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Lesbian sex, then she and Pete finally go all the way.

She not only had a pierced naval, but her clit hood was also pierced.

"Lanny, sit on the couch. Rest your feet on the edge of the couch, so the camera can get a good view, while Billy eats your delicious pussy. Maybe your delectable juices will put some led into his pencil. If that doesn't work, Jade can help him out. I know how much she enjoys sucking cock." Turning to Jade, Lauren said, "Jade, I know what a talented cock sucker you are, so I'll put you in charge of getting Billy hard again. Make the audience wish they were in Billy's place. Bob, I want you to capture all the lusty action, as Jade sucks off Billy. Mike, you stay with the cunt lapping Billy is going to give Lanny. Don't miss a single sexy slurp!"

Turning her attention to Kitten and I, Lauren gave a laugh as she said, ""Long John, I guess I don't have to tell you and Kitten what to do. It's obvious Kitten can hardly wait to get that big fat cock of yours into her hot hole. Kitten, lean against the back of the couch. Rest your feet on the edge of the couch like Lanny. Spread your legs as wide as possible, so Nic can get some hot shots of Long John's big cock stretching your cunt wide open. I want the audience to see every juicy detail."

Everyone had their assigned tasks, so we went to work. I have to admit, with Kitten's help, this was going to be the most enjoyable work I have ever done. Kitten was also looking forward to getting to some hard work. Leaning back, legs spread wide, Kitten was teasing her erect pink clit by pulling on the gold ring piercing her clit hood. The fingers of her other hand were gliding along the inner lips of her wide open pussy. Her high state of arousal was obvious by the way cunt cream leaked from her hole onto the lips of her labia and all over her fingers. The questing fingers were now spreading her lips, opening the pink tunnel for the camera's unblinking eye. The lusty, lewd sight before me held me spell bound. I could not move. I could only stare in fascination as the searching fingers manipulated the wet, soft pink folds of flesh.

"Don't kneel there like a statue staring at me! Stick that big fat white dick in my hot black hole!" Kitten ordered, thrusting her hips at my throbbing cock. "I need to get fucked right now! You're tongue fucking was only a warm up! I need you to fill up my hole! I want to feel you stretch my cunt! Give it to me hard and fast, right now!" Kitten again commanded, licking her lips, as her 36D tits shook with pent up excitement.

Kitten's insistent commanding voice broke the spell her show had put me in. Thrusting forward, the head of my cock found the wide open, slippery entrance to her tunnel. I did not stop moving forward until my crotch smacked against her pelvis. My shaft was now engulfed by Kitten's hot wet sucking flesh. The sensations created by her tight tunnel as it squeezed my pole were incredible. I was glad I had climaxed earlier. If I had not, I would have started blasting my cream into her immediately.

"That's it big boy." Kitten purred, as she bent her right leg back to her breast, giving Nic a great shot of her pink labia lips being pulled outward by my withdrawing shaft. "I like the way you fill me up. I want you to play with my big titties while you fuck me with your hard dick. Squeeze my melons. Pinch the nipples. Bite them."

Kitten really knew how to make a guy hot with her lewd display and hot talk. Now she was using her tight twat to increase my arousal. Each time I pulled out of her tunnel, she squeezed my shaft, increasing the friction on the length. When I slammed into her there was no resistance. I slid in like a hot knife going through butter until my pelvis slammed against her shaved groin. She would then rotate her hips, grinding hard against me. This stimulated her clit, driving her into frenzy. It was my turn to use my fingers and mouth to increase her level of pleasure.

Maintaining my rhythmic pumping of her hot hole, I cupped her heaving breasts with my hands.

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