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And he grabbed her and took her down to the kitchen floor. As his penis entered her vagina he discovered that she was as wet as he would expect had they engaged in an intense foreplay. Nigel could only marvel at how sexual Vivian was. Although this copulation lasted for only a relatively short time they each enjoyed a very satisfactory climax. Vivian broke out in a huge smile as the last burst of semen was spent inside her. And as her orgasm started to subside she gushed:

"Oh thank you! Thank you Nigel! You're my hero. Looks like my sophomore year is going to end up with a bang. Pun absolutely intended."

Indeed Vivian's sophomore year did end with a bang. Although she did not do another threesome she did fuck Nigel or Khalil alternately as the occasion arose usually in her apartment. She did fuck others as well; also as the opportunity arose. And on the final night in Madison before she was to return to the Laaning farm for the summer break she had a marathon sex session with Nigel. She teasingly referred to him as her primary "go to" fuck buddy.

Now despite all her partying and her whoring around Vivian was conscientious in her academic studies. Very rarely did she get "B" grade and never a lower grade. Consequently her GPA was a stellar 3.8 score. Since she had decided to pursue the study of law and become a lawyer, she took a practice LSAT test during the spring term to determine the feasibility of her getting onto a good law school. She scored very high; enough to assure her that she would likely be accepted to virtually any law school she wanted to attend.

When she got back to the family farm she was able to stay at her barn residence so that she was free to entertain privately. And she took advantage periodically by getting together with some of her former local lovers. Her father had arranged a pattern of farm work for her to do which kept her occupied during the days. The barn was now occupied by four new cows and they weren't as skittish as the ones before so they tolerated being milked by machines. Thus Vivian was spared the tedious and arduous chore of milking them by hand. Naturally since she was his daughter, he paid her more than he paid the other farm help, plus a hefty bonus when she left for her junior year. Mr Laaning justified the extra pay as compensation for all the farm chores she had done as a child and as a teenager.

Thus, that summer was a very serene and comfortable time in her life. The only disturbance of an alarming nature during that summer was the visit by her sister one night in August. Before that night Vivian had brief interactions with Erica, but because of her marriage and her farm duties with her husband's family farm she was unable to schedule a lengthy visit until August. That night Erica and Vivian had dinner at the farmhouse but later that evening the two sisters repaired to Vivian's barn. They sat cross legged on Vivian's bed as they proceeded to catch up on their respective lives.

Erica was pleased and joyful for Vivian upon learning of her sister's sex escapades or as she humorously referred to as sexcapades. She was particularly fascinated by Vivian's account of her threesome sex with Nigel and Khalil. She could not help but exclaim:

"Oh my Vivian! Fucking two black studs including double penetration! Wow! Wow! Wow! And you got them to cum swap with you! I envy you! You know that in all of my premarital whoring around I never experienced the kind of sexual excitement you've had since you went away to college."

Vivian protested:

"Wait a minute Erica. Are you saying all those stories of sex you related to me when I was convalescing from mononucleosis were untrue? They sure sounded very exciting to me. In fact I remember I was so enthralled that I became very impatient to surrender my virginity. And I forsook all my previous qualms to lose my cherry at the very next earliest opportunity."

"Oh no the stories I told you are true.

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