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JM101 - Caitlin.


But my head bowed. I would admit nothing out loud, but--Oh, god, it can't be true!--it was true. Taquadama's cock up my ass was rapidly becoming a wonderful feeling. "That's better, Gringo, now you move with me."

What? Oh, NO!
I suddenly realized that in the growing ecstasy of being fucked, I was actually thrusting my ass back against him! I was so fucking embarrassed, I sputtered, catching my breath.

I looked up, across the room at Cheryl. She stared back like she was hypnotized. Pupils dilated. I could see the vein in her neck pulsing.

The thug standing behind her fondled her tits, and she didn't struggle. Didn't even seem to notice it.

She wasn't looking into my eyes, though. I followed her look and realized she was looking down. At my cock. I looked down, too. Oh, my god in heaven! I had the biggest hardon I had ever seen! Cheryl always purred that I belonged in a stable, and I was sorta proud of my cock--I had a good six inches hard. But what throbbed between my legs was a distended, bloated thing that had to be a result of the madness Taquadama had driven me to! Seven inches? Eight? And so thick it hurt!

I knew that pain. Cousin to the pain in my asshole. I knew what it would lead to. It was pleasure! Oh, no! PLEASE GOD, NO! I couldn't cum in front of these men!

But it was happening. Like the slowly growing roar of a bowling ball rolling down the lane, an orgasm grew in my testicles, and although I did succeed in kicking my legs and struggling in Taquadama's grasp, I couldn't get loose. To the loud crash of pins exploding in all directions, my whole body caught fire, and I rocketed up through the ceiling, my body fizzing into a rainbow of glorious, stupefying, lighting-bolts of ecstasy!

And in case nobody had noticed, I raised hot, white flags of surrender in sputtering shots that arced into the air and splattered onto the floor in submission. I was broken. Made to cum from being fucked in the ass. My hands hadn't touched my cock

I was ashamed, and in one corner of my brain, I wept--Taquadama had made a clown of me, tapped my own sexual urges to spotlight what a weak little worm I was and how I couldn't keep my dignity and manhood with his pocket-battleship rammed up my ass. I was undone.

I looked up again at Cheryl, and she still stared back like a zombie. Then I saw something I'd missed. Her legs were slightly spread, and I suddenly realized that she was moving--bumped from the humping man behind her. Cheryl was getting fucked up the ass!

Up her asshole! Just like Taquadama was drilling me! "Taqua--dama, bastard--lied me--fuckin' Cheryl--anyway--" I could hardly talk, too fucked out, still floating in the afterglow of the monster orgasm he just drove me into.

But my session wasn't over. He hadn't reached his climax. I was pissed, though. The motherfucker had lied to me. I wanted to get it over with as fast as possible. It didn't hurt any more--Hell, it was a sensation I didn't want to admit was so rapturous--so I did everything I could think of to get him off and out. I clenched my asshole around his shaft--when he grunted in pleasure I felt a satisfaction. I can manipulate you, too, boy.

I wriggled my ass around his cock, giving him new angles of penetration, new angles of stimulation. He groaned at that, too.

I decided to talk dirty to him. It seemed the natural thing to do. "That big cock--split me in half--fuck me, you big bastard--come on, cum in me!--pump me full!" Damn, where did all that come from? I didn't think it out, it just came out of me.

But it worked. He started humping like a hound dog, and Ohmigod, NO! My ass-clenches, wriggling, and dirty talk had turned me on, too! I was building up to another orgasm!

No! Men don't do that! Only bitches do multiple orgasms!
As the fire of irresistible pleasure swept over me, I heard Taquadama's voice in my ear, "You my bitch now, Gringo?"

"N-no!" But then--Ohmigod, AHHHH--he hit something in me like a stick of dynamite, a turbocharge for the or

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