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Brad recalls how he met - and later married - his Jeana.

" I reply in a tone that seems to be that of fear. My mistress releases the grip on my cock and balls and gives me a tender kiss on the head of my cock again. Quickly she takes my entire length into her mouth sucking me all the way down to my base, coming back up and letting me out of her mouth with a pop.

"Very good my slave, just be a good slave ok, I don't want to have to punish you again" she says tenderly, looking up from between my legs, her hands returning once again to my cock starting to stroke me again, her mouth dives down under my shaft and takes one of my balls, she playfully starts to suck it in her mouth, making me moan loudly.

"Yes mistress. I understand mistress. I'm deeply sorry mistress. It will never happen again Mistress." I moan at her in the most submissive voice I can muster. She releases my hard member and my balls from her mouth and hand. Giving an approving pat on my other head, she stands up and starts to spread her legs as she begins to move up my body, her soaked pussy leaving a trail of her juices down the bed, until she was just above my manhood, she spread herself open giving me a view of her pink insides, causing my cock to twitch in anticipation for the torture she might be putting me though today, then continued her movement up my body. My hardened member once sticking straight up was now being forced downward onto my stomach by her extremely wet pussy, her cunt juices soaking my shaft.

"Oh mistress, I can't wait any longer please let me fuck you mistress!" I moaned at her, as she began to move her body up and down, allowing her lips to rest and be slightly parted by my prick. She moved up and down, my prick twitching just barely penetrating her pussy lips. I started to move my hips wanting her to be around my member. She let out a pleasurable moan in my ear, knowing fully well that that would send me over the edge. I placed my feet on the bed as best I could and started to buck up at her, my cock forced down hard on my stomach, as I was lifting her up off the ground, my cock parting her lips but not really inside the way I wanted to be. She giggled and moaned in my ear before she placed her hands on my chest and lifted herself up. Her body weight now completely supported by my legs, her beautiful body on top of me, now moving lightly back and forth, coating my cock, I could feel her wetness rolling down my shaft and down onto my stomach.

I bucked harder feeling her juices coming down my stomach, wanting to at the very least, make her jump off my cock and onto my chest or closer to my face, but all this was to no avail. She rode me crushing and riding my suffering cock as if she was some expert bull rider. Finally she reached back and gave a hard slap at my leg, I however wasn't hearing it, and I continued my bucking actions. She was not pleased, firm slap to both my legs this time, but still I would not stop. Finally in her frustration she let herself come get thrown to my chest, my cock instantly sprang back up. She quickly moved herself from my chest to my face, my tongue already extended, I tasted her, but it would be short lived, she kept moving rubbing her clit with my nose until she was completely off of me. She turned and moved to my legs pulling them down to the side of the bed, and strapping them into their own restrains at the side of the bed. She crawled up between my legs, her hot breath on my balls, moving up my shaft, when suddenly she gave a hard slap at my stiff prick once again making it move back and forth and causing me to moan loudly.

"I thought you where going to behave now slave" she said with an air of disappointment.

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