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He organises a suprise for her on her 22nd birthday.

The lads were naturally transfixed by the sight of mum's full shapely boobs, but one had allowed his gaze to wander down over her tummy to her crotch. "You're not wearing any knickers are you?" he whispered to her, and mum giggled by way of confirmation.

"That's a fine cameltoe you have there," he said admiringly. Mum gave him a puzzled look. (Mum was a bit na__ve about some things, and told me she wasn't even sure what a cameltoe was. She certainly hadn't realised how pronounced it was in the stretchy material of her leggings.)

"Here," he said, standing at her side and cupping the palm of his hand round her mound, gently tracing his finger where the thin material had been drawn into the slit of her pussy. Mum's whole body jolted as though a bolt of electricity had passed through her, and for a moment the lad feared he had pushed his luck too far.

But mum didn't pull away, and he was emboldened to probe a little deeper into her gash. Mum started to push against the finger that was irresistibly arousing her, and of course this just encouraged him to continue massaging her sex. All this attention was liberating months of unfulfilled libido in mum and she was embarrassed to feel her juices flowing. The spreading damp patch in her leggings lubricated the finger that was so expertly stimulating her, making her clit even more responsive.

Mum was suddenly startled to realise that she was very close to cumming, and as the finger continued to work its magic mum could feel her chest and face blushing as her breathing became faster. Although her body's need for release was becoming ever more insistent, part of her felt uncomfortable about submitting to it in such a public setting. But the sensations coursing through her body were rapidly becoming unstoppable, and with an almighty shudder mum cried out as the convulsions of her orgasm overwhelmed her. Her legs buckled, and the lad standing behind her found himself supporting mum by her breasts.

The lads watched in mute astonishment as mum's ecstasy gradually spent itself. Although the pub was noisy, and the lads were pressed close around her, it must have been pretty obvious to those nearby what had happened, but I'm sure mum would have been blissfully unaware of the stir she must have caused.

As the aftershocks of her climax waned, mum re-opened her eyes to see the lads still staring at her with a mixture of awe and disbelief. Then they all started talking at once, delightedly telling mum how amazing that had been and so on, but mum wasn't really listening. As the reality of the exhibition she had just made of herself dawned on her, she suddenly wanted to be out of there. She grabbed her top and put it back on, almost falling as she turned to go, and staggered off to the Ladies to relieve herself.

When she re-emerged she couldn't face returning to the lads, and went to rejoin the supermarket girls. It was obvious that mum wasn't the only one who'd had too much to drink, one of them looking very much the worse for wear and unable to stand without assistance. Mum had no idea if any of them had witnessed what had been going on with the lads, but she didn't like to ask, and no-one mentioned it.

One of the girls then told mum that some of them were going on to a nightclub, but that 3 of them were going home by taxi, and did she want to come with them. Mum didn't have enough money left for night club prices, and suddenly felt very vulnerable at the prospect of being left in the pub on her own, and said with relief that she would, and that is how she came to spend the night on the sofa of one of them.

Now she was sober, mum obviously felt ashamed at what she had done.

"Are you disgusted with me?" she asked. "I don't think I've ever been quite so drunk before."

To be honest, I was rather shocked at her exhibitionist behaviour, but the last thing I wanted to do was to puncture her fragile new-found confidence, so I said:

"Of course not.

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