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Susan experiences strappado.

Tom's fuzzy head and lack of breakfast made him think that his return smile might not have been too convincing.

"OK chaps, let's just unload everything here then Tom and I can move it round the back and you can get on with sorting out your own move." Nikki said.

Soon, a substantial wooden workbench and about ten boxes, presumably with all of Nikki's tools and materials in, were piled up outside Tom's house. Nikki said goodbye and thanks to her two helpers and they jumped back in the van and hurried off.

"OK, a couple of the boxes have got some valuables in. We should carry them round first so they'll not be left here. Then we can come back and get the rest." Nikki announced.

"Why don't you stay here and guard it while I ferry the boxes to the workshop. Then we can both lift the bench round at the end." Tom countered.

"OK, if you don't mind doing most of the work."

"No problem. You'll have plenty to do later helping move all the stuff around in the workshop."

It didn't take Tom long to get the boxes moved and the two of them managed well enough with the heavy bench. Then they spent a few moments contemplating where all the stuff was going to go.

"I think I want the bench there, under the window so I can get the best light for working. We'll have to move that bookcase to the side. Then we can clear all the junk out and I should have plenty of space for my tools."

Tom nodded his agreement and Nikki was already bounding over to the offending item and trying to push it to the side. It was a big old, solid wood, bookcase and she was obviously surprised by how heavy it was. It didn't move at all on her first push so she leant into it was more force as Tom walked over ready to help.

It suddenly shifted enough that the sudden movement caused Nikki to stumble. As she half-fell it began to topple over on top of her.

"Look out!" Tom shouted and then his reflexes took over. He just managed to grab onto her sweater and pull her out of the way as it fell over. Although he pulled her away, he was left in its path and it had enough momentum by this time that he was unable to stop it from crashing down on top of him.

The next thing he knew, he was lying on the hard concrete floor with his right arm and leg pinned under the weighty furniture. And it hurt!

"Ow!" He groaned. He tried to slide himself free but that made two things obvious: he was trapped, and trying to move was very painful.

"Oh my God!" Nikki cried. "Are you OK? Let me try to help."

She managed to take enough weight off that Tom was able to wriggle himself free. He sat up but the relief of being released quickly turned worry when he realised that he couldn't move either of his injured limbs.

An element of shock must have kicked in because the pain wasn't too bad.

"Um, I think you'll have to call an ambulance because I can't move my arm or my leg."

"Shit Tom. I'm so sorry. I'll call them. Just sit tight." She dug out her phone and started dialling.

"Yeah, like I'm gonna be doing anything else." He mumbled.


Fortunately, the X-rays showed that nothing was broken; just badly bruised. Tom was soon discharged with a crutch, some strong painkillers and instructions to "rest, ice and elevate".

Nikki had stayed with him and insisted on paying for the cab home. Tom tried to dispel her guilt but was only partly successful.

He hobbled through his front-door, which Nikki held open for him. He could just about walk using the crutch with his left arm but every step hurt and he was glad to collapse (not too quickly) onto his sofa.

Tom couldn't think of anything to say and Nikki obviously wanted to help but didn't know what to do.

"How about I make you some lunch? You must be hungry." She offered.

Now that she mentioned it, Tom realised that he was starving.

"Sounds good." He enthused. But then he remembered that he hadn't had time to go to the shops. In fact, he'd been living off junk food while he got his project finished so a good meal really was just what the doctor ordered.

"I don't think I've got any food in though.

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