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Brother and sister help each other.

" Brad's voice pulled Jerret out of the fog of desire he was lost in.

"Oh, yeah." He slid his finger under the flap, and tore it open; his eyes widened when he saw the scraps of paper inside.

Brad craned his head over the bar and peeked at his hand.

"Tickets to the hockey playoff game? Those have been sold out for weeks, man! Who did you bend over for to get those? Ooh, was it that blind date you had on Valentine's Day?"

Jerret snarled at him. "No! I told you, I didn't have a blind date that night; I just lied so you wouldn't make me dress up in a stupid cupid costume like you had on. Those feather wings were pink!"

"Uh huh, then who sent the tickets?"

"How am I supposed to know? There's no name on the envelope." He ignored Brad's smirk as he turned and walked over to the front door, shoving it open. He scanned up and down the street, but he didn't see the Liger hiding anywhere. He stalked across the bar and down the hall, shoving open the back door.

He snarled. No one was out there either.

He looked at the tickets clenched in his fist. How did Calix know?


Calix watched his mate as he stood at the front door of the club checking ID as he kept an eye on the line of patrons waiting to get in. His jeans were tight, cupping his ass and wrapping around his thick thighs while leaving absolutely nothing up to the imagination. Calix could almost swear he could see the outline of his dick bulging to the left as Jerret stood with his legs spread and his arms crossed over his chest.

He moaned. He'd been rock hard whenever he got close enough to watch his mate. He'd had dreams every night, fantasizing about pinning him up against the alley wall by the club and ripping off his clothes before taking him fast and hard against the dark brick. His teeth ached, and even more than fucking his mate, he wanted to bond with him.

The wait was driving him crazy, but he had a plan now. He just had to follow it.

The white paper he had seen sticking out of Jerret's back pocket was step one. Step two was coming the next day.

He just had to tear himself away from his surveillance of the hot bouncer he hoped to make his mate very soon.


Calix knew he shouldn't be watching his mate through the windows of his apartment, but he couldn't help it. The shades were always up, and he had a habit of wandering around shirtless. It was even more torture than seeing him so sexy in his jeans and black t-shirt that hugged every curve of every muscle that he wore to work under his scuffed up and battered leather jacket.

His mate was eating a sandwich and watching his TV when his head suddenly turned. Calix held his breath when he left his sight to answer the door. There was a large package in his hands when he came back, setting it on the coffee table in front of him. His hand reached for it and he frowned, pulling it back.

Calix could almost hear the argument going on in his head as he reached for the box again; his hands moved super slow as he pulled off the cover. His mouth dropped open when he pushed aside the paper and pulled out the leather trench coat inside.

It was black, and the leather was buttery soft. Inside it was lined with a super soft shearling that would keep him warm when he stood outside in the cold winter weather. As soon as Calix had found it at the store, he'd just had to buy it for the Tiger. It would look so good on him with his unusual skin and hair color.

Jerret stood up and pulled it on, obviously unable to resist the gift. Calix moaned when he turned to look at the mirror, showing exactly how good the black leather looked on his mate.

It was fucking incredible.

The coat hung off his wide shoulders, and just a strip of his bare chest showed underneath. His hands slid down the sides, feeling the supple leather. His eyes closed, and his hands clenched on the sides. But he didn't take it off.

Even better, he wore it to work that night. Black pants, black t-shirt, and then the black trench coat, which completed the look. Matras, he was hot!

It gave Calix hope and a hard on that threatened to bus

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