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Business mogul takes charge of his life.

I'd had a tough week in work so after a few pints with Pat I decided I head off home early and get some sleep. Rather than wait for the next bus I got a taxi and made it home in about half an hour. The taxi dropped me at the top of the road and I walked down to the house. I noticed that the curtain in the front room was open slightly to I went to the window to get Aisling's attention to open the door from the inside rather that risk waking the kids by fumbling with the lock myself. I was about to tap on the window when I looked inside and discovered that she had company. Aisling was lying on the sofa with a young man, obviously her boyfriend, kissing and with her hand down his opened jeans.

Her shirt was unbuttoned and his hand was on her small breast which was still covered by her bra. I paused with my hand about to knock on the window and watched while this sexy young blonde lady snogged and jerked off the lucky teenage boy while he rubbed her tit. It was very erotic watching the young couple make out on my sofa not realising that they were being watched. I felt myself get hard fantasising that it was my cock that was being rubbed by the cute girl on my couch. While I watched Aisling slipped down on the the floor and turned her boyfriend around so that he was sitting on the couch with his feet on the floor. This put them in a position where they were side on to the window. She slipped off her shirt to reveal her lovely slight torso and then pulled at his trousers and briefs and slid them down to his knees. His reasonably sized cock was standing straight up. She couldn't seem to take her eyes off it and I couldn't take my eyes off the two young lovers.

With her right hand she took hold of his very erect cock and continued to wank it gently. She was staring at the erection that she was causing. She looked up and said something to him that I couldn't hear through the window but I did see him nod to her with his eyes half closed. Slowly she lowered her head and licked the head of his cock. Her hands were still stroking it when she opened her mouth and took the head inside. I saw him close his eyes and could nearly hear him moan in pleasure. She took more of him into her mouth and I could see her cheeks sink inwards while she sucked him. Her hand never stopped moving up and down the lower end of his cock while she moved her mouth up and down the top of it. At this stage my cock was rock hard and I wanted her mouth on me instead. I moved away from the window and took out my keys.

Very quietly I found my house key and slid it into the lock. I gently opened the door and came into the house. I could hear the boyfriend moaning gently so I knew I'd been quiet enough that they hadn't heard me come in. I pushed at the door of the sitting room and opened it enough so that I could slip in to the room without them noticing. Both of their eyes were closed while she sucked his cock. Her hand was moving fast on him and I could tell he was close to cumming. I waited just inside the door and watched as the beautiful teenager jerked and sucked her boyfriend. It didn't take long until his fingers gripped the cushions of the sofa and he came into her mouth with a loud moan. Impressively she continued sucking and swallowed all of his cum. I guess this wasn't her first blowjob.

As she finished swallowing I slammed the door open the rest of the way and exclaimed "What the hell is going on here!"

The two of them jumped up in shock - his cock still hard and her still shirtless.

"Aisling," I said, "what are you doing? You are supposed to be minding my children not blowing your boyfriend!"

Her boyfriend, who I later found out was called Nick, was frantically pulling up his pants and trousers. Aisling tried to hide her bra-covered breasts with her arms.

"Steve," she said, (I'd always used my first name with her as had my wife) "I'm sorry. The girls are asleep and we didn't expect you home so early."

"Early or not I'm paying you to mind my kids," I replied.

I turned to her boyfriend and said, "You better leave now while you

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