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She was sweet, petite, and damaged goods.

Her hips jump up a lot. Now her hands grab my hair and pull me away, her whole body seems to slump or relax. I pull back, get my knees up under me and sort of squat there, between her legs, looking up at her. She's got a huge smile on her face. I've got her juice dripping off my chin.

"C'mere, Tommy, " she says, reaching her arms our to me. I lean forward and would be laying on top of her except I use my arms on either side to hold me up, and she kisses me. Her tongue is in my mouth licking around so I do the same to her.

"You've got me all over you, I can taste it." she says. "I've never had an orgasm like that, you were great, Tommy. I've never had an orgasm before because of someone else. It's unbelievable."

"I liked it, " I say, "I want to do that some more."

"You liked it," she says, "I loved it. You can do that twenty times a day, every day, for the rest of my life." She kisses me again.

I get a little to the side to take my weight off her and she leans a little to me. We're still sort of on one another but our weight is resting on the ground. She gets her one arm around me and we kiss again. She moves her arm while we're kissing, almost pushing it in between us to get her hand around my cock again.

She grins at me. "Now I get to do what I've been thinking of ever since I saw this lovely cock of yours, Tommy."

She licks her lips then pushes me on over onto my back, sits up and scoots to the side some and leans down so that her face is right next to my cock, that she's holding. She puts her head down and kisses my abdomen, pressing my cock against her cheek. She looks up at me and grins then turns her head a little and puts her tongue on the head of my cock and licks around it. One hand is still holding my cock and she gets the other hand down around my balls and sort of rolls them and fondles them as she licks me.

I've seen this in porn films but there is nothing like having it done to you. Her mouth is warm and soft, her lips really holding my cock tight, her tongue moving all the time and her mouth sucking. She lowers her mouth, moving her hand down lower to make room and lets more of my cock into her mouth. She glances up at me. If her lips weren't wrapped around my cock I think she'd be smiling, she looks as if she likes what she's doing. I sure know that I do.

I can't even describe everything that she does. She has more of me in her mouth then moves back up, her hand moving behind her lips, both grasping my cock tight. She almost stops and just holds me in her, sucking, then she starts moving fast and hard, bobbing her head up and down. It seems to last forever and it seems to end right away. I can feel my balls getting ready and I say,

"I'm going to cum."

She looks up at me, her lips still around me and sucks even more, if that's possible, and then I'm shooting everything into her mouth, down her throat. I can see her throat moving, she's swallowing. She's also still pumping my cock with her hand and I come again and again. I can see a drop or two come out the corner of her mouth. She finally sits back, one hand still holding on to my cock. She sort of stares at my cock for a moment, using her other forearm to wipe her mouth. Then she looks at me and grins and licks her lips.

"You swallowed it," I said and felt dumb as soon as I said it.

"Yeah," she says, grinning even more, "II think that's the whole idea. You swallowed my stuff. It's all very sexy, isn't it."

Then she almost jumps on me, laying atop me and I get my arms up around her and we kiss. I can taste the difference between this kiss and the last one. It must be my sperm I'm tasting. We lick around inside each others' mouths like mad. I move my hands so they're on her butt. Cripes she has a great ass, all smooth and soft. Soft as a baby's butt is the old saying and that's what hers is like. But firm or solid beneath a soft outside.

"You seemed to really want to do that," I said when our mouths finally come apart a little.

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