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One of Roger's new concubines has a secret.

"You see, Slave Candy has been trained to think of any need that I may have. I have trained her that my pleasure comes before hers and if she forgets that, let's just say she will not be able to sit comfortably or cum for some time. Isn't that right Candy?" he digs his boot into his wet cunt pressing on her clit making her squirm. He sips his drink and smokes the cigar nonchalantly.

"Yes Master. Your pleasure comes before everything." She says humbly with pleading eyes for his cock in all her holes.

The firework show begins as Master Strong pours two glasses of fine bourbon and lights up a cigar. He looks down at Slave Candy's pleading eyes and gives a nod. She jumps at his cock, hungrily slurping at his balls before pushing his cock down her throat making herself gag. She knows he loves to see her struggle under his power and at the same time she loves being under his power. He knows it makes her cunt wet. He knows she loves to work to earn her pleasure if he feels like giving it to her.

Slave Cindy sucks her master's cock, but it seems as though Slave Cindy is not pleasing Master Hunter as good as Slave Candy. Slave Candy learned to suck on cock from sucking on dildos and much face fucking on her master's cock. She learned how to gag to perfection and how to give a nice, sloppy, and messy blow job that accentuates her slutiness.

"Up and on the bed whore. I'm ready to pound your cunt until it is red, swollen, and completely sensitive. I am going to fuck you." He says as he takes hold of her collar leading her to the bed.

Master Strong redirects his attention towards Master Hunter, "You and your slave are welcome to stay. It seems like your slave needs to learn how to be a proper slut."

"Thank you. We may just stay. Please, pretend like we aren't here." Master Hunter says.

"Now whore, it seems like we have an audience. If you disobey me or displease me in anyway, you will edge three times a day with no cumming for a month, and you will receive a pussy or ass whipping once a week. Is that clear?" Master Strong says as he grips Slave Candy's chin tight.

Slave Candy nods, "Yes daddy. I understand. Please fuck my dirty desperate cunt 'till I can't walk normal."

Master Strong grabs his slave by the shoulders and picks her up slightly as their lips lock for a long passionate kiss. Slave Candy wraps her arms around his neck as they continue kissing. She rubs her soaked cunt on his hard and thick cock. He reaches down, grabs her ass cheeks and picks her up by her ass. She wraps her thighs around his hips, feeling her sopping cunt drip down as he does. She feels the warm tip of Master Strong's wide long cock at the entrance of her desperate cunt.

"Please may I feel your cock inside me, please." She whimpers as he quickly lowers her on his cock. She moans and screams in pleasure, surprise, and ecstasy. Her wet, tight, warm pussy squeezes his cock as she is roughly bounced up and down on his cock. Her moans increase in loudness through every thrust. Master Strong feels her fingers squeeze on his back and her hot breath from her moans on his neck. He walks over to the bed with her and throws her down. She sits up, opens her mouth, and he quickly pushes his cock deeply down her throat burying her nose in his balls. She tastes her master's cock and the taste of her pussy. The smell of her desperate cunt is sniffed up by her nose from her master's balls.

Noises can be heard in the background from Master Hunter. His slave, Slave Cindy is working hard on his cock. But the show is yet to begin.

Master Strong pulls his slave off his cock and slaps her cheek. He takes her nipples in between his thumb and pointer finger, squeezes hard, pulling her nipples out. He lets go of one, grabs his stinging crop, and slaps the hardened nipple. He knows just how to get his slave's nipples hard, especially that pesky right nipple. He repeatedly moderately slaps his cunt's clit causing her to whimper from its sting. It drives him wild to see her squirm under his control.

"Slut I need

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