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She has something to show me.

There is nothing there."

"He is learning, slowly, that you can't be a Division I pass receiver and Lothario at the same time. At least not when you are as out of shape as he is."

A tongue licked me, testing for reaction. Nothing. I closed my eyes. I didn't deserve this much loving attention.

"Are we going to sleep like this, with me greasy?" The light went out and three lips said good night. Oh man.

At five am, four bodies stumbled to the shower and took turns getting themselves degreased. I tried to tell the twins to go back to bed, it was still dark, but they clung to me and asked if they could please, pretty please, come along. They wanted to see DR's ranch, DR's woman, and the latest pile of gems. They said they would sit in the way back of the SUV, and do all kinds of chores when we got there.

I looked at Clemmie, who rolled her eyes and nodded. The twins were nakedly pressing their gorgeous fronts into me, and this morning I was definitely hard. I pushed them away, threatening another attack on their persons, and said they could come.

This produced a whirlwind of activity, and we pulled away from the house at six with two perfectly formed females nestled in a giant mound of food and gear in the cargo space.

Carlos and Arturo were waiting when we drove up, and had their mom, Maria, too. The twins were keeping their heads down in the back while Clemmie and I gave all three members of the Gutierrez family a warm welcome. We were several miles down the highway when there was a little noise from the rear of the car. Carlos looked over the seat and said to his mom, "Chicas guapas."

Clemmie mouthed, "Pretty girls," and we smiled. Maria said, "You have stowaways?"

Everyone laughed. A pair of hands came over the seat and worked in Carlos' hair. He went rigid. "Carlos," Sarah said, "we hear your throwing arm is like steel and Theo can't hold on to your passes."

Carlos relaxed and the arms retreated. "Theo has great hands. When I played for my high school, the receivers dropped more than they caught. It was discouraging, but we still won games. Theo never drops my passes..."

Clemmie said, "Carlos, you and Theo need a strategy for Tuesday. Those college guys will be gunning for you. I think Theo should drop your first three passes and look bad doing it. The AU guys will think the two of you are amateurs and relax. Then you throw three different passes in a row, and Theo runs each one in for a touchdown."

She added, "By the way, those hands from the back belong to one of our gymnasts. The cheering section is coming Tuesday with almost nothing on and is going to do pyramids and somersaults and distract your opposition."

Carlos and I exchanged looks. She was not only my trainer, but our offensive coach. "Senor Theo, she has a good idea." He hesitated at the end and Clemmie filled in, "For a woman." She stared at him. "Carlos, if you are not careful, we will beat on you like we do Theo."

Maria spoke to her son in rapid Spanish. Carlos was responding "Si," many times. Clemmie giggled and reached back for Maria's hand. The two of them had a few words in Spanish that I didn't catch.

Clemmie grinned at me and said, "You don't need to know."

We drove into the ranch and there was a welcoming committee on the porch. Maria rushed into the arms of Manuel and was swung around in a circle receiving a hot kiss. Evie had her arms around DR, and Selma was with Eduardo. The twins piled out of the back and ran around giving kisses everywhere and turning somersaults. Carlos looked at me and shook his head. I motioned to the sack of balls and we started tossing one back and forth. The women decided breakfast should be outside in the sun and we were told to wash up. Carlos whispered to me, "That woman is special. My mom told me to respect her."

I whispered back, "Carlos, she is very special. She kisses me and beats me and I get lots of loving."

He asked, "Why you let them beat you?"

"It is the secret to great loving.

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