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4 best friends go on a trip they'll never forget.

She unlaced the ribbons and tied them together. She straddled me again, and tied one wrist, than the other to the other end, making a very loose pair of ribbon cuffs. She stood over me on the bed and moved the ribbon behind the headboard. I was now splayed out, but still comfortable.

She sat again with her pussy lips on my cock and undressed, leaving only the garter skirt and stockings. When she lifted the dress up over her head her breasts bounced out and sat in a perky D cup. I wished I could've played with those before I had agreed to be tied up. Without the hat I noticed her hair was down to her waist, dark and curly. It framed her face as she grinned at me, obviously enjoying my reaction to her. My cock was my give away, it kept throbbing and tensing against her. She giggled and sidled herself down until she was once again facing my cock. She leaned forward and licked me again from base to tip, tip to base until she was satisfied I was wet enough. Her hand had travelled between my legs, and was stroking my balls as if to juggle them lightly.

She used the other to grip my cock in place as she ran her tongue around the edge of my cock head. I squirmed and moaned. Thrusting to try to get at least the head in between those lips. She moved the bottom of the tip rapidly against her tongue, watching me shudder from her careful ministrations. I watched as she lowered her mouth over my cock while holding it in place with her hand. I could once more feel her breath, and sense the heat and moisture of her mouth, but she refused to let me feel it complety, Only when she was at her hand did she finally close her lips around me, her tongue tightly fitting against my shaft. Her head kept going down until I could feel the back of her throat against my head. Moving her head slowly up and down, I could feel her tongue lick my head and precum until it was too full of my shaft, and my head could feel her throat again. The pace was agonizing. I was like having an itch being scratched at a speed where the itch came back while they were scratching.

Suddenly my cock plopped out of her mouth. I looked down to see what had stopped her. She moved herself up a bit.

"Don't worry." She said and bit her lip at me.

She leaned herself over me again, pressing her tits together at the head of my cock. Her sucking had made my cock wet and slick. She pushed her tits over and down my cock. It felt soft, tight, and wet. I watched her move them up and down my shaft, getting quicker. Seeing my head peek out was quite the visual. Her nipples were surrounded by dark rose circles the colour of wine, a sharp contrast to her pale skin. She was playing with the hardened tips as she moved herself up and down. She caught me watching and giggled.

She leaned her head down, and I wondered what she was doing until I felt that soft tongue lick me every upstroke. Up, suck in and lick, down, up, suck and lick.

She dropped her breasts away from my shaft, but that licking never stopped. She increased the tempo, and I was finally feeling the tingling in my balls signalling my release was getting close. She was stroking with one hand meeting her mouth with it, keeping the entire shaft slicked and tight. The other was back to brushing against my balls.

She pulled her mouth back, and ran her tongue along the slit in my cockhead, causing my body to arch. With an inquisitive look she moved her head down and sucked the tip in licking the slit rapidly, causing my body to squirm, shudder, trying to get more of that sensation of intense pleasure. I felt like my precum was coming out in buckets into her mouth. She sucked harder, opening it a little more and probing it with her tongue. I needed to cum, and I was pretty sure I was going to hit the ceiling. I was moaning so loudly, I thought someone was going to knock on the door. I just couldn't stay quiet.

She was now moving up and down my shaft again, with her lips wrapped firmly around me, keeping my cock vacuum sealed into the position to plunder my slit.

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