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What is to happen next?


Charlie was to nervous to answer and quickly dressed, checking she was decent.

"Get the first one out of the way, it'll be easier then." Jane advised.

Standing by the door, she fixed a grin on her face and walked out, to an enthusiastic response and a large brandy from Charles.

"Thanks love," She murmured.

She had modelled before at charity shows and sashayed around; looking professional. In fact this outfit was pretty conservative showing only a respectable expanse of flesh. The Basque had straps and was quite high on her breasts, the pants covered her ass. Still, she was wary about any groping as she walked between the men, but found she quite enjoyed the attention. David thanked her and confirmed the purchase. Still "Basqued" she was invited back to the rack to give more advice. The next garment was for an Eastern European mistress, a confidence she could have done without. The man was set on a very minimal black bra and pants set, which was semi transparent and covered next to nothing.

Reluctantly, she went back to change and struggled to cover herself. The bra just covered her nipples, but was sheer and showed everything. With horror, she noted her nipples were swelling and very obvious. The pants weren't quite a thong, but disappeared between her buttocks as she walked. Putting on the suspenders and stockings, there was nothing for it. She gulped down the double brandy and walked out again and Charles handed her another drink. Her audience were becoming "Cheerful" too, with the after dinner drinks and her entrance was greeted with applause and risqu__ comments, she loved it. After the large brandy, this time she swayed provocatively around the men, no longer caring about the black pants disappearing between her cheeks. She had a great ass and was proud of it, why not. She noticed Charles watching her intently, he smiled briefly when she looked at him. Someone asked her to bend forward, to check the fit! yeh, sure. She bent low and the bra just struggled to cope, her breasts fell forward, not quite out. The back view was better, with the cloth of her pants drawn between her vulva, they were clearly damp. As she stood up and walked back to the rack, sipping her drink, hands discreetly feathered her exposed flesh. Electing to ignore them, the next man wanted her in the red play suit. This was little more than a set of pants with one inch straps from the back, over the shoulders, then her breasts and meeting above her groin. The thin strip of cloth would barely cover her nipples, that was obvious.

" Now James, are you sure you want this for your wife, I don't think she would be amused, do you?" charlotte flirted.

"Well if she doesn't want it, I'll give it to you. Let's see if it can cope first. I'm not sure it can contain those wonderful breasts."

Charlotte giggled and wagged her finger at him,

"You are so naughty and in front of my husband, tsk, tsk."

Nevertheless she picked it up and walked away unsteadily. When she got in the room, Jane was worried,

"Careful dear, don't drink any more, please. Things are getting a bit out of hand."

"Sorry Jane, your right, have you got any water and find me a double expresso would you. I'm on dangerous ground."

She took a long gulp from a bottle of water and struggled out of the black set.

"Why did I agree to this, there is nothing of it, about 5 square inches of lace. Here, please help me to cover what I can."

After doing the best they could, she looked in the mirror,

"God, I'd look more decent naked, just look at me."

"No turning back now dear, best foot forward." Jane tried to encourage her.

She stood facing the door and glimpsed her profile in the mirror, Her large breasts looked uncovered, sagging very slightly and pushed against her chest by the thin straps. "Get it over with girl", she thought and opened the door.

The atmosphere was electric, a whoop went up when they saw her.

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