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He writes with a question & she replies.

Chez Alasco was a French/Italian fancy restaurant. Jan enjoyed it and it seemed to be her favorite since she did a birthday party there earlier. To Victor it was a fake high-class restaurant. It was a cheesecake factory redone to appear in the snobby five-star range. It was nice, but it wasn't worth the twenty-dollar drinks, and pretentious atmosphere.

"Hey, Jan." Victor walked up and gave her a hug. "We got a table, come on." Victor said pulling her from the well.

The dinner became a surreal affair. Victor and Meredith ate while Jan imbibed. Since her appetite was ruined by drink, she told them how happy she was the entire dinner. Victor noticed how adoring she was of her 'big sister Meredith'. She seemed to move closer and closer to Meredith until finally they were sharing drinks, and dessert.

He wasn't too surprised when she let slip her picking up lesbianism during college. By the end of dinner, she hung onto Meredith heavily with sleepy eyes and twirled her hair.

Victor listened to the words but watched her wine slosh onto her dress as she spoke. "I think it's time to go."

"Hmm? Ya tonight I'll stay with Mere..." Jan claimed as he moved around the table to lift her.

"I understand." Meredith replied and paid as Victor struggled to raise Jan to her feet. Meredith stayed back and let him maneuver Jan up and out into the parking lot.

As he got her into Meredith's backseat, Jan clung to him and he got in back with her. He lay with her as she cried about social injustices on the way back to Meredith's house. As usual, she parked in the garage and they got Jan out and onto a couch in the nearly dark front room so they could take off her ruined wet clothes. The moonlight came in from the accent windows overhead as they stripped and exposed her pale white body.

Quietly the dogs came in and watched but kept their distance as Meredith and Victor toiled over Jan.

"I'm so sorry guys..." Jan apologized. She didn't seem to care the dogs were watching from the shadows, or that Victor was the one pulling down her dress as Meredith held her hand.

Victor almost chuckled at the worn out polka dot panties she wore, they fit her personality. He could hardly imagine lingerie under the shapeless clothes she wore. Under the panties, her whole crotch was unshaved. Victor looked at the wisps of blond hair peeking out along her thighs incredulously.

Next to him, Meredith took off her jacket and unbuttoned her shirt as she watched him strip Jan. Pulling her blouse off, she was ambushed as Jan suddenly pulled her down in a kiss. Behind them, Drei whined quietly as Meredith pulled away Jan's hands and took control of the kiss. Victor watched as she got on top of her friend and coworker and tore the rest of her clothes off. She left her panties on as she held her co-worker down.

Jan still tried to cling to her as she cried. Meredith stepped back and quieted her by stripping herself down. She revealed in the half-lit room her perfectly sculpted full figured dusky body. Jan seemed happy to see Meredith reveal herself for her. Victor moved over to the sofa as Meredith again climbed over Jan in only her black demi-cup bra. She knelt high over Jan and looked over at Victor like a conquistador claiming new lands. The two contrasted deliciously as the relatively hard bodied dark haired bronze skinned Meredith explored Jan's padded pale fair haired body like a surveyor appraising her domain.

Jan wriggled under her as Meredith bounced her breasts against each other. Her huge pale globes raised high off her chest. She seemed like a perverted caricature, her breasts were much larger than her head. Her aureoles were so pale they were indistinct and only the large nub of her nipple was noticeable. They sagged but frankly, they looked completely natural for their gigantic size. Meredith was a double E but her pendulous orbs seemed quite ordinary compared to the pillows Jan was hidden under.

Meredith moved forward and Jan ecstatically wriggled lower so that Meredith's pussy was brought over her face.

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