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Susan must use pain to not become aroused.

It hurt like shit.

The man man fucking Angie commanded, "You cock sucking bitch. Don't talk. You can moan, but you can't talk."

Another man walked up in front of her with another hard-on. He grabbed her hair just like the last man. She tried to keep her mouth closed. WHACK! Went the whip again. This time across her back.

Angie opened her mouth and the man stick his dick in her mouth. He grabbed her hair again. But this time he moved his hips in and out and fucked her mouth. This man was fucking Angie's face! She wanted to vomit. She gagged on his cock as it was repeatedly shoved down her throat.

The man behind Angie continued to spank her. The man in front of her continued to move back-and-forth, fucking her in the mouth. The man behind Angie pushed his dick inside of the whore and held it there. He waited, and then finally he came. She felt the spasms of his cock jumping inside of her. His hot cum poured into her pussy. She was now dripping with the cum of two men. The man behind Angie withdrew his cock from her cunt, but another dick quickly took its place.

The man fucking her mouth said, "You little fucking whore. Suck my cock."

She had no choice. He was pushing it down her throat over and over. Finally she felt the dick flinch in her mouth. Cum shot down her throat. The man continued to fuck her mouth. Her lips were all the way to the base of his huge cock. She was deep-throating this man as he shot his hot cum into her mouth. Angie's nose was in the man's pubic hair. The smell was revolting. She felt disgusted.

The next man began to fuck Angie. There she was, bent over a wooden beam, shackled to it, being raped repeatedly. She was being beat and abused. Angie was repulsed. Then, in front of her, Angie noticed a man and a woman. The woman was on her knees. The man was fucking her doggy style. Just like Angie, she was getting fucked. Except, the woman was enjoying it. She looked at Angie and they made eye contact. The woman smiled and just went back to taking her fucking. She clearly was enjoying the man's cock pumping in and out of her.

Angie continued to get raped. Man after man took his turn in Angie's used cunt. Spunk poured out of her pussy. It ran down her legs and spilled on to the floor. To say Angie had a nasty creampie was an understatement. Sperm oozed out of her. When the next man rammed his cock up inside of her, cum was pushed out of her cunt and ran down his balls. She continued to get gang raped liked this. Angie could feel the next orgasm coming on. She could feel it building, just like the ones before. She had been violated again and again by these strangers, these assholes. As the next stranger fucked her sore and aching, abused and torn cunt, and another fucked her in the mouth, she could sense the next orgasm about to happen. And then it did. But, neither of the men came. They just continued to fuck Angie's holes. This particular orgasm shocked Angie! It couldn't be. This one was her own. Her body betrayed her. She was turned on by all the attention these men were giving her. They were giving her their cocks, their sperm. She had really started to get into it and now Angie was moaning like a whore as she came.

The dick in her mouth popped out long enough for her to say, "Oh YES! Fuck me! Fuck your little toy. Use my cunt you motherfucker!"

Angie came hard. He pussy clenched down on the hard dick that was fucking her.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhhh! Oh Yes! Fuck me! I love your cocks!" she screamed.

The dick in her mouth deposited its load and the dick in her pussy came as well. Then they were both withdrawn. Angie's pussy oozed the cum of 20 or so men. Angie still felt like a dirty whore. But now she wanted more. She wanted more dicks. She wanted more cum.

"Yes. I am your little fucking whore. Don't stop fucking me!" she yelled at anyone who would listen.

The woman that Angie watched getting fucked walked up.

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