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A brother sister romance.

I forced myself to drown out his insults and warnings of what was in store for me once we got home. I shook off the searing pain in my arm as he let me go and stomped off to the bar. I knew that I would pay for my attitude later. At the rate he'd been drinking I knew he'd be ready to work his frustration out on me soon. My mind could only seem to register her presence in the room.

Nervously, I crossed the room and set myself down at the edge of the stage. Her eyes found me through the row of onlookers almost immediately. For a moment I could have sworn I saw a glimmer of shame in her wide brown eyes as she seductively went to her hands and knees. I couldn't help but smile as she crawled across the stage to settle in front of me.

I melted as she leaned across the wooden bar that separated the patrons from the dancers, to press a warm soft kiss to my already blushing cheek. She ignored all of the men sitting at the stage, waving money at her and danced just for me. Her eyes rarely leaving mine as she rolled her full round hips, swaying hypnotically to the slow steady beat in the back ground.

To my surprise, I felt my womanhood beginning to quiver and pulse painfully as her hands started moving over her own smooth body sensually. As her palms cupped and fingers playfully squeezed her own firm round breasts, my hands ached to take their place. My own nipples tightened as her fingers stroked hers into hard little nubs begging to be kissed.

The thought stunned me. I was a married woman, even more I was strait. Who was I kidding? There was no denying my wet throbbing pussy. Casually, I crossed my legs, clenching my thighs tightly, hoping to alleviate at least some of the aching, as I watched the Goddess leave the stage.

Hesitantly, I returned to my booth. My husband had yet another young dancer to drool over sitting next to him, doing shots at the bar. I couldn't help the tiny twinge of hurt that crept into my heart as I watched him brush a long auburn curl from her cheek and lean in listening so intently to every word that spilled from her lips.

"You want to sit there letting him make you feel like an idiot all night?" I heard her voice before I saw her. I turned to see the amazing creature standing over me in a sheer black robe that tied at the waist. "Or, do you want to spend some time with me?" she asked crossing her arms as she bend leaning on her forearms on the edge of my table.

For a moment, I studied her eyes and lips. I can't honestly say that I was trying to convince myself to turn her down, because God knows that that was the farthest thing from my mind. Perhaps I was trying to give off the illusion of being torn. As she reached up and ran her ruby red freshly manicured nails lightly over the side of my neck, all I could manage was a dry throated wordless nod.

She took my hand and pulled me to my feet. Like a lost pup, I followed obediently as she led me into a room a good bit larger that the one I'd watched my husband fuck another woman in. That was however, the last thing on my mind as she pulled me into the room. None too gently, she grasped my hips and penned me between the wall and her firm body.

The feel of her breasts pressed so tightly against mine that I couldn't tell her breath from my own was wildly intoxicating. Instinctively, my palms cupped her cheeks and my lips sought hers. She opened to me, giving my tongue full permission to slowly explore the whiskey flavored recessed of her mouth. As our kiss deepened and her tongue began to dance wildly against mine, I found myself pushing my groin seekingly against her.

I moaned against her lips helplessly as her hands slipped from my hips to cup my ass possessively.

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