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A night he thought his wife would not forget.

"Your welcome!" She was incredibly wet. She better get fucked soon! The time was 2:05. She had less than hour to get back home.

Ryan leaned forward and kissed her softly on the mouth. He kissed her again. Again. This time they closed their eyes and she opened her mouth, sending her tongue into his. Their tongues explored each other's mouths as he lay her back on the couch.

His hand slid down her body, going right into her shorts. Again she wasn't wearing panties and he slid his hand through the curls of her pubic hair. He broke the kiss.

"I love it when you don't wear panties." He breathed. She smiled her beautiful smile as she felt his finger touch her sopping wet slit. Pure pleasure shot through her. Her breath was shaky, quivering.

"I knew you'd just take them off anyway!" she said, smiling. She kissed him as he ran a finger down the folds of her treasure. He couldn't believe how wet this woman got! When his finger got down to her entrance he slipped it inside her.

"Mmmmph!" she moaned into his mouth as he slid a finger inside her as far as he could. Her hot tightness gripped his digit, and he began to slide it in and out of her. She began to writhe her crotch against his hand, encouraging him to fuck her with his finger. He broke the kiss, both of them were breathing heavily.

"Time for dessert." He joked, smiling. She smiled back, pussy tingling like crazy. He pulled his finger out of her twat and his hand out of her shorts. He gripped the waistband of her shorts and tugged, Char raising her ass eagerly off the couch and allowing him to slide them down her legs. She pulled first one foot out of her shorts, and then the next.

Her beautiful pussy was now exposed to him. The perfect triangle of her bush surrounded the swollen pink lips of her vagina. He threw Charmaine's shorts on the floor where it landed right beside her sleeping dog.

He slid down the couch as she opened her legs, placing one foot on the other side of his head and squeezing it down into the back of the couch. She put her other foot on the floor, giving herself to him completely.

As he moved closer, he could smell the strong scent of her arousal. He looked at her quivering pussy lips, they were pressed tightly together. He kissed them lightly, tasting her.

Charmaine gasped as tingles shot up her spine. He slid his tongue inside her, swirling it around the walls of her sensitive cunt. He gathered her flowing juices on his tongue as she squirmed above him.

She was gasping for breath and she slid her hand down her body, grabbing onto the back of his head, guiding him. She raised her bare foot off the floor and placed it on the edge of the coffee table, really opening herself up for him as he ate her pussy.

Ryan slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top, he loved the taste of this woman's juices! Charmaine caught her breath as his tongue nudged her clitoris. Her fingers were running through his short hair, and she began to subtly writhe her crotch into his face. His tongue felt so good wiggling around down there, she didn't think her orgasm would be to far off.

He slid his hands under ass, holding the cheeks tightly as he raised her pussy up to his face even more. He sucked her wet lips into his mouth, trapping them there as he ran his tongue up and down them.

"Ohhhh..." she sighed, chest heaving. Her blood was flowing quickly through her veins, her heart was pounding harder, her vagina was buzzing uncontrollably as he licked all over her sensitive slit. Her orgasm was rapidly approaching.

Ryan squeezed her ass cheeks harder, releasing her lips and sliding his tongue back into her hole. He could tell by the way she was rubbing her crotch in his face that she was close.

He licked up to her clit, teasing around the sensitive button. He gave a quick lick, and she gasped, on the edge. He gave it another quick lick, smiling as she tensed up.

So close. She couldn't be any closer. Why won't he let her cum?

He gave her a third lick on her clitoris.


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