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Writing quickly succumbs to fucking and sucking.

We haven't had our first meeting, so there is not a lot more information to go with that sketchy description."

The eggs were perfect and we were busy eating and talking. I asked, "Janice said you were an economics PhD from Oxford. Where in that spectrum do you fit?

The marvelous voice rolled out at me. "I did my dissertation on quantitative applications of theory to product development and pricing in electronics. Did some new work on the difference in strategies between market leaders and market followers."

Janice cut in, "His thesis is going to be published in a refereed journal this fall. I told him he should take his time looking for work."

He smiled, "It's worse than that, she has been paying my bills since the graduate fellowship ran out."

We had gravitated to the sofa with more coffee and she was back in his arms. The sharp voice I remembered said, "So you are offering me a chance to be the boss of something R&Dish with no present content whatever? Probably no yearend bonus? No housing subsidy?" Her toes poked me. "Sounds like an Alec Clinton caper."

I gave her my best evil grin while working the feet and ankles vigorously. "Yes, all of that. The two of us will work up a revised resume for you which I will show to Dr. Sung this evening. It will be heavy on the quality of your PhD work, and light on your current frustrations with British finance people. I will advise that you might be interested if the JV takes shape and gets off the ground. I will further advise that if he wishes to meet you while he is here, that can be arranged. Discreetly, of course."

Janice was turned over, her head shaking in Jeremy's shoulder. "Damn you, Alec. I ran away because I thought there was money and glory here! Thank God, I've got Jeremy's shoulder to cry on."

More evil grin, "I have a suspicion Jeremy has more for you than a shoulder to cry on."

A muffled, "Oh fuck!" came back at me. Jeremy's big hand swatted the clothed bottom sticking up between us. "Behave!"

She turned over and smiled through tears. "How did you know I would fall for your crazy idea to bring me back to Cambridge?"

"I didn't. But when Anna and Liu and I talked about hiring for the JV, and the need for a strong, technically competent leader, it wasn't long before your name came up. I did talk to Liu about you."

Jeremy handed her a tissue and she sat up straight between us, wiping. After a moment, she punched my arm as she had so often before. "Tell me what he said."

"I think we are not supposed to get physical with each other. You have a new man in your life."

She took Jeremy's hand. "If I am going to work for him, I have to be able to throw punches when I get mad. It won't mean I am about to jump into bed."

Jeremy's eyes were open and questioning. We had known each other for hardly an hour. I said, "He has to be with you, or no deal. I don't do trans-Atlantic relationships."

She took a deep breath. "That's fine. He will visit as a tourist while we sort things out. The right kind of job offer will come with a work visa."

Jeremy winked at me past Janice. His woman was back in control mode.

I took her free hand and squeezed. Just like that we had a deal. The metaphorical bridge had been crossed. Everything could fall apart in an instant, but the talented and mercurial Janice was onboard.

I said, very lightly, "I have no idea how to sell this at home. Ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, both of them expensive PhD's, with no firm deal with the Asians and no housing..."

The punch was harder and Jeremy was laughing harder. I decided a timely exit was necessary. They needed a chance to bounce this new idea around, and maybe a little additional bouncing as well. Probably not on the carpet, which didn't look anywhere near as soft as the one in Boston.

"I am going to walk down to the river and back to Brown's.

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