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Heroic duo of a white mother and her asian step-son.

' She thought. 'Maybe I could give him a chance?'


The next day DC wanted to repeat the same walk.

He saw her and began to approach. She was wearing a blue sun dress and sandals today. Her bare legs were a magnet for his eyes. He was mesmerized by her slender thighs that he could only see a few inches of. He tried to imagine what the rest of the naked flesh of her legs looked like. Her knickers were only a flip of her dress away. He imagined what it would be like to lick her pussy. He had watched lots of porn, but what would it taste like, feel like? Based on the videos, he pictured what her pussy would look like. He guessed a girl like her would have some public hair.

Melody had spent a sleepless night stewing over DC. The lust she had carried home from DC had caused her to masturbate three times. About him. It bothered her to no end. She was pissed off and agitated all night. Now she was tired and mad. At this point, she wanted nothing to do with him.

When he approached during their walk home, she tried to let him down hard, "Look, just because we had a nice walk yesterday does not mean I want to be friends."

Her acting like a bitch made it easier for him to act like a dick without feeling guilty about it. He grabbed her hand and bridged their minds together. He spent the walk wandering around her mind figuring out the lay of the land. He couldn't read her thoughts, but while they touched he could feel her emotions clearly.

Touching her soothed his desires and pent up sexual frustrations. It was like she took away his ache.

He really wanted her to like him back. Maybe he could use this crazy link to mind control her into liking him.

When we got to her house he let go of her hand and she immediately broke out into a run for her front door. He could hear her crying.

DC felt horrible. Even though she was a bitch, he did not feel like he should be cruel.

She ran straight to her room and dove onto her bed.

"God damn him and his fucking hormones!" she sobbed to herself. He had made her horny again. Really horny this time. She had wanted to drag him with her to her bedroom.

Her hands absently ran up her thighs pulling the hem of her dress up with them. She didn't even consider what she was doing until her thumbs hooked in the sides of her panties.

She imagined it was DC sliding off her underwear. In her mind, his head was between her thighs, licking. Her fingers rubbed small circles teasing her clit. She was already dripping wet.

She closed her eyes and teased her pussy. Her fingers combed her long public hair. She had not really groomed her pussy for reasons other than not having the hair show when she wore a bathing suit. She thought that DC would like it if she trimmed it short and shaved the lips. He could lick her better that way. She played with her wet opening and moved some of the moisture up to her clit.

Melody had never been this engaged in erotic fantasy in her life. She wanted him to eat her so bad. She pushed two fingers in while her other hand stayed on her clit.

Fuck, it wasn't enough. She stood and shucked the rest of her clothes. She grabbed her favorite hair brush and fell back to her bed.

She rubbed the ridged gel handle of the brush across her folds and teased her nipples with her other hand. She imagined the brush handle was DC's tongue. For five minutes she toyed with herself ever increasing her level of pleasure.

When she sensed she was close, she vigorously shook the handle on her clit and pinched and pulled at her nipple hard. Her whole body clenched as her orgasm blossomed. Her body curled forward as her muscles locked. She could not breath or move. Her left leg went into sewing machine spasms and her hands went numb. She fell over into a fetal position as her climax released her.

"Fuck, that was great." she said as she attempted to regain her breathe. She idly played with her nipples as the fire of need began to ignite again. "Shit, I need more."

She wobbled out of bed on rubbery legs and saw herself in her vanity mirror.

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