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Love conquers doesn't it?

"Ready to go?" it said.

"Hell no. You are doing great. You are so hot," I answered immediately.

"Aren't you jealous?" she shot back.

"Should I be?" I typed in response.

I looked at my phone waiting for her reply but nothing came and with each passing second my anxiety and arousal grew higher. Finally, almost three minutes later, I felt the device buzz and received, "Maybe."

Now, my wife is not a natural tease so my first reaction was that there was a story. Then, I thought with all she had to drink maybe she was toying with me. In any event, I responded with, "Tell me."

"Tell you in the car," she answered. It wasn't what I wanted to hear. Watching, I thought she was getting into the play however, now she was telling me she would rather go. It annoyed the hell out of me and my mind flashed in anger. Before I could think, I was typing.

"Fucking great. Just when it's getting fun. Why do you always do this?" I sent stupidly.

Despite my constant looking at the screen, there was no response, and when I saw her back with the other girl in the group, I knew there wouldn't be one. She had her wrap on but let her friend take it off without protest and once again it was thrown across the table.

It was now after ten and all around me people, after a long day at work or on the water, were reaching a point of advanced inebriation. A few women's tops had come off but, the bar staff moved quickly to make sure they got put back on. However, on the boats, particularly those in the outer rows, there were many women flashing their tits to the crowd, and receiving large cheers each time. Overall it was a Sodom and Gomorrah scene although, one I was finding incredibly exciting. Especially, since my sweet wife was a peripheral player.

The action on the deck was hard to ignore and I found myself occasionally distracted from Jackie. So, I was lucky to see her and the same three, leave their spot and head inside once more to the dance floor. It took them even longer to return this time, well over thirty minutes, and when they did there was a noticeable change in my wife. Now, she had her hand on her friends arm and she was leaning in to him. Instantly, I wondered what had happened. What had I missed? I chastised myself for not going inside to spy. Had he kissed her? Touched her ass? Her breasts? A wave of thoughts went through me as I considered what I was seeing versus her normal conservative nature but, it was clear something had changed.

"What happened?" I quickly punched out a text, although I suspected it was futile.

Then it happened. The lean guy, who had been pursuing my wife all night, bent down and kissed her. As he did, his hand went to her firm ass and slipped beneath the small garment then squeezed it for all to see. Their kiss didn't last long but it was long enough, and I found myself in a bizarre place of both jealousy and lust. I couldn't believe she had succumbed although, at the same time, I couldn't look away and wanted it to continue.

He removed his hand from beneath her suit but it stayed on her ass, and over the next few minutes he kissed her several more times. She accepted each advance but, didn't let their lips remain connected long. After watching them for almost thirty minutes, it began to grow redundant and my desire to get my wife in bed grew stronger until I finally texted, "Let's go."

It took her another fifteen minutes to answer and I was surprised by her message, "He wants me to go home with him."

My immediate reaction was that she was teasing me no doubt helped by the alcohol she had consumed, and after thinking about it for a minute I responded.

"What do you think? Do you want to?" I typed, totally throwing it back at her.

Even though I couldn't see her with her phone, very shortly I got an answer which said, "Should I?"

Now fully committed to the give and take, I replied with, "Yes."

At first, there was no response and I watched intently as she continued to interact with the group.

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