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sub meets a new Mistress.

"Baba, my esteemed master, the son of a distinguished businessman in the city, you don't wear underwear around the house because you are now always ready to receive a spanking on your bum from me, your old maid."
"Yes, bua." I admitted, my face red with embarrassment. Then I added, perhaps a little boldly, "You are not old, bua. You are a very beautiful woman."

Still holding me by the balls, Rashida asked me, "When was the last time I punished you, baba?"

She had completely ignored my faint attempt at flirting with her! I felt so humiliated. As if it wasn't enough that she now had my balls in her hand!

"Four days ago, bua." I answered.

"Yes, it was four days ago, that I had spanked you last." Rashida nodded, rubbing my balls with the palm of her hand. "And again, now here you are, butt naked, standing in front of me -- your lowly maid servant. And I am fully clothed, in command, seated on your bed, while you are completely lengta (naked). And I am the one playing with your bichi (testicles)."

I cringed with embarrassment.

"You have interesting balls, baba." Rashida wrapped two fingers around my right testicle and shook it slightly, before repeating the action with my left. "They are so much bigger than your little nunu. Full of cum, aren't you, baba?"

"Er .. yes, bua." I grew hopeful. Was she going to give me a release?

"This small little nunu of yours ..." Rashida held my penis with two of her fingers with disdain. "This is always getting you into trouble."

"Yes, bua."

"It's because of this small nunu," Rashida told me, gently rubbing one finger on the vein running across my briskly hardening phallus. "That you are in this situation today, baba."

"Yes, bua."

"This tiny nunu of yours has now made you a servant of your maid, baba." Rashida kept stroking me. "You are the scion of a wealthy, powerful family, and yet here you are, being scolded, punished and humiliated by your kaajer meye (maid)!"

I could only silently agree with my embarrassing predicament.

"Do you want to cum, baba?" Rashida asked me, with a devious grin on her face. She continued to rub me, and I was now completely turgid.

"Er ... yes, bua. Yes! Can I, please?"

"No! You have to earn it, Tarek. Earn it with good behavior!"


Rashida let go of my manhood and snapped her fingers.

"Tarek! Bow down to me, your mistress, and lick my feet!"

"Yes, my lovely bua, my beautiful bua, you are my mistress, and I am your slave, worthy enough only to lick your feet."

With as much dignity and poise as I could, given that I was stark naked from the waist down and sporting a rock hard penis, I cravenly rushed to obey her command. I immediately prostrated myself on the floor and started to lap at her feet. I ran my tongue along each of her toes and sucked on each one of them. I then licked her ankles until her feet were dripping wet. I loved being in this position -- in complete submission to my lovely mistress.

"Stop!" She ordered. "Now, lie down! Face down on the floor! Put your face under my feet."

As commanded, I laid down on the floor on my belly, face down. Rashida then placed her feet on the back of my head, kneading her heels into my cheeks. So here was I, the rich son of a rich family, and my head was being used as a footrest by our lowly maid!

I lay there for a good fifteen minutes as Rashida continued to rub her feet against my head. Then she resumed talking to me.

"The last time I spanked you," Rashida told me, "was for trying to eat something that was clearly not meant for you.

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