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Finding unwanted or unexpected gifts are sometimes the best.

He thinks you two are best friends."

"Ugh, never."

She laughed and for a second I thought I felt her smiling against my neck.

I pulled her away and guided her to the couch. She sat, then looked up at the T.V.

"Did I interrupt your show?"

"It's okay, I have it recorded."

I grabbed the remote and turned it off then sat down next to her.

She immediately curled up into my lap and I put my arm around her.

She started telling me about how her and Dave have been fighting more and more and how she suspects that he's seeing someone else. After a good 20-30 minutes of complaining about him she finally stopped and fell quiet.

I thought she was just pausing until about 5 mins later she still wasn't talking and I leaned forward to look at her face and saw that she was sleeping. I reached to grab the remote and noticed that I had put it on the other side of the sofa.

"Great, now I can't even watch T.V. without waking her up."

So I sat there staring at her sleeping body. I couldn't help but stare at her nice tight shorts hugging her ass so tight. I couldn't hold back anymore so I reached down and rubbed my hand across her ass cheek. When she didn't wake up from that I went further and ran it down her crack. Still, not even a stir so I went a little further again and rubbed my hand against her camel toe in her shorts. I was really surprised this time when she didn't wake up. I knew from growing up that she was a heavy sleeper, but I didn't think it was that heavy. I lifted her slightly up off me and slid off the sofa to the floor. I got up and stood right in front of her, looking down at her beautiful body. If she opened her eyes right now she'd be staring at my cock trying to force its way through my shorts. I walked away to get a beer, hoping I could cool myself off, but that didn't work cause when I came back I found that she had rolled onto her back had her legs spread and her arms above her head. I could clearly see the shape of her pussy lips through her shorts, and with her arms up, her breasts were pointing straight up. Oh those beautiful milk filled breasts. Alcohol probably wasn't the best right now, cause it just pushed my drive farther and I reached down and grabbed her soft boob. She sighed and I jumped but after a second I saw that she was still asleep.

"Wow, when she's asleep, she is really out."

I pulled her shirt up to reveal her bra. Even better, she was wearing a bra that hooked in the front, so I unclasped it letting her breast spring free. I did a little massaging of her breast to get the milk flowing then leaned down and starting sucking on it. Her breast milk was like concentrated libido to me. With every sip I drank I became more and more horny. I stood up and dropped my pants and boxers to the floor. I grabbed my cock and started rubbing it across her nipple. My other hand reached down and started rubbing her pussy through her shorts. The sight of my cock on my sleeping sisters breast while I rubbed her pussy was to much for me and I shot a load all over her chest.

"Well, that's gonna be hard to explain."

But I was to far gone to care now.

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