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The plans of a secret Order.


One of the men pulled at Doug's sleeve. "She is fucking fine, I'm in."

None of them moved away. Instead, they all took a long, hard look at those upturned perky tits, then struck a pose for the camera with big grins.

Magda stepped back and instructed, "Doug, cradle one of Emily's boobs for the camera. Emily, try to smile for this one."

As hard as it was, Emily forced the fakest smile imaginable while Doug cupped her tit. It was her first foray into public exhibitionism and already she was swimming in the deep end. If she were honest with herself, and her rapidly beating pulse, this was extremely exhilarating and gave her a rush like nothing before.

Magda against instructed, "Emily, turn your back to me. Put your hands on the mural on the wall. Doug, lift her skirt and pretend like you're going to spank her."

"With pleasure," Doug grinned, waiting for the next move.

Again, Emily was in a state of shock. She had already bared her tits, why not her bottom? But the problem was, she wasn't wearing any panties. Her heart raced faster, and the sooner she finished this, the sooner it would be done.

She turned and put her hands on the wall, bending forward and arching her butt upwards, letting her tits hang down freely. When Doug lifted her skirt, she felt a cool gust of wind brushing against her bare ass and pussy lips. The fact that she was already wet gave a cool tingling feeling with the breeze. It felt... nice.

As she got in position, she heard a few remarks from the guys:

'Shit, the ass on this chick.'

'No panties. My kind of girl.'

'Those fucking pussy lips. There's a bonus too. I can sort of see her asshole at the right angle.'

The remark about Emily's asshole caused her to clench her cheeks together. Luckily, Magda called for the group photo to continue and the men took their places and pictures were taken. Two car horns blasted on the street and Emily was thankful that at least her face was hidden. She took a quick look at the street and noticed that traffic had slowed down. Was this because of her? The shame made her turn her head away.

Doug whispered to Emily, "You know I just love a shaved pussy. Yours is porn star quality. Your tits and ass too. If you ever need car work, let me know, and it's on the house."

"Thanks, I guess," Emily whispered back.

Finally, the moment Emily had waited for had arrived. She heard the magic words.

"Well done, guys!" Magda exclaimed. "We've got all the artwork we need for this area. You guys are the best. Much appreciated."

As the men expressed their gratitude for the free strip show, Emily yanked her skirt back down and tucked her pert boobs back inside her top. She held her head down so drivers wouldn't see her face and she marched towards Magda's direction and pulled her away.

Quickly, they headed back towards the direction of the hotel restaurant.

"How do you feel?" Magda giggled as they made their escape.

"Like I just robbed a bank," Emily sighed. "Jesus."

"You can pray later. Hey, look over there. Right on time."

There was glee in Magda's voice, and Emily could see why; the Professor had just pulled into the public parking lot, near the place where they'd all be eating.

"Oh god," Emily moaned. "I've already showed my tits and p-word to those guys back there AND you took pictures of it! Isn't that enough hazing for one day?"

"Afraid not, Sister. You're solo on this one, by the way."

"No way! Can't you at least, you know, make the introduction so it won't be so painful?"

"Nope. Like I said, this is about what kind of fortitude you have. We need to make sure you have nerves of steel, otherwise how can we rely on you in tough competition?"

Emily huffed. "Okay, fine."

"Great," Magda beamed. "I'll be inside with the other girls to analyze your oral performance. Remember, Lip Service. That's the name of the game."

Emily nearly fainted and she was like a zombie when Magda pushed her from behind towards the Professor's direction.


With newfound confidence, and a very wet pus

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