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Ben and Streeks' fucked up saga continues.

what to say, so I just laughed nervously and said, "No! Of course not! Gross!"

But Jessie was persistence and said, "What's so gross about kissing another girl? Girls are pretty and beautiful. What could possibly be wrong with one pretty girl kissing another pretty girl - to me that's beautiful?"

"And then she went on to say, 'now a guy kissing another guy - that's gross!' But two girls, I think that's so hot!" she added.

I just sat there and all the time that her hand was on my thigh, I made no attempt to move her hand away or even for that matter, move away from her. Part of me was curious I had to admit. And that part of me that was curious, was actually getting a little moist with what she was saying. So I asked her, "Have you ever kissed another girl Jess?"

She simply smiled and said, "Plenty of times!"

I was astounded, "When?!?" I practically yelled, "And with who?" I added because secretly I wanted to hear her tell all.

"Well you know that new girl?" she said, "She and I had a real heavy session in the locker rooms after gym last week. She really knows how to kiss! Man, her tongue was halfway down my throat before I knew it. And you know the best part? She made me cum a little just by kissing me!"

"I remember being flabbergasted at my best friend telling me this as I had never suspected that she was this way inclined at all - plus I'd never heard that kind of language from a friend before either. I asked her a few more questions and she let on that she felt she was probably bi - from all that she had read - because she definitely liked being with guys too, but for some reason women turned her on something fierce."

"I also remember asking her why she had never come onto me, or attempted to entice me in some way. She said that the right moment hadn't come up and besides she thought of me as too close a friend to want to ruin it with a friendship - if it was at all possible of happening anyway."

But then she stopped and said, "So, now you know my dirty little secret, let's hear one of yours."

"I didn't know what to say and told her I didn't have any. "Rubbish!" she said, "everybody has at least one thing they'd like to try or that makes them feel different or excited or turned on - and I'm not talking about in life here", she said. "I'm talking about when it comes to sex. So let's hear it, what turns you on Ida?"

"I thought about it for a long while and then openly admitted to her that I wasn't technically a virgin before I had sex for the first time. When she asked me what I meant I said that I had bought myself a vibrator from a store when I was on holiday, out of state, once. And I told her about how that vibrator became my 'best friend' for the entire time I was on holidays and for some time after that too. I used to keep it hidden well away in my bedroom - god! If my mother had found that! An Italian girl, not married with one of those things, she would have killed me!" I told her.

It was becoming very clear that there was more to Ida than I thought I knew and, I liked what I was hearing. I won't say that I had thought she was a prude just that I didn't think she would have been as open and adventurous as she was now admitting. And the nice thing about this moment was that her hand had not stopped moving under my dress and had slid all the way up between my legs and was massaging me very nicely, creating a lot of excitement and I know I was seeping girliejuices all over my pantyhose and bodysuit - I could feel it getting wetter and wetter under there. Also, I had long ago placed my hand on Ida's legs as she lay back against the bedhead, her legs crossed and shining nicely in the soft light. I had worked my hand up under her dress and was massaging and pressing into her warm crotch as she was telling me her story. She kept opening and closing her legs as the story unfolded.

"I also told her that while I love being with guys, there was a part of me, like a lot girls I suppose, that wondered just what it did feel like to kiss another woman.

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