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If there were two of me...

A gasp of surprise escapes her lips but it is followed by a sigh of relief as she sees her Master in the doorway. Her relief is short lived as soon as she sees the look on his face as he shuts the door.

She quickly stands putting her hands behind her back and her heart starts to race in fear. "Get in front of your desk and bend over with your hands on the desk now, bitch." She walks quickly to the front of her desk bending over with her ass out, back arched, and feet shoulder width apart.

As he walks over she sees something that looks like a flogger in his hand. He while standing behind her he grabs her skirt pulling it down off her ass. He then grabs her to make her stand up straight. He pulls her shirt off over her head and the unlatches her bra with the whip free hand.

"Step out of your skirt and kick off your shoes and then get back into position." She immediately follows his orders and then stands in position with just the chocker that resembles a cat collar. He grabs a leash out of his pocket and hooks it to the collar then pulls it tight making her strain to remain in the correct position.

He strikes her ass with the flogger making her gasp in pain. He slaps it against her ass again and again making her whole body weak. She counts each strike in her head 5..... 10... 15... He starts to strike her faster and she starts to lose count. While he hits her most of his strikes hit her back, but some hit her thighs or back. She is at the point of collapsing to the floor when he stops. Tears are freely flowing from star's eyes.

She feels his hand run across one cheek and then the next. His hand feels cool to her ass relieving some of the pain but the natural salt and oils on his hand along with the pressure doubles the pain. As he caresses she is surprised to feel herself becoming aroused by the contrasting sensations.

He steps beside her and goes to her desk. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a long rubber object. It looks like a dildo however at the end it grows smaller with something that looks like a handle to grab on. She wonders to herself what it is and what he is going to do with it.

What confused her even more is he next pulls lube out of the same pocket also placing it on the desk. He lets her look at the objects for a minute before picking up the rubber one. He opens the lube with the other hand before picking it up and putting a small amount on the rubber object. He puts the lube back down and then spreads what he applied on the rubber object from one end to the other. The size of the object was about nine inches long, just slightly smaller than her Master's cock.

He walks behind her and places one hand on her ass and plays with her asshole with his fingers that still have lube on them. She then felt him put the rubber object to her ass and push it inside her. It fills her inside and she moans in pain as it feels like it is going to rip her asshole.

"Star ,what I just put into you is called a butt plug. This is to be worn by you for now on. It will train the muscle around your ass so you will be able to accommodate my cock into your ass easier in the future. I was going to start you on a smaller size but after your failure earlier I think some pain will do you some good. It will keep you remembering who is in charge. You take it out when you need to use the restroom but otherwise it is to be in your ass."

"Yes, Master, " star replies. She stands there in complete discomfort however she cannot help but have her arousal get even more intense. His hand slides down her ass to feel her wetness of her pussy.

"You are a little slut aren't you? You are soaking wet and all I have done is punish you." He stands her up. The change in position emphasizes the plug inside of her. He pushes her into a classroom desk, making her sit on it and forcing the plug farther into her.

He kisses her neck and down her body to her breasts.

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