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Two women with a common thread.

Still she has enough power to survive but she'll be in a coma the rest of her life. Serves her right for meddling in my affairs. Now as for you, you won't get to be that lucky." She said levitating the glass from the window and moving it so it became a hovering cloud between her and Lloyd. "That essence of yours could keep you alive for some time, but I don't want to wait that long so, goodbye Lloyd."

The next few second were a flurry of activity the glass rocketed at Lloyd, but before it reached him a massive white swan flew in and intercepted the missiles. As it did it bowled over Lloyd and he and the bird fell into a tangled heap. Then the bird began to morph into something else, something human.

"Jill," Lloyd said surprisingly strongly considering he too was dying. Jill was not much better, her back littered with wounds from the glass shards. Then suddenly a warmth descended over his body and Jill's. He noticed that they began to glow, he felt his wound heal and watched as the shards of glass exited Jill's body and the wounds healed themselves.

Suddenly the wind from the window blew strongly as a storm seemed to brew overhead, lightening flashed as the very earth seemed to shake. The wind gusted around the room and contents of the bowls were scattered. Amazingly a collection of odd items formed in front of Jill and Lloyd: a peacock feather, an olive, a grape, bread, a cell phone, and oddly enough a note for someone's prescription.

Suddenly a beam of moonlight entered the room and shown on the collection of objects as music filled the air for a brief second before a commotion outside drowned it out. It appeared the National Guard had arrived to restore order to the city. Lloyd smiled as the Goddess looked out the window furiously.

"Ares, you traitor!" She shouted out the street below.

"Ares? How could he be here?"

Lloyd smiled and answered, "they all are I think, we just became the gods of Love my dear and it appears the Olympians are not as dormant as we thought," he pointed to the objects in front of them. "The storm, the tremor, the moonbeam, the music, the National guard, and these items all represent the other eleven Olympians. Thing is, I'm not sure how long we'll have their aid so we better make this quick."

"Speaking of the Olympians, on my way down I got the second buzz, he's ready."

"Good because I have an idea on how to get her to help us, but it'll require doing something rather personal." Lloyd said cautiously.

"Well were not married yet baby and I trust you. Rock her world babe." She said kissing him.

Lloyd smiled and after rising, walked up to the enthralled Goddess who was so focused on the arrival of her former colleagues that she barely noticed Lloyd sneaking behind her. Suddenly she turned and tried to fling him across the room. Lloyd did fly back but he countered enough of the push to make it only a few feet before he stopped himself.

"It seems the cavalry is here Goddess, I think it's time you gave up, my friends and I are here for you."

"Very well," she said, "but one last thing before you get Zeus to banish me to Tartarus or something. If I'm going away I want one last fuck and who better than the new sex god. I've watched you in action boy and I must say I'm impressed. Watching you get those mortals off made me so very hornnny." As she said the last word she dropped the flowing gown she wore to reveal nothing underneath.

"What do you say lover boy, one last fling or are you too whipped?" Without even glancing at Jill, because he already knew the answer, Lloyd used his new magic to remove his clothes and transform the golden throne into a massive bed.

"Ohhh," the Goddess said as he moved in and swept her up and carried her to the bed. He knew that they would have a massive audience as it had been planned that way, he needed her powers at their peak for the plan to work.

The emotions from those onlookers in the room drove the pair to new heights and immediately they were tangled in an animalistic wrestling match.

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