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It's supposed to be a 'rest' night.

Dan decided against the attempt, since she didn't get to see her friends too often. Besides, he would only have to wait a few hours until everyone went home.

Later on Dan saw Rachel kissing her girlfriend playfully for picture taking. He knew it was only for fun but the sight still got him excited. The sight of her kissing a boyfriend of hers for a following photo, however, did not incite the same excitement. Dan worked his way to Rachel and wrapped her up in a hug.

"I think it's time to lay off the booze for the night, honey. You're starting to mistake our friends for me." Dan didn't want to start an argument so he decided against showing his anger. Besides, it was just a playful kiss and she was drunk. Nobody would care anyway.

"You're being a party pooper!" Rachel slurred. She then kissed Dan passionately and chased after a girlfriend. Dan decided to let her go and went to have another beer. The party extended late into the night, and hardly anybody left. Dan was quite drunk after playing what he called a "childish drinking game" with friends. He wandered up the stairs towards the bathroom up there to avoid the short line on the first floor. As he walked by the guest room he heard a soft moan.

"Are you kidding me?" Dan mumbled to himself. His friends always had to screw after drinking, and Dan hated when it happened in his house. At least it didn't happen on his own bed, he thought to himself. Dan decided to just crack the door and call in for them to cut it out and go back to the party. As he cracked the door open, however, another moan came from the room and Dan paused. It sure was awkward, and he thought maybe he should just let it be. He did a half turn back to the hall, but for some reason he was compelled to turn back around. Dan curiously peered through the cracked open door towards the bed. Dan was frozen in place, shocked at what he was watching. On the floor there were jeans, boxers, a tee shirt, an orange dress, and his favorite panties. On the bed his friend Matthew sat propped up by a pile of pillows, with Rachel straddling him on top. They both were completely naked, and Rachel was rocking her body up and down Matt's cock. Dan was overcome with anger, but could not move. Rachel had one hand behind her propping her up, the other rubbing her breasts. Dan considered charging into the room and beating the hell out of Matt. Rachel moved her hand down to her clit as she continued to rock up and down, and Matt leaned forward to lick her tits. Dan could feel his face hot with anger and he began to sweat. He then, however, realized his slowly hardening cock. Dan was amazingly pissed off, but he realized how amazingly sexy his wife looked. Rachel's head was thrown back in pleasure, her tits gently bouncing as she calmly humped Matt's cock. As upsetting as it was to admit, Dan was amazingly turned on by the sight of his wife getting fucked. He sat in the doorway, gazing into the room as his wife moaned in pleasure.

Finally, Dan quietly pushed the door open and stepped into the room. He had no idea what he was doing - his body had simply moved him in and his mind was absent. Matt was busy with his face in Rachel's tits and she had her eyes closed in pleasure. Nobody noticed Dan until he blurted out, "What do we have here?" It wasn't an accusing tone; Dan surprised himself with his cool manner. The two looked up in shock. Rachel put her hands over her tits and started to slide off Matt's cock.

"Don't stop" Dan strongly said. Rachel paused, still with Matt's cock inside of her. Both looked at him quizzically.

"You look like you're having a good time.

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