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A disaster recovery of the very best kind.

Then she would write a number on both the envelope and the letter so she would know the order she'd received them in. She re-read her letters several times a week when she was feeling bored and alone. Then she'd inhale the scent.

Smell is something that most people take completely for granted in their daily lives. It's not like sight, sound or touch where a person can pause no matter where they are and imagine what life would be like with out it. It's just that the smells of the outside world are such a constant part of life that it's impossible, even by pinching ones nose to really get an idea for what it's like to be away from it all. Prison has a stale smell, a unique smell. It's not a bad smell, it's just stale. Concrete, steel and in the case of the Montana State Women's Correctional Facility Simple Green was the cleaning solution of choice that constantly wafted around. So a breath of fresh air which was exactly how much an envelope held. One single solitary precious breath of fresh air that wasn't to be wasted. If she was lucky there would be a whiff of him. Just enough of a whiff that she could remember he smelled like.

He was the reason she was alive, her reason for breathing and getting up in the morning. It was something that Nikki was secretly ashamed of was that she hadn't told him that he was her entire world until it was too late for them. She could have told him at any time but she'd always been afraid he didn't feel the same way about her. It hadn't been until she'd been locked away from the world and he'd found her that she'd told him. There was no denying that it was him. Sometimes it felt like Kris would be able to stop her heart just by willing it. After all if he didn't need her anymore there was nothing left anywhere and if she was lucky she'd get a sniff of him. Just enough to whet her pallet.

Next she would pull out any comics, pictures, puzzles or other non letter paper and set that aside. He would usually send her at least a page or so of song lyrics or something with his letters and she'd put those aside and look them over at the end.

Only after all of that was done would Nikki unfold the letters, which he was usually careful to fold so that the words 'Dear Nikki' were the very first things that came out of the envelope and start to read it.

Normally she only read one letter at a time but it depended on how much time there was. She would always start with a single letter though reading it to completion before she repeated the ritual with the second ritual.

The letters never ceased to bring a smile to her face even if they were the most mundane things. The first letter was mostly filled with him rambling about his business which dealt with background checks. The rest of it was mostly him talking about the shows that he was watching which she'd found to be cute. She couldn't quite decided whether she felt like he truly made her into part of his life and she felt like he told her and trusted her with everything in the same way that she trusted him or whether it was just cute that he tried. No matter what she felt loved because he put out the effort.

The second letter though, that as the special one and she knew it was special as soon as she opened the letter. That breath of fresh air carried with it a hint of his arousal. She wasn't sure what it that tipped her off but she could always tell when it was going to be one of those letters but she knew as soon as the scent hit her nose her pussy started moisten. Nikki's hips were starting to sway before she even read the first words of his letter.

Strict rules were put in place against 'jilling off' but she was going to let that stop her.

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