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With the Geisha.

The two of them felt each other up all over all the while snogging with pure passion and lust. The found themselves on the bed feeling each other up with pure joy and delight. Miranda then slowly moved down to Shepard's awaiting erect member started to give it her care and attention. She started of slowly stroking his cock and fondling his balls.

She then slowly took his cock into her mouth and sucked on it slowly as she put it in her mouth inch by inch. She soon had all of it inside her, and it was quite impressive in size. Miranda continued to give her attention to Shepard as she continued.

"Let me taste my pussy," Shepard instructed Miranda

Miranda obliged and turned herself around and presented her ass to Shepard. He slowly ran his fingers around her vagina and pink asshole. He then slipped a finger into her pussy then inserted another one. Miranda was wet, and he felt it, Shepard, then flicked his tongue around and then into Miranda's pussy.

Miranda cooed approval as she enjoyed the feeling of Shepard's tongue working on her vagina. She continued to suck on his cock and do the things that brought them back together. The feeling of lust was between them now as they were intertwined.

"I want your cock in my pussy," Miranda demanded.

Miranda then got to her knees and straddled Shepard till her pussy hovered above his cock and she slowly lowered it down onto Shepard's awaiting cock. She lowered herself down very slowly and Shepard laid back and watched as Miranda's entire body lit up with her biotics and simply was electrifying for both Shepard and Miranda.

Miranda's pace eventually quickened and she got into a rhythm and was by now covered in sweat and Shepard as well. Miranda now felt an orgasm coming and fast she braced herself as it hit her and she screamed in delight.

Miranda then lifted herself off Shepard's cock and made her way over to the couch. Shepard followed and Miranda then motioned to him to take a seat. Shepard obliged and sat down, Miranda moved over to Shepard and then put her arms around him and lowered herself onto his cock and began to fuck away once more.

Miranda's movements were seductive, the fluidity with which she moved with Shepard's cock inside her amazed him and made him want her even more, but at that point anything was truly possible. There was desperation, they weren't fucking to take their minds of anything they were fucking to celebrate, fucking to savour every moment they would now have with each other on whatever world they would find themselves on.

Miranda now was wet and soak from her previous orgasm and quickly felt another one coming, she continued to fuck.

"Fuck I'm going to come again," Miranda shouted just before another orgasm her hard and fast.

Miranda then lifted herself up to her feet and turned around, she pointed a finger to her awaiting asshole and Shepard didn't need any other hints. He stood up and grabbed her ass and spread it open so he could plunge his cock up her ass. He started by sliding the head inside and then rest of his cock followed suite slowly but surely widening Miranda's asshole.

She cooed in delight and voice loud approval of Shepard's cock going into her asshole. She knew then that she was in love. Shepard began to build pace as he continually fucked her asshole. She shouted and cursed loving every moment of it.

"Aah fuck yes, fuck my ass," Miranda shouted.

Shepard obliged and continued to fuck away. His cock continued to widen Miranda's asshole and make her scream in delight. Miranda's eyes were rolling in delight and simply thrust into deep lust.

Miranda then moved off Shepard and turned around, she sat down on the coffee table and took Shepard's cock into her mouth and had a little taste of her own asshole. She continued work her magic on Shepard's cock with both her hands and her mouth.

Miranda then lifted her mouth off Shepard's cock and looked up at Shepard, and said "Now fuck me on the floor and make me come again.

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