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Zack's door opens his life to the voluptuous girls at HSU..

"I just was looking after my daughter."

At that moment Tom heard footsteps. Missy called out, "Tom are you here?"

Tom smiled. "Over here Missy! Look who I have."

Missy turned the corner and stopped. She looked at Sarah and then at Tom. "So now what do we do?" she asked.

"We?" Sarah said.

"Get some rope and tape Missy." Tom said. Missy and Tom tied Sarah to a chair.

Sarah was scared and trembling. What was he going to do? When Sarah was good and secure Tom dropped his pants.

Missy eagerly said, "Do you want the tape off her mouth so you can throat fuck her?"

"No, I want to see her boobs. She hates having her boobs fucked." Tom said with a smile. Sarah glared at him. Missy ripped open Sarah's T-shirt and cut open her bra. Sarah's boobs spilled out.

"oooohhh no wonder why you fucked them before! They're really big! I bet they feel so good around your cock." Missy exclaimed.

Tom grabbed his cock and stroked it between Sarah's heavy breasts. "This is going to take a nice long time." he growled at Sarah.

Sarah kept a blank look on her face, thinking and thinking how she would get him back after this.

Tom sighed with delight as his cock moved between Sarah's silky tits. They were not as tight as they had been that night, but they still felt, oh so good wrapped around his throbbing cock. He glanced over and saw Missy texting someone on her phone. Tom didn't really care and went back to using Sarah's chest for his pleasure.

Missy watched Tom enjoy himself and found herself getting wet. She knew that after his revenge she would get him forever. She just had to make it really good for him. So, she texted Karen, asking Karen to come over right away. Karen arrived just about the time Tom was getting ready to cum all over Sarah's boobs.

"Who is that?" Tom asked.

"Don't cum yet baby, I have a surprise for you. Hide Sarah in the closet." Missy said.

Missy brought Karen in the room. Sarah gave a muffled moan from inside the closet. She desperately tried to get untied. She was forced to watch, helpless, as she heard Missy explain that Karen was going to help Tom get back at her mom.

"nnnnnoo! That would be rape!" Karen cried.

Sarah watched, horrified, as Tom and Missy grabbed Karen and forced her to her knees. Tom shoved his cock down her throat. Karen gagged on it but Tom didn't let up, thrusting hard and deep. Soon Karen relaxed her throat and with tears running down her face let Tom fuck her throat. Her cute black top was ripped, and her tight cutoff jeans were cutting off the circulation in her legs. Tom stopped savaging Karen's throat and pushed her on her back.

"Missy, take off your bikini bottoms." Tom said.

Missy knew what was going to happen next. Her stomach flipped as she eagerly complied. "Now Karen, Missy is going to sit on your face. You be a good girl and eat her out well and you won't get fucked."

Karen said, "Ewww, I've never done that! I'm not a lesbian!"

"You are today. Suck my pussy bitch!" said Missy as she lowered herself onto Karen's face.

Karen turned her head and refused to suck Missy's pussy.Missy reached over and cruelly twisted Karen's nipples.

"Ahhhhhhh owwwwwww!" Karen screamed.

"I said suck my cunt!" Missy yelled. Karen, sobbing, started lapping at Missy's pussy. Although she wasn't really doing a good job, Missy was so turned on it didn't matter. "oh oh oh oh yes yes yes, oh eat my pussy! Oh so good!"

Tom stroked his cock, watching the two girls. He lay on his stomach and pushed a finger inside Karen's pussy. Karen twisted her hips and tried to get away but Tom kept on pushing. Soon he had two fingers inside her. He explored the inside of her pussy searching for the G-spot. When he found it he put his tongue flat on her clit and rubbed her spot. Karen gave a muffled scream as an orgasm raced through her body. Her orgasm sent Missy over the edge as well.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk! I'mmmmmmmcummming so goooooooooooooooooooood!" Missy yelled. She collapsed off of Karen, both girls panting and weak.

Sarah shudder

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