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A wife deceives her husband and cheats with a colleague.

Father put his hand on my chest and pushed me back. I was sitting between him and Reverend Steve, my dress up around my waist revealing my panties to all the men. My brain was still blurred, but I knew that was not something a nice girl should be showing her father and reverend!

Father used his hand that wasn't holding me down to turn my face towards him. "Beth, I'm just showing these men how nice your kitty looks waxed." he tells me.

Confused and drunk, I still struggle against the hands on me as the reverend helps my own father spread my thighs wide, Father himself pulling aside my panties to reveal my hairless privates to the other men. I started to speak, wanting to beg them to let me up, but Reverend Steve covered my mouth and told me silence was golden.

"You know Beth, this is my right" my father says to me harshly as he begins to pull my panties down my legs till they're stretched between my knees obscenely. "My right as a man, is to use women. God thinks so, I think so, and you'll learn so. You're a whore like all women, a whore who has to earn her keep so I suggest you learn quickly."

I'm scared and can feel tears in my eyes, but my father isn't looking at my face anymore. His eyes are glued between my legs, watching his own finger violate my innocence. Reverend Steve still has a hand covering my mouth, but his other has moved to my breast squeezing it roughly as he watches my father's hand.

"This seminar is to teach you this, Beth. You're going to learn how to be of service to men, just as God intended you to be. You'll spend the next six days with us, as well as a few more guests, be taught exactly what you are." Father lectures me, the entire time he's spreading open my kitty, rubbing it roughly while the men watch him. I can feel the tears starting to drip down my face, and Reverend Steve notices them on his hand and smiles at me.

"Clyde, don't you think it's time she properly introduced herself to all of us?" Revered Steve asked my father. This made all of the men chuckle and that couldn't mean anything good. Father and Steve let me go, encouraging me to sit up. Father handed me another glass of whiskey, insisting I drink it. Once I was finished he told me to stand up, then pulled my dress over my head. I had never been allowed to wear a bra, which left me with just my panties still half down, standing in a room of four men.

"Take off those panties and come sit in my lap, Beth." Father told me roughly. Pushing the panties down and kicking them off was difficulty in my drunken state, but I managed. I tried to sit on Father's lap like I always had but he adjusted me so that I was straddling his lap. "Now, you will sit there, quietly and obediently, while I introduce myself to your body. Once I'm done, you're to introduce your body to the other men as well. If you don't behave, I'll be very upset Beth."

With that he proceeded to start touching my breasts, slowly at first, then roughly, pinching my nipples very hard. At one point I couldn't help a small yelp of pain when he pinched too roughly, and immediately he smacked me in the face. Learning my lesson on staying quiet, I bite my lip as he continues torturing my breasts for another moment before pushing me out of his lap. I stumbled and landed in a heap on the floor, making the men laugh and remark how poorly I was handling my alcohol.

"Stay on the floor you drunken little slut. Crawl over to Chris and introduce yourself." My father demanded. Intoxicated and ashamed, I crawled on the floor over to the man I had met just a few hours before, straddled his lap and silently let him grope me, mauling my young firm breasts and running his fingers over my kitty, smiling viciously at me the entire time while I cried. After a few comments to the other men about how much fun my body would be, Chris pushed me out of his lap back onto the floor. Father handed me the bottle of whiskey and told me to take another drink, so I take a small sip and try to hand it back to him but am told to take a real drink and act like an adult.

My hands are tr

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