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A nasty encounter between a tough guy, horny slut and sub bf.

I was trying to figure out how I'd gone from getting a new bra to having this girl's hands all over me. I had never been touched like this, such light, provocative contact. It felt so good I almost forgot that it was a girl who was touching me.

I'd always found girls pretty, but I'd never thought of them in that way. I'd never fantasized about a girl kissing me or touching me before. But now, standing here while Kristyn's delicate fingers teased at the elastic of my panties, I was giving it some thought.

"Kristyn," I murmured, my breaths coming in quick pants. "I don't know if I'm comfortable with this."

If I thought she'd pull away at my words, I was mistaken. Instead, she trailed the tip of her tongue along my shoulder to my ear, suckling on the lobe with her teeth and eliciting a soft moan to escape my lips.

"You look comfortable to me, Leah," she smiled, eyeing me up in the mirror. "But maybe you could still loosen up a little."

Before I could ask what she meant, Kristyn slipped her hand underneath the elastic of my panties. My lips parted as I cried out in surprise, but she was quick to latch her free hand over my mouth.

"Shhh," she whispered, as her fingers carefully massaged the folds between my legs.

A feeling of sheer ecstasy pulsed through my veins as her fingers teased at the flesh of my core. I'd had sex a handful of times before, with men, but this felt different. Kristyn's hands were soft, her touch meant entirely to please me. And she knew just how to do so, taking her time.

As she dipped a smooth finger inside of me, I moaned loudly into her hand. She laughed lightly, her lips feathering kisses on my neck. "Are you comfortable now, Leah?"

It was all I could do to nod my head, her hand still covering my mouth like I might scream at any moment. Given, when she started gently thrusting her finger into me, I came close to doing just that.

Involuntarily, my hips began rocking forward and pressing harder onto her hand. She laughed again, more husky this time. "Do you like how my finger feels in your little pussy, Leah?"

My head bobbed again as she watched me in the mirror. A Cheshire grin crawled over her face as she slipped another finger up inside of me.

My pussy clenched as she filled me with her fingers. My hips began to roll, rubbing my back end against her front. The tiniest moan left her lips, only adding to the pleasure building inside of me as she pumped her fingers into me.

I rocked my hips harder, hoping to speed things along. However wonderful her thrusts felt, the building pleasure was driving me crazy. My actions were successful as her hand started moving faster in my panties, until I could almost hear the fingers pumping in and out of my opening.

"Cum for me, Leah. Show me how gorgeous you look when you cum," she encouraged quietly, her eyes never leaving my face in the mirror in front of us.

My eyes fluttered closed as the pleasure reached its high, and I cried out into her hand on my mouth. As my legs began to quiver, I rocked harder against her hand, until I finally felt my release.

When I was finished, Kristyn slowly pulled her fingers out of me and freed her hand from my panties. She brought her hand into the light by my face, where I could see they were glistening with my creamy juices.

She took her fingers in her mouth by my ear, licking them clean before grinning at me in our reflections. Finally taking her hand from my mouth, she brought it behind me and a second later, I felt my bra falling freely down my arms and allowing my breasts to be displayed.

She took the fingers of her other hand out of her mouth with a pop, resting her chin on my shoulder. "Did you like that, Leah? Did you like having my fingers make you cum?"

I nodded slightly as I processed her words in my mind. I'd just allowed this gorgeous girl, who I had only met twenty minutes ago, to get me off in a public dressing room. And I'd liked it.

I'd liked it a lot.

"I should, um, I should get going.

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