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Steven thinks he's going crazy, and perhaps he is.

One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi….Seventy Mississippi….One hundred twenty Mississippi….

This was becoming maddening! It'd only been two minutes!

"What do you want?!" The world seemed to shake. I didn't think it'd sound as loud as it did. His chuckle steadied the surroundings once more.

"You will find out soon enough. Keep countin' those Mississippi's all the way to three-hundred and then the fun will begin." He spoke the last syllable and, again, the room fell silent.

What was I at now? Two-hundred? Okay, let's go from that…

Two-hundred one Mississippi…

Two-hundred ten Mississippi…

Two-hundred fifty Mississippi…Was I beginning to skip numbers? Or was time flying by?

Two-hundred eighty Mississippi

Two-hundred ninety Mississippi…

Two-hundred ninety-one Mississippi

"Nine…" He almost made me lose count.

Two-hundred ninety-two Mississippi


Two-hundred ninety-three Mississippi


Two-hundred ninety-four Mississippi


Two-hundred ninety-five Mississippi


Two-hundred ninety-six Mississippi


Two-hundred ninety-seven Mississippi


Two-hundred…ninet…y-eight Missis…sippi.


What's happening now?

Two…hundred…ninety-ni…ne Missi…ssippi


My body fell to the right while my eyes spun to the left. I was very dizzy. Why was I so dizzy? The sound of his shoes clunking against the floor only made the disorientation worse. He was standing in front of me now. His hands were moving. Something came out of his right pocket. A plastic bag of sorts?


She was tied nice and secure now. I am thoroughly shocked as to how perfectly the evening is going at the moment. She didn't notice it but ethchlorvynol coated the knife that pressed against her neck earlier. I created a small incision, allowing the substance to creep into her bloodstream. The counting down, or up for her, was more for my amusement than anything.

The poor thing now slept peacefully on her bed. She was easy to carry up the stairs and situate into the position I desired. I brought some soft rope with me and took extra precautions so her wrists would not chafe.

Or maybe I should leave an injury behind, she may like to be reminded of this evenings' activities in the future.

While most people would have slipped her clothes off by now, I decided to leave them be. There was always a sexy aspect of seeing her hint of belly skin peeking out from the hem of a tank-top.

It was enticing me. She was enticing me. However, unknowingly.

I brought a chair to the end of her bed and sat, quietly. I left her legs unbound. She may need those to wrap around my waist later on.

She must be dreaming of something exciting. Maybe images of what had just happened were flashing through her mind. Or maybe she was thinking of 'happy memories' in order to keep her consciousness intact. Either way, her chest rose and fell with heavy breathing. With each intake of air, the tank-top would rise further up her belly, exposing more of its delectable skin to my gaze. And she would exhale, covering the beauty once more.

I was waiting for her to wake up before continuing the experience. It would be rude of me to have all the fun. I wanted her to enjoy the same rush that would undoubtedly overwhelm the atmosphere.

Seconds ticked through my head. One Mississippi…Ten Mississippi…and so on.

By four-hundred seventy-three, she began to stir.

By the gods, she was gorgeous.

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