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The possibilities of their new hobby.

The next morning, the time passed slowly for Angie until she was back in her car driving back to the beach. She found a place on the sand almost exactly where she was yesterday. Around 2PM she was worried he wouldn't show. But finally at 2:30 PM she saw him come walking down the beach looking and looking and spotted her.

Bud had two huge diet cokes in his hands along with his towel lotion and a hat. She waved to him and he came up from the sea and sat down out of breath. "Hi Bud", Angie almost yelled as she sat straight up with her back straight and pushing her nice round breasts out tight against her bikini top, just like her mom told her to do years ago.

Bud said: "Hey Angie. Sorry I'm late I have been running and rushing all dam day. I'm pooped." He handed her the soda saying: "Figured by now you would need or want something cold to drink. Hot today huh?"

Angie thanked him and sat back on one elbow drinking her soda. She asked him: "What do I owe you for a the drink?"

He laughed and told her: "Nothing, it's my treat. And my treat tonight for dinner too if you still want to go."

She smiled a big smile and told him: "Oh no Bud! I pay my own way. But yes, I want to still go. Where are we going did you pick a place?"

Bud sat there drinking his soda and then said: "Well I asked you so I should pay. But if you feel that strongly about it, we'll split the tap. OK?"

She said: "Yes. That was a good idea."

She asked him to put some lotion on her back and rolled on to her back. His hands felt really nice. Real human hand, real man hands touching her body again. She lays on her stomach feeling the moisture between her legs begin to wet the front of her small bikini suit as Bud moved over her entire back with his big strong hands. She hoped it would dry before she rolled over again or stood up.

Bud asked her if she wanted some on her legs? She told him: "No they're OK." She was to excited to allow him to touch the back s of her thighs!

The day passed and he told her about the place he had picked out for dinner. That it served all types of food by their best was the seafood. She told him se really liked seafood. They had a nice time and she found herself liking this man as well as wondering how good he was in bed.

When the sun was almost touching the ocean he told her: "Shh! If you listen real good, people tell me you can sometimes hear the sizzle when it firsts touches the water line."

She laughed knowing he was pulling her leg. He had so far only touched her arm and back a few times but it sent small shocks all over her body. She asked him about his life and finally asked: "So do you live close to here Bud?"

He told her: "Actually I live near the restaurant we're going too. Would you like to go there and shower first before we go out to eat?"

She looked at him for a few seconds and he said: "Oh no Angie! Promise. Perfect gentleman. I swear. If you want we can leave now and you can follow me or take one car. You'll have the place all to your self while I sit outside on the porch. Once you're done I'll take one too."

She didn't say anything for a few seconds. Then she said: "OK! I feel like I could really use a shower and I was going to use the public ones here. But, they're bad. When should we go?"

He said: "Well reservations are at 7 PM and it's 5:30 PM now, so we really should leave in a few minutes. Let's wait until the sun is almost down OK?"

She smiled and said; "Yea I want to hear the sizzle."

They both laughed. Then they packed up and walked to his car. She left hers parked in the beach lot and got in his car. He held the door for her being a real gentleman.

When they got to his place he told her; "Now I really wasn't expecting anyone so you'll see a mess. I live alone so I don't pick up after myself unless I know someone is coming over."

She told him she knew exactly what he was talking about and went in.

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