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An oil massage for 'thigh clenchers'.


"So what's a cameltoe Lisa asked me as we sat down with the tray of snacks and cold drinks between us. It's not in the dictionary; I tried to look it up." The frown on her forehead gave evidence of her curiosity.

"It killed a cat you know." I said laughingly.

"A cameltoe?"

"No curiosity," I smiled. The cookie struck my left ear. "Okay, okay, I'll show you." I stood up and took her arm. Have you got a mirror somewhere, a big one?"

"In my room." She led me by the arm to a room halfway down the passageway. "My little kingdom," she said and pointed to mostly pink bedroom. She was a huge Mel Gibson fan. Numerous posters of him decorated the wall. Brad Pitt got second place with a notable smaller collection of posters. She was a Pete McBride fan too. I noticed the open school year book on her bed. It was opened on a page featuring a sizable photo of me, holding up the Southern Regions' tennis trophy. It was taken a year ago, just after I have won the region's finals.

She blushed and rushed over to the bed and closed the book.

"Come here," I said. As she obeyed I turned her around and put my arms around her from behind. We were both facing the full length mirror on the wall. She was still in her school uniform and I reached down and caught the lower rim of her dress. I slowly pulled it up to above her waist. She was still wearing the white full-cut cotton briefs. I held on to her dress with my left hand while my right moved to her vulva. With my index finger I carefully forced the panties' material in between her labia. The material was damp and soggy as I moved my finger up and down. Her body became limp in my arms, her breathing rapid. I moved my hand away and the material still clung to her inner folds. Her lips were now clearly visible underneath the white fabric.

"That's a cameltoe," I whispered in her ear, softly biting into the lobe.

She must have lost her curiosity somewhere, for her eyes were closed as she turned her head to mine. "Don't stop," she muttered.

She was still standing with her back against my chest, but tilted her head, enabling me to kiss the side of her mouth. I let go of the dress and fondled her breasts from behind. I kept kissing her in the neck and my hardness was boring into her buttocks. She wrestled herself loose from my grip, turned around to return my kisses. The freshness of untouched youth was in her mouth. My tongue relished the taste as her lips parted to allow me inside. Her tongue explored cautiously. The insecure movements savoured the unknown territory of my mouth timorously.

I undressed the both of us, never stopping my kisses, planting them all over her body. As we fell both naked on her bed, I lowered my kisses to her opened legs. I ascended my tongue on the inside of her thigh. Smelled her womanhood before my tongue made contact with the hairless lips. I ran my tongue on the outside of her labia, both sides. Lisa was moaning with anticipation as my tongue finally divided her inner lips to follow the path up to her clitoris. Her unexplored femininity waited aroused, ripe and ready as I moved my body on top of hers. My penis gently negotiated the entrance to her vagina, stopped by thin barrier to her complete womanhood. I gently applied more and more pressure with each controlled thrust. Her nails dug into the flesh of my back and we shared the pain as the barrier finally gave way. I became aware of a new wetness as the fluids of her lost innocence embraced my shaft. Trickled to a small puddle of evidence on the white linen sheets. She was uncomfortable yet fulfilled. I knew she would not come, not today, as I shot my load into her.


It was precisely five o' clock as I knocked on Mrs.

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