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Bobby's good fortune during summer vacation continues.

" I paused, taking some time to arrange my pillows before lying down on top of my sheets. "And what were you doing back them, since you seem to be in a sharing mood."

You chuckled lightly to yourself.

"Obviously up to more than you are."

"Try me." I said feeling a bit competitive.

"Well for one there is no way I would have been home right now. Think I used to sneak out every Friday."

"I've snuck out before!" I replied proudly.

"Oh yeah?" you rolled over to your side. "To do what? Go to a midnight study session?"

"No, I went to a party."

"Wow one party."

"I've done it more than once for your information."

"I believe you." You said in a mocking tone. "So what kind of party was it? Did everyone sit around eating cookies and drinking soda?"

"No it was a real party."

"Do you remember it?"


"Then it wasn't a real party." You rolled back over onto your back. "I remember the first party I ever went to. Alex dragged me to it, wouldn't stop calling me until I told him I'd go. I ran into this girl from school, this red head with a huge rack... I don't remember her name but she was hot. I think I had math or history or some dumb class like that with her and man I wanted to get in that so bad. I don't remember the in-betweens but I woke up the next morning in her bed."

You seemed to regard this memory, or lack thereof fondly and as I listen to you talk about a girl whose name you couldn't even remember hot, I felt the weirdest twinge of jealousy. I was confused by my own emotions and did what I could to clear myself of them. You turned your head towards me, one eyebrow already raised in question.

"Have you done it?"

You asked the question like it was nothing. By your tone you could have been asking me what the weather was like. I stared back at you at first not sure if I should answer you. Surely you couldn't have been really asking if I had had sex before, at least not like that. But the longer I dwelled on the question, watching your facial expression it became more than clear that's exactly what you meant.

"That's none of your business." I could feel my cheeks growing warm, threatening to turn red.

"I thought we were sharing secrets...oh wait you don't have any! Well that makes this conversation rather one sided."

"Oh just shut up!"

I quickly picked up one of my spare pillows and threw it at you. If anything it was your fault I was forced to be such a good kid. It's not like I didn't want to go out every night with my friends and have crazy stories to tell.

The pillow didn't make contact instead you caught it before it could hit your face and sent it flying back. I was not as skilled as you and it hit me on the side of my head.

"Wow throwing pillows, that's a great way to prove your point."

There was something about the tone of your voice, or maybe it was the fact that you were implying my life was boring, that irritated me. I grabbed the pillow and gave it another hurl. This time it hit you.

You looked down at it, seemingly shocked that it made contact then you turned you attention back to me.

"Whelp now you've done it."

You stood clenching the pillow in your hand and walked across the room. Before I knew it I was being bombarded with light hits. I quickly rolled over and reached for the pillow underneath my head. I retaliated but all you did smile. You quickly threw down your pillow and in one continuous motion knocked mine out of my hand. I went to recover it and to claims yours as well but you caught me by my wrist, pulling me towards you and away from the pillows.

"Alright fine you win," I said remembering how these things used to go.

You seemed rather pleased with yourself as you sat on the edge of my bed, looking down at me as you held my wrist near my head. I thought that you would let me go soon or say something snarky but you just gazed down at me, your expression much like it had been during dinner though it slowly changed to something else.

Your actions were not quick.

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