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Karen helps Delilah try on more than clothes.

..Olivia slipped her feet from my grasp, and slid around in the spa to move up next to me...her lips worked their way up from my upper arm, over my shoulder, up my neck, before opening to release her probing tongue around my ear...she began to nibble, gently at first, and then firmer, at my ear lobe, all of which was working me up to a state of excitement that is was getting keener to act upon

I leaned into her ear and whispered, "Let me lick your tits, darling." Her response was immediate...she kneeled by in the tub and cupped her gorgeous breasts in her hand.

I pulled the flimsy bra cups to either side of her chest and leaned forward to feed her left nipple to my waiting mouth...I sucked on her wet nipple, rolling it between my lips, reaching up to take the fullness of her breasts in my hands...I sucked deeper on her breast, engulfing as much as I could of her, running my tongue over her nipple within my mouth.

Olivia sighed with pleasure as I did this with first one breast, then the other, my thumb rubbing and flicking one exposed nipple as my mouth centred attention on the other...I couldn't get enough of her magnificent tits, I sucked and pinched and rubbed and caressed them with hands, mouth and tongue for an absolute age...while I continued to suck them, I ran my hands down her side, around her back and ending up on her cute ass.

I held her firm cheeks and pulled her hips towards me, and reached between her legs to pull her bikini to one side, allowing her cunt to glide back and forth over the tip of my cock, allowing it to graze over her cunt lips and lightly stimulate her clit, resulting in murmurs of approval from my sweet babe...when I finally backed off, I sat back and just admired her beauty, the slick traces of my saliva reflecting in the dim light of the candles in the room.

I then started to slide myself out from under her legs, up the side of the spa, until I was sitting out of the water, on the outer edge of the spa, exposing my very hard and wanton cock for her attention.

I didn't need to say a thing, Olivia knew what I was after...she bent over, her firm, round ass poking out of the water and her smooth back dripping with moisture...her long blonde hair, tied up to keep out of the water, stray hairs falling to each side of her head and resting in my crotch as she moved up to take my hardness into her mouth...I gasped with sheer delight at the first sense of her oral ministrations beginning on my cock...her tongue flicking over the head, swirling around the tip, taking in every ridge, every curve.

She licked up and down the length of it before wrapping her lips over me and starting to pump her mouth, taking as much of me as she could deep into her...I lay back against the wall, enjoying the pleasures being lavished on me, when I heard a knock as the door...Olivia didn't stop from her mission, and I was in no mood to interrupt her, so I called out, "Come in, we're in the spa."

I heard the door open and close and Jo called out from the living room.

"Can I come in?"

"Please do," I replied, trying not to show the strain of Olivia's now even more focused attentions on my cock, as I wanted this sight to greet our lovely blonde friend as she walked through the bathroom door...she stopped in the doorway, a grin spreading across her face as she took in the sight of Olivia's bobbing head in my groin, and the look of impending release on my own face as I neared climax.

"Couldn't wait for me, huh?" Jo said as she moved towards me, reaching behind my head and lowering her lips to mine, sliding her tongue into my mouth to entwine with mine, stifling my moans as I felt the rush of semen build in my cock and my climax build, until I finally released a hot rush of come into Olivia's waiting mouth.

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