Her motions became faster as I kept the bike cranked up, her moans soon became a growl in my ear.

"Ohhhh God, ohhh my God, yessssssss!"

Well I knew what that meant and as she replaced her hands around my chest I wondered what was up next. Less than five miles after Kari's surprise orgasm she pointed to a narrow strip of pavement heading off the highway into some trees. Just past the trees was a small park like area with one picnic table in the shade. I parked the bike near it, and slid off the saddle to pull Kari into my arms.

"That was something back there, didn't know you liked riding that much."

Again she laughed, I was getting to like that and replied "I told you I needed a ride and to do something I'd been wanting to do. That's not all I want either!"

She locked my lips into another kiss that seemed to last hours this time and pulled my hands back to her tits and the little hard lumps created by her nipples.

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