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Mother and daughter switch bodies, incest?

"And what exactly did my professors say about me?" Kylie said as she came up alongside him and began to undo his belt.

"That you gave the best head they've ever had. That you are a cock-sucking, cum-swallowing slut."

"That's right, I love cock, and especially yours - it's so thick and long!" and with that eloquent elocution, she was already on her knees, freeing his growing cock from his boxers and slurping it into her mouth.

I was furious. Not only was he cheating on me, he was letting go of his usual high musical standards just because of a nice blow job from this young hottie? And what was I going to do? I couldn't just break things off with him, because it would make it incredibly awkward to work together. We'd have to work this out, one way or another.

Kylie's cock-sucking talents obviously were something special. Even from across the room, I could see his intense pleasure as she miraculously deep-throated him - something I'd never come close to doing, and didn't think anyone could! He had never complained about my blow jobs, but I could see now what he must have been missing from me in that department.

And she really was hot. He had just managed to unhook her bra, and her round, full tits were bouncing as she bobbed up and down on his cock. Her knee-length skirt, grazing the floor in her current position, hugged her spectacular ass. And she was graced with that rarity - true red hair, landing in waves just below her shoulder blades - that I knew was a turn-on for a lot of men, Frederick included.

As I watched this hot scene play out on the stage, I realized there was only one thing for me to do: join them. All that was left to do was to craft the perfect entrance. I quietly stood up and removed my blousy top and long skirt, leaving myself in bra, panties, and heels. Taking a deep breath, I confidently walked out on stage, more like I was about to begin a musical performance than interrupt a blow job. As I approached, Frederick heard the sound of my heels and looked at me, blushing with embarrassment, but powerless to stop Kylie's enthusiastic motions on his cock. I could tell he was close to cumming; I would have to move fast. She was clearly so involved in her 'work' that she didn't hear me coming, didn't hear as I picked up his baton from the podium and stepped directly behind her.

Placing the baton gently on her shoulder, I did finally manage to get her attention, but she still didn't stop sucking. I traced the line of her naked back with the tip of the baton until I reached the waist of her skirt; then, drawing it back, I swatted her on the ass. With a little whimper, she finally drew herself away from Frederick's huge cock, and turned around to see who had interruped her. Frederick started to protest, or apologize, or explain, but before he string more than a few words together, I put my finger to my lips to quiet him.

"I'm curious, Kylie, do your talents extend to going down on a woman?"

Seemingly unfazed by my sudden presence on the stage, half-dressed, she replied enthusiastically, "Ooh, I've never tried that before, but I've always wanted to."

"Well, I'm sure Frederick would like to watch, wouldn't you, sweetie? Go for it, Kylie," I said, spreading my legs a bit as she crawled over to me on her knees. As she pushed my panties to one side for full access to my pussy, I reached up and undid the bun in my hair, allowing my long blonde locks to fall down around my face.

"Oh, yeah, Anne, that's so hot," Frederick replied, obviously relieved and turned on by the fact that I had chosen to join them rather than yell at him. He took his cock in his hand and began to slowly stroke it as he watched one half-naked woman pleasuring another.

Kylie truly did have amazing talents when it came to giving pleasure with her tongue.

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