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Paula tastes more humiliation.


Mr. Hart shrugged and turned to leave. "What do I care about this dissident slime. I'm calling the Czar. Have a wonderful day Ms." he began to squint and peer at the woman's name badge. Elizabeth's heart sank. Would Mr. Hart leave her here to have... that happen to her? Her eyes welled with tears and her lip began to quiver.

The woman seemed to panic a little. "All right, all right, let's not get crazy. I know you have plenty of money to pay for this."

Mr. Hart turned around and put his hands on the desk, leaning closer to the woman, who seemed to rear back. "At hand is not my ability to pay. The issue here is that I keep my word to the Czar, and he keeps his to me. The kind of trust I can put in the Czar I expect to be able to put into his people. You have betrayed that trust. He wold be appalled by this. I am willing to pay ten thousand and give the guards here a stipend of another five thousand. Otherwise you can take this piece of meat back and I'll have the Czar hand-deliver me one next week when we have our next meeting, when he brings you to work in the mines."

Hope rose in Elizabeth when she saw that the woman was clearly rattled by the idea of the Czar getting involved. "My apologies, Mr. Hart, sir. My family is facing the possibility of losing our -"

Mr. Hart cut her off. "Spare me the sob story. I think my offer is very generous. Do we have a deal, for today and the future?"

The future? Would Mr. Hart be buying more girls? Elizabeth started to think maybe the situation wasn't so hopeful. Would it be worse to be raped by someone you don't know or someone you trust and respect? The woman sighed, "You have a deal Mr. Hart. Enjoy your... thing."

"I'll need a robe for her. From this moment on, no one will look upon my slave's flesh but me. And slippers. I'll not have her injured." They brought him a bathrobe and he wrapped it around her, and tied it in the middle. She slid her feet into the slippers which were too big for her. With the cuffs, the leash the robe and the slippers, it was even more awkward to walk. Mr. Hart seemed to soften up when the transaction was done and he led her down the hall, more slowly this time, almost making sure that she wouldn't fall.


They left the building and again had to let their eyes adjust to the sun. Elizabeth almost stumbled but Mr. Hart caught her and held her by the shoulders until she steadied herself. Though he had the air of roughness, there was something tender about the way he held her.

Richard grabbed her by the upper arm and led her out of the complex. He led them across a long parking lot. It seemed to take forever as she shambled awkwardly but it was necessary. At the end of the lot there was a helipad, and on it was a bright red helicopter. As they approached it she could see that it had a pilot in the front and four creme leather seats facing each other in the back. She gasped as Richard put one hand on her back and the other behind her knees as he lifted her up and put her into one of the chairs. Elizabeth was amazed with the strength and ease with which he lifted her into the helicopter. Richard shut the doors as he got in and signaled for the pilot to start the chopper. The engine began to whir.

Richard took the robe off of Elizabeth and undid the handcuffs. "Just relax your arms and keep your hands in your lap so you don't injure your shoulders," he said as he began to gently massage her triceps and shoulders. "Here, sweetie, put these on," he said, gesturing to a pile of clothes on the seat next to her. She saw a t-shirt, sweat pants, bra and panties. "I'll go up front and give you some privacy. Knock when you're done."

Richard opened the tiny door to the pilot's compartment and squeezed through, shutting it behind him.

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