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Home again, home again.

We moved to the crowded dance floor and joined in. I loved feeling Kristen's ass as we danced. I let my hands roam up and down her sides, finally edging in toward her breasts. I wasn't sure what her response would be to me feeling her up in public like that. She didn't mind at all. I think she was so absorbed in what the others were doing that our actions seemed innocent.

I alternated between rubbing her tits and ass. As I rubbed her ass, I gradually slid her skirt upward. The couple next to us seemed to be watching. The husband gradually turned and guided his wife's ass into Kristen's. My hand was now rubbing between them both. Her husband then reached down and began massaging Kristen's butt. As we drifted a part, I knew this would be a great evening.

At this point, several women had their tops open totally exposing their breasts. Some of these couples had the husbands grinding from behind. The women moved toward each other so that they were rubbing nipples and their husbands were feeling up both women. I wanted to join in, but didn't want to push my luck.

We could not believe it as one of the guys nearby moved behind his wife, bent her over at the waist and pushed her skirt up over her bare ass. He started rubbing against her from behind. He then reached down, undid his zipper, and pulled out his hard cock. He slipped it into her pussy right there on the dance floor not more than three feet away from us. He continued thrusting into her with the beat of the music. We danced for a few minutes more watching him fuck his wife. I felt like I was going to cum just watching.

We returned to our table to have another drink and to sit and watch the crowd. The action was not only confined to the dance floor, it was happening at the tables as well. As we watched, the couple alongside us returned to their table. The woman had her blouse open showing her small breasts. While her breasts were small, she had the longest nipples I'd ever seen. They had to be almost an inch long. Her husband began feeling her up and tugging on her nips to make them appear even longer. Kristen and I couldn't tear our eyes away.

I began to slide my hand up to Kristen's breast, massaging her already hard pink nipple. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse pulling it back and exposing her breasts to everyone nearby. I leaned over and began to suck her rosy nip into my mouth. I was afraid she'd push me away and cover up. Instead, she pulled my head harder into her breast.

When I came up for air I saw that the guy next to us was now between his wives's legs eating her. I slid my hand down Kristen's leg and began moving upward. As I reached her skirt, I began to inch it even higher and lightly brushed her pussy with the tips of my fingers. She moaned softly and began pushing her hips forward.

I took this as a hint to continue playing with her pussy. As I lightly stroked her, she opened her legs more and more. I continued pushing her skirt up as I played. The other couples nearby could now see Kristen's pink pussy. As we watched the other couple we saw that they were was watching us too.

I began to slide my finger into Kristen's dripping slit. As I did this, I spread her lips wide. Kristen's outer pussy lips totally hide her small inner lips when her legs are together, leaving only her puffy slit visible. As I spread her legs, her inner lips looked like two little, red, rose petals. Her entire pussy matched her pink nipples. I began to tug on her inner lips one at a time stretching them outward.

I moved to my knees and started kissing her thighs. As I looked up at Kristen, she leaned back, closed her eyes, and opened her legs even further.

While I was watching her, the woman next to us reached over and began touching her nipple.

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