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Linda enjoys a lustful week-end.

The young man barely stammered out a few words that she really didn't hear because she was busy watching his face........ she knew from that point on that she was in control of the situation, his mouth said one thing something about lawnmowing, garden work and such and that he had dropped out of school and was looking for work and was trying to set up his own business and that he was canvassing the neighbourhood to get some work. But his eyes were telling a different story. His eyes were writing paragraphs of sensual stories as of yet unread

She sort of half listened but was mesmerised by not only his nervousness but also her own excitement. that she was standing in full view of this young specimen who could not, no matter how hard he tried keep his eyes on one spot, she studied his face and he was busily roaming her body with his young eyes stopping here on the breasts travelling down there to where a belt was loosely tied around her waist and where it was obvious that was nothing underneath.

Although he could see nothing other than the contours of the body underneath this veneer of silk, oh how he prayed for a gust of wind to move the material just a little, the edge of that short dressing gown was barely covering what he wanted to see and to know She knew now that he was more nervous than she and it made her feel so excited.

As she feigned interest in what he was saying all she could think about was that he could not keep his eyes off her and at that point in time or he wanted to just peel that dressing off away from the skin and drink in the sexuality that was in front of him.

She could see by the growing bulge in the front of his board shorts that she had his attention completely and that his mind was just acting on impulse and his lips were saying words automatically,..... she was in control of the situation and that thought turned her on even more.

She felt her nipples harden and was sure that they were so visible through the thin silk that she would blush, but instead she looked straight at his face while he couldn't tear his way from this indication of arousal, from this almost invitation for him to suck and lick those incredible breasts that were so close and yet so far.

To see him mesmerised by her nipples being fully visible and not making any attempt to cover them up she felt a warmth spread up from her now moistened pussy.

She decided to take it a step further and see how far she could go. She leaned on one side in the open doorway and put her arm high on the doorframe as if she were casually leaning while she listened but she knew by doing so it would put a strain on the dressing gown , it would pull, opening it just a little bit wider and would leave a gap she wanted him to look inside and she wanted his eyes to see her naked breasts she wanted to see his reaction to and how he would deal with this.

She casually swayed to one side, lifted her arm and leaned against the doorway and just as she thought, the dressing gown came up and opened just a little bit wider.

She felt the warmth of Sun on her breasts as it found its way into the gap created by stretching her arm over her head so as to pull the dressing gown wider apart and indeed the belt that was tied loosely around her waist was in great danger of completely letting goal......... the thought excited her more than she could stand.

He continued to talk about things like gardening and painting but his body was clearly excited to the point where his words were not coming out as clearly as he would have liked. She looked interested and tried to look like somebody who was listening to what is being said while all the time all she could think about was his eyes roaming unencumbered all over her body taking in the delights of the scene of such an elegant sexy older woman. It took her to new heights of pleasure to think she had such an effect on man albeit a young man.

The fact that she was in control and was pretty much guiding his

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