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Part of the crowd.

Caleb walked into the main room and looked at the two of them.

"Sorry it took so long. He turned to Chris. "You ready to go?"

"Yeah," Chris got up and went to join Caleb.

Well that's over, thought Tam. Geez. Do all guys run hot and cold like this or just 19 year olds? She pasted on a smile.

"Let me walk you to the door."

They headed back towards Tamara's door and just as Caleb and Chris stepped out Chris snapped his fingers.

"Forgot the brownies," he exclaimed softly.

He turned back into the apartment where Caleb left the plate earlier. Tamara moved back against the wall to let him pass. Caleb who was already out in the hallway continued to the elevators as the door swung closed. Chris picked up the plate and came back. When he got close to Tamara he leaned in close and bending down caught her lips in a brief but warm soft kiss. She was so surprised she didn't have a chance to kiss him back. He didn't say a word, just bounded back out the door and to the elevators where Caleb was holding the doors open.

"Night Taaaam," he called grinning cheekily as the doors closed behind Chris.

Dazed from the kiss, Tamara's brain must have gone on autopilot since she managed to wave goodbye. Slowly, she pushed wide the partially open door, fixed the hidden latch then closed and locked her apartment door. Standing there in the narrow hallway she brought her fingers up to her lips. She couldn't believe it. He kissed her. She wasn't even sure he liked her and was beginning to fell like a fool for carrying on the way she did tonight. But...he kissed her. A broad smile spread across Tamara's face. She went about turning out the lights and TV then climbed into bed. She wondered when she would get a chance to meet up with Chris again, preferably without Caleb. Well, one good thing about college life was that weekends seemed to go on forever. Anything could happen. With that final thought she turned on her side and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 5

Two nights later, during the last hour of Tamara's evening shift, Caleb came to the front desk to sign in a guest. Tamara looked up into Chris' smiling face.

"Hey Tam," Caleb smiled. "Gonna sign in a guest."

"Okay," Tamara replied as she reached for the guest book. She turned to Chris. "Hey Chris," she said softly.

"Hey, Tam," Chris smiled back.

Caleb looked between the two of them with a bit of a smirk but said nothing. He handed over his and Chris' ID and after Tamara signed them both in they headed to the elevators. Tamara and Chris didn't say anything else to each other but she noticed that Chris held her gaze as the elevator doors closed.

Yes! Tamara thought to herself. Now if she could just find a way to get him away from Caleb for a few hours. She looked at the clock on far end of the desk. 5:09 pm. She got off at six. Just 50 minutes. She had less than an hour to figure out a way to get Chris alone and hopefully naked. She got wet just thinking about it. Damn, it was gonna be a long hour.

Chapter 6

Tamara was busy scribbling last minute notes when she heard the voice of one of the other RAs talking to security.

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