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Wendy does her dad with Toni.

Just then she noticed his wallet which was open and it had a strange picture, it looked like a Photoshopped one of him sitting on a bike then sitting on a different bike next to himself. She looked at it puzzled when he popped his head around the door. "You are for real, you know what you said before I let you in" he asked with a foamy mouth from the toothpaste hiding a boyish grin." "Yes I meant it, my husband knows I'm probably here and he knows why" came the reply.

She found herself rapidly starting to relax as the icy tension that was there when she walked in was melting away."He had disappeared back into the bathroom rinsed his mouth and walked back into the room with another question. "He won't be here smashing through the door with an axe?" he asked with what she took as a serious expression on his face. She put a finger to her lips and crossed here eyes as if she was thinking hard and replied " I'm sure I didn't see him pack one before we left".

Any ice that was there melted away like a ice cube on the hot tiled floor out in the sun as they both chuckled at her ridiculous reply. She had almost completely relaxed now as if she was just talking to him around the pool and not alone together in his room. He wasn't dressed as he hadn't long got out from under the shower when she has knocked on his door and still stood with a towel wrapped tightly around his waist. He walked over to the edge of the bed and sat facing her. "I see you were looking at my picture earlier" he said pointing to the open wallet. "Yes-s" she stammered thoughts now filling her head that maybe he thinks she's come to rob him. She looked at him with a puzzled expression and went to ask why he was in the same picture twice but he beat her to it. "That's my twin brother, we toured a large part of the States on a couple of bikes a few years ago. I keep it to remind me of what life's about - Friends, family and living and talking about living isn't that why your here."

Immediately her heart started pounding in her chest and she took a sharp inward breath. She started to walk toward him when he abruptly said "Stop" which surprised her but stop is what she did about five foot away from him. "Turn around" he commanded and she turned through 180 degrees then turned her neck to look at him. "No silly, like this" he held his hand up and gesticulated with his finger with a round and round motion. She turned around one and a half times until she faced him again. "Turn around and keep turning but slowly" came the next command as he lay down explicity what he wanted. She started to turn on the spot , slowly revolving around with her hands on her hips as if she was having a slow dance with herself. Her heart was beating hard and fast now and the butterflies in her stomach started to flap around again. Each time she span round and he came in to view she looked to him for some communication either spoken or even eye contact but there was none instead she felt like he was analysing every bump and curve of her body and storing the data away for future use. After the sixth turn he suddenly told her to stop and stand very still but she wasn't facing him. She was at an angle of around 45 degrees to him and facing a wall in the apartment. She started to speak wanting to tell him she was glad she'd stopped as she thought it had a fetish for women pretending to be fairies like you'd see in a music box going roud and round but he told her to ssshh before she has barely spoken.

She wasn't used to this and a little anxiety as to where this was going started to creep in. She then heard him get off the bed and move behind her. Her heart was now beating as hard as when she had knocked on his door.

He stood behind her and gently got hold of each of her hands and started to make her walk towards the wall.

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