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A night to remember.

Katrin savored the last spurts for her mouth and rolled it around on her tongue before swallowing.

"Wow, that is an impressive load," Katrin proclaimed as she pulled her dripping glasses off and showed off her facial to Malena, smiling.

"Don't take off the glasses! I could have got a pic!" Malena complained. "Oh, well. Should we play?"

"Yes, let's play," Katrin replied with a look in Peter's direction to make sure he was watching. He looked on in awe as they ran their tongues across each other's faces and shared cummy kisses, giggling playfully. They took turns cleaning each other's faces and continued to share tastes of cum before standing up and facing their new awestruck consultant.

"So what do you think? Is this is a good business venture?" Katrin asked as she intercepted a dangling rope of cum off of her chin. "Oops, I missed a spot," she said, slurping it from her finger.

"Ah, yeah, I think it is going to work out well," Peter confirmed.

With that, the meeting was adjourned. Peter drove off to another appointment. He couldn't stop thinking about the baffling and unexpected experience and battled against embarrassing erections for the rest of the work day.

"Malena, I don't know what just happened," Katrin expressed nervously in front of bathroom mirror.

"I know! And you were worried about me! All I wanted to do was tease him. You are the crazy one that suggested the demonstration," Malena reminder her with a laugh. "Don't worry, Katrin, you couldn't help yourself, you like him and you wanted to show off." Malena gave Katrin a comforting pat on the back. "I think he likes you too."

"Really?! We'll, I guess we'll see. Nothing like a double blowjob to kick-start an innocent and budding romance," Katrin replied as she rinsed her face with handfuls of water.

"That's my motto," Malena added.

Katrin and Malena finished cleaning up and eagerly went to work on their marketing strategy and business planning amidst the disruptive sexual frustration that they had just inflicted upon themselves.


Later that evening the ladies of BJ Bliss decided to celebrate their first successful day of work together with a drink at hip downtown tiki bar. They waited in an obnoxiously long line for a Monday night, but their efforts paid off in the form of elaborate fruit and umbrella laden drinks. Katrin's mind drifted to Peter and she wondered if they would ever hear from him again.

"Katrin, are you listening to me?!" Malena snapped.

"I'm sorry, yeah, I'm listening. You were talking about big tits down at the end of the bar-"

"Um, yeah!" Malena continued, "I can see those suckers from way over here, I don't think they are real, and what's with the Asian twin escorts?"

Katrin suddenly panicked when she realized who Malena had spotted. "Oh shit, not Felicia."

"Who's Felicia?"

Katrin took a deep breath. "That's Felicia Tr__sor, as in Studio Tr__sor, Lingerie and Lifestyle."

"Get out!" Malena exclaimed. "I've bought some toys and lingerie there. That's one of my favorite shops, but it's expensive."

"She's also the proprietor of Tr__sor Workshops. Blowjob workshops. Our competitor," Katrin explained as she slammed the rest of her drink. "Please stop staring at her."

"Interesting," Malena responded with a raised eyebrow as she continued to stare in Felicia's direction.

"No, not interesting, she is dangerous," Katrin explained. "Her name isn't really Felicia Tr__sor, that's just her business name. Her name is Felicia Cummings, as in the Cummings Pavilion, as in the billionaire Cummings family that owns hotel and cruise line chains and pretty much this entire city."

"No shit? The more you tell me, the more she becomes my hero," Malena quipped.

Felicia stared back at Malena curiously from the other end of the bar with her striking green eyes.

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