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Best friend & I discover our true nature.

Years and years of curriculum laced with religious teachings. Church three times a week and the other nights spent praying with her family at home. Sunday school and dinners with their pastor. She would not be undone by her own base urges.

"Abigail!" a voice cried out. "Hey, Abi!" The young woman stopped to look around. Her heart sank as Jason caught up to her. "Hey, glad I caught you! Listen, we're having a little get-together tomorrow night. My best friend rents a house off campus and some of us are getting together to kind of kick of our first year. It'd be great if you were there."

"Oh," Abigail said, her eyes on the ground. She pressed her glasses further up her nose and then gripped her tight ponytail. "I... I don't think I can go, Jason. That's... that's not my kind of thing."

"Aww," Jason frowned. "I understand. I mean, there's going to be some alcohol but we're banning weed and we'll also have juice and stuff with people watching it all to make sure nobody fu- uhh, messes with it. My friend and his girlfriend don't drink. Just going to be a chill party, you know? Some freshman getting to know each other? Look, if you change your mind it's right over by the engineering building. Corner of 7th and Common. Big house, can't miss it."

"Okay," Abigail said. "I really don't think I'll be there but I appreciate the offer."

"No problem!" The young man grinned, small crinkles appearing at the corner of his eyes. Abigail blushed and adjusted her glasses again. "I'll catch you tomorrow in classes!"

Abigail stared at the ground until her face cooled. As isolated as she'd been growing up, she'd been around other men. She'd even found some attractive in an abstract kind of way. Knowing they were handsome or attractive but not feeling attracted to them. The rush of emotions for Jason was unfair.

Hiking her heavy backpack up, the young woman trudged through falling leaves on the way back to her room. A crisp wind whipped the end of her ponytail around and she hugged herself tightly, her thick brown sweater keeping most of the cold off of her. She raised her face to the wind and it cooled her; both her thoughts and her blood. She smiled with self-assurance, knowing she'd make it through the the next few days just fine. God was on her side.


The bathroom lights reflected Abigail's face clearly. She laid her hairbrush, full of her reddish-brown hair, down on the counter and then arrayed her loose hair behind herself. Her face was clear and suntanned. Many years spent outside working on the farm had blessed her with darker skin and a spray of freckles. She was dressed in her pajamas - an old birthday gift from 3 years ago. The clothes still fit her petite frame. Despite her modest size, it was buttoned all the way to the top.

Opening her mouth wide, she examined her teeth. Although old fashioned, her parents had no problems splurging at the dentist and her teeth were nearly perfect. Glancing at the little clock on the counter, she grabbed a toothbrush to quickly finish her routine. Each girl had a certain time for the bathroom to make sure they gave each other space.

Teeth brushed, showered and clean and feeling sleepy, Abigail made her way to her bed. Her roommate, Sandy, grunted in bed as she passed. The other woman's first class was at 6 in the morning and so she was always the first in the bathroom and first to bed.

Abigail shivered in the cold open air. They weren't able to change the temperature for the rooms and coming from a hot shower, even a cool room felt like it was freezing. She shuffled quickly to her bed on slippered feet and then slid under the covers of her thick quilt - a gift from her grandmother. Sighing happily, Abigail pulled the blanket up to her chin and closed her eyes. Heaven, she told herself. Pure heaven.

She prayed in bed.

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