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It's amazing what a kiss can lead to.


"We don't have to boil our clothes no more, we done got us a washing machine and hot, running water in the shed out back. When they found the oil in the North forty they run electricity and water to the house and we bought all that stuff. Too bad but Tommy Joe and me don't know how it works."

"Well I do. Once I worked for some rich people where we use to live and they had one. Would you take Tommy Joe into the other room? It makes me feel kind of antsy, him walking around nude and that thing sticking straight out like that."

"Shucks Mae. I thought we was going to do it. I was just ready."

"We will, but let me get the washing started first. Git into the bedroom and I'll be there in a minute."

Mae goes out the back door, Tommy Joe goes into the bedroom and Lester just stands there in the parlor, nude. Five minutes later Mae comes in and passes Lester on his way to the bedroom. She notices that his penis has grown substantially and says, "I'll be back and take care of you in a few minuets if'n you want. Can you wait?"

"I recon. I was just thinking about my milking machine. I think I'll go take a nap in the barn."

The old man puts on his hat and boots and goes out the back door, still nude but with a hard on while Mae goes into the bedroom. Tommy Joe is masturbating.

"HOT DAM! We going to do it now?

"In a minute. What do you want to do first?"

"I want to put it in you."

"No no, I mean what are you going to do to get me ready?"

"You ain't ready? What do you want me to do?"

"Well, we could do it with our mouths."

"I ain't sure about that, when I was in the army I had a gal in France and that was the only way she wanted to do in. I kind of liked it when she did me but when I did her, she tasted like old fish."

"Let me show you a way that's pretty good. People call it 99, or maybe 96 or some other number. You just lay down and do what I tell you."

"OK, but I sure do want to put it in you."

"You will, but first let me get on top of you, the wrong way around." She mounts him with her pussy in his face and takes his penis in her mouth. "MMM, now, how does that feel?"

"Oh Yea, I remember that, it feels good, I like it."

"Boy you got a big one. I can hardly get it in my mouth. Now, do me with your tongue. Just push it in and out like it was your thing. Oh yes! That's it! Keep doing that."

For the next few minutes all that can be heard is the sounds of slurping, groans and erotic moans while Mae is atop Tommy Joe in the 69 position.

"Oh God Tommy Joe, stop, I done had enough. I am ready and need you to put that big thing in me."

"OK but I kinda like this. You ain't fishy at all. You're kinda sweet and I really like what you was doing. Besides you got the softest pussy I ever seen."

"Well, you're gonna like this too. Let me lay down and open my legs. There, MMM, that's it, see how it slides right in? How does that feel?"

"Oh God, that is good! How can you wiggle your pussy like that? It feels kinda like Pa's milking machine. You just keep doing that and I will shove it in and out of you like this."

There are lots of grunts and groans and after two or three minutes Mae begins a low moan, slowly building to a high-pitched wail.

"OH, God Tommy Joe, I'm gonna do it! Don't stop! Stick it in me all the way, faster, faster, deeper, deeper, oh God NOW, NOW!""

Mae's wail slowly subsides to a low whimper while Tommy Joe keeps pumping away, faster and faster until he gasps, "Here it comes!"

"God Tommy Joe, you're filling me up. It feels like you got a fire hose stuck in me. Pull it out, my pussy's gonna erupt and it's getting sore."

"In a minute, I ain't quite finished yet."

Gradually Tommy's movements decrease until he finally stops and rolls off of May to lie gasping by her side.

"I like you Mae, You're purty and got a nice pussy and know how to use it. Pa's gonna like you too, maybe better'n his milking machine. Why don't you go find him while I take a nap."

"I got to tend to the washing first.

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