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A daughter discovers her mother's naughty secret.

As soon as my left hand came in contact with her pussy, Lisa gasped again. Not only could I feel the heat and wetness, but I could now smell her pussy as she got more excited.

"I think my jeans are already a little lower than that," she said.

"I know," I said, grinning up at her. "We just don't want to leave any static electricity behind, you know."

Lisa just chuckled knowing full well that comment was full of crap, it was just an excused to grab a feel.

After running both hands slowly down her left leg, I had Lisa put both hands on my shoulders while I helped her step out of her jeans. Once both feet were out she just kicked them off to the side and left them on the floor.

"I think it's time we switched places," she said, grinning down at me.

I smiled back at her and took the same position she just had.

Staring down at Lisa clad in only her white thong and big smile did nothing to make my cock any smaller and she knew it.

She started out by running her hands up and down the outside of my legs just like I did with her.

"This is how you 'campers' do it, right?" She asked with her little grin again.

"That's perfect," I told her.

After two more passes on the outside, Lisa brought her right hand up to the front of my jeans and started running her hand directly over my crotch, specifically over the area of my cock. The first two times she just moved her hand in circles but the she started rubbing it along the outline of my cock. Her stare did not move from my crotch.

"This looks like it needs more room," she said, to which I said nothing.

At that point she brought both hands up to the top button on my jeans and started undoing it. Then she moved on to the second, then third.

"I guess we'll know real soon, won't we?" She asked.

"Know what?" I said.

"Boxers or briefs, silly!" She said.

I was glad that was important to her because right now all I was thinking about was her sucking my cock!

She kept working the buttons until they were all undone and then pulled my pants open to reveal the briefs. She inserted one hand in each side of my jeans and slowly worked them back to my ass cheeks, just as I had done with her. With that motion my jeans dropped to thigh level, exposing my briefs and now ranging hard on.

With one hand on each cheek she started a gentle massage, all the while staring at my cock. She then left her left hand on my ass but moved her right hand back around to the front of my briefs. She began tracing the outline of my cock through my underwear. Then she started rubbing it, like she was trying to jack me off through my underwear.

"Does that feel good," she asked, looking up at me with a grin.

"A little too good," I replied, hoping she would get the message that I would come soon if she kept that up.

Lisa stopped rubbing my cock and put her right hand up along side it, like she was positioning it for something and she was. With that, she leaned her face forward and placed a kiss on my cock through my underwear!

But she didn't stop at one---she just kept placing little kisses all up and down my cock through my underwear, occasionally grabbing my ass with her left hand for emphasis.

What a turn on! I didn't think my cock could've gotten any harder but this little high school teacher had me ready to go through the roof! Too much longer and I was going to have the biggest load of cum in my underwear of my life.

Sensing how I was tensing up, Lisa moved her head away from my crotch and placed both her hands on my hips again.

"I think I've changed my mind," she said. Then she moved her hand back to my ass cheeks, inside my briefs and started pulling them down.

"Changed your mind about what?" I asked.

"I think we should be naked---now," she said. With that she had moved my briefs off my ass and her hands back around to the front of my briefs. She gently put her index fingers inside the waistband and pulled the briefs out and down from my body.

"I think there's something here that needs some breathing room," she

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