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As I approached the door I could hear what seemed to be several people in there, stepping into the room I could see that the comfy chairs were taken, all by couples with the wives and girlfriends sitting on the men's laps. Most of them either naked or mostly undressed, some of the woman still wearing garter belts and stockings but very little else. A lot of other couples were standing together as pairs with single men scattered among them. Most were all looking across the room towards the large corner sofa unit, the only one's not looking were engaged in various sexual actions. The room was well lit, somebody had put on every wall light plus the big chandelier in the middle, so I had no trouble seeing what had their attention.

One sofa had four guys sitting on it, all naked and playing with their hard cocks, their heads turned watching the action on the other part of the corner unit. Jayne was half laying half sitting between the two guys she had been in the garden with, the older guy sitting behind her towards the far end of the sofa supporting her body in a half sitting position. The other guy was sitting towards the middle and had one of her legs over his shoulders, the other leg was spread sideways with the foot on the floor.

Sitting on the floor holding her ankle another guy gripped her knee to keep her legs spread wide apart.

Because Jayne had previously lost her knickers her very wet shaved pussy was fully on display as her little mini skirt was now also missing. She was naked from the waist down. The older guy was holding her white top up over her head so she couldn't see who was watching or doing what to her. As we all watched he undid the front clasp of her bra and pulled the straps from her shoulders, pulling it up to join her top around her head. Her big 38c tits came into full view, looking even bigger because of her young lithe body. I could see her breathing was ragged, her taut tummy trembling slightly with excitement as fingers began to play with her tits and big brown nipples, those lovely dark nubs sticking up nearly an inch and looked rock hard. As fingers brushed across her hard nipples I heard Jayne gasp and her body shook a she pushed her breasts further up towards the hands caressing them. Jayne had now been stripped naked from the neck down, but still had no idea who was doing what to her.
The guy holding her knee started to run the fingers of his other hand up along the smooth sensitive flesh of her inner thigh, stopping before he reached her pussy and using one finger he traced around her vagina lips, brushed it across her swollen clit and down the other side, making Jayne thrust her hips towards them both at that end, desperately trying to encourage then to finger her sopping wet pussy.

Everybody could see her moisture beginning to seep from between her vagina outer lips that were swollen with her excitement. The guy holding her other leg over his shoulder now used his fingers on her leg, again running them over her sensitive flesh, his fingers opening her pussy to show the room just how wet she was. I could hear her moans and gasps as her tits and pussy were being played with.

I could feel the sexual tension in the room, everybody was watching intently, wanting to see Jayne fingered and fucked but hoping they would draw it out for the audience.

Like all the men there my cock was as hard as anyone's, probably even harder, as I watched my young wife being prepared for what was obviously going to be the fucking of her life, by what would seem to be most of the men present. Just then someone called my name, it was Sue sitting with her husband Danny, she was sideways on his lap, completely naked with his hard cock sticking up between her legs.

She was playing with her nipple with one hand and the other was slowly wanking Danny's cock as she rubbed her clit against it.

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