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Episode 17 of 'The Best Sex Ever' Series.

It's no wonder that all this activity woke him up but it took a couple of seconds for him to realise what had happened. As he remembered all the details of yesterday he looked me up and down, laughing at my now flaccid little cock, and I got back on all fours on the floor. He then looked down at the cum all over his stomach and said:

"This is your breakfast, Samson, so you'd better start eating otherwise you may not be allowed to have your clothes back."

Damn, I should have realised that my little bit of fun would backfire. I leaned my head forward and started to lick the cold, salty mixture of his and my own cum off of his clamy, freckled skin. It tasted vile, but not as bad as the dog food from last night so I licked him clean, including around his thick, wiry ginger pubes, some of which got stuck in between my teeth. Once I'd finished, he got out of bed and put on a pair of his slightly baggy white y-fronts before heading out to the bathroom. I followed him, crawling naked on all fours, and waited while I watched him stand over the toilet to take a pee, grateful that he wasn't going to make me drink that. However, I was almost immediately disappointed.

"Come here, boy," he commanded, and I crawled into the bathroom across the cold tiled floor. "You haven't had anything to drink this morning, have you? Open wide..."

Being pissed on is one of the most degrading things imaginable and, when I was at school I was a bit of a bully, and I remember one day me and my friends cornered a younger kid behind some shops on the way home from school and we all stood round and pissed on him until he was crying like a girl, soaking wet, and so upset that we noticed his trousers getting damp where he'd pissed himself. I was now going to realise how humiliating it was, but my cock was hard again at the prospect so, instead of resisting, I crouched down even further and opened my mouth wide. Kevin took aim with his heavy man sized cock and started to stream the warm yellow liquid into my mouth, he deliberately moved his cock around so that his piss went all over my face, my hair, and my whole body as I tried to gulp down as much of the urine as I could.

"Look at the mess you've made all over the floor, " he said once he'd finished. "I think you can clean that up, hold on I'll go and get something to help you."

When he came back he was clutching my own clothes that he had confiscated yesterday.

"These rags should do, off you go Samson, there's a good boy." I realised now that I was no longer just a 'human dog' to him, but was now being totally humiliated in whatever way he wanted. Knowing that he had incriminating photos of me, I felt really turned on that I had to do whatever this nerdy little geek asked of me and so I took hold of my own clothes and used them to mop up his piss from the floor of the bathroom.

"Samson is too much of a boy dog's name for a sissy dog like you, so I'm renaming you 'Daisy'. I also think you should have your chest, legs, arms and armpits shaved because a little girl dog like you should be completely hairless. Wait here."

After a few minutes, he returned with his ugly, fat sister. He'd obviously just woken her up as well because she looked even more repulsive than yesterday, and was dressed in a grubby pink dressing gown that didn't really fit very well. When she saw me pathetically crouched naked on the floor, covered in her brother's piss, wearing a dog collar, she whispered something to her brother and they both giggled at me.

"Come over here, Daisy, there's a good little girl, I'll shave you and make you look all pretty for your master, Kevin," she said laughing to herself.

Kevin stood in the doorway in his white pants, which were tenting with his obvious erection as he watched his sister use all of her shaving products to gradually remove all of my manly chest, leg, arm and armpit hair.

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