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A chance meeting turns into a public tryst.

He was breathing hard. His hand was raised for another spank but she saw him hesitate. Instead of spanking his sister again he spread his fingers and gently caressed Kelly's bottom. Kelly slowly raised her head from the couch.

Martin absently moved his hand over both shapely cheeks. Cynthia watched, her lips slightly parted, until he suddenly seemed to realise what he was doing. He jerked his head to look at her and snatched his hand away at the same time. They looked at each other. His eyes were bright and staring and Cynthia felt the hot intensity of his gaze.

She nodded gently and Martin frowned. He looked at Kelly's bottom again then slowly raised his eyes to stare at his mother with a puzzled expression.

It was suddenly very quiet there with only the sound of their breathing gradually slowing. Martin stared at Cynthia a moment longer then almost imperceptibly shook his head.

Cynthia narrowed her lips and drew a deep breath. She held his gaze a moment longer then spoke.

"Stand up, both of you."

Kelly moved slowly, as if she was stiff. Her hair hid her face. Her shoulders hitched once. She didn't look at anyone but stood before the couch with her head bowed.

Martin's erection showed stiffly through his jeans. He lowered his eyes self consciously as he stood up, then he clasped his hands loosely together and held them before him to try and hide the bulge in his jeans.

Cynthia looked at them both thoughtfully. They looked equally ashamed, chastened and uncomfortable. They stared at a place on the carpet midway between the couch and where she sat. Her face felt hot, she could feel her lungs short of air, filling and emptying too fast. She couldn't seem to control her breathing and her lips were dry.

"Now both of you, take off your clothes," she said quietly. She wet her lips. Her clasped hands moved against each other in her lap. She held her knees tightly together.

Kelly's shoulders dropped. She swayed. Her lips narrowed but she didn't raise her head. Martin drew a long, deep breath and looked across the room to meet his mother's gaze.

"Take your clothes off, now," Cynthia said, staring at him, unblinking.

"Mom, please..." Kelly's voice was a plaintive, desperate whisper. Her face was flushed, the upper swells of her breasts rose and fell.

"Do it!" Cynthia snapped. She realised her clasped hands were pressing harder between her thighs and she made herself relax them.

Martin slowly shook his head but he gathered up his T-shirt and pulled it over his head.

Cynthia watched intently, perched on the very edge of the armchair, tensing and relaxing her thighs. Her breathing became more ragged.

Embarassed and reluctant, Martin and Kelly undressed slowly. They turned away from each other and lowered their jeans at the same time. Both of them were slim and lithe. Kelly wore red panties that matched her bra. Martin's erection thrust stiffly against his boxers.

Cynthia watched Kelly unhook her bra and take it off. Her bare breasts were full and needed no support. She could have been a model. Her nipples were small and hard and her breasts swayed gently as she moved. Her head was bowed as she hooked her fingers into her panties and drew them down.

Martin's cock thrust stiffly before him as he stepped out of his boxers. It was slim and long and swayed as he moved.

When they were naked they both turned reluctantly towards their mother, their heads bowed in shame, their bodies young and flawless exposed to her appraising gaze.

Kelly raised her head. She stared at a point somewhere on the far wall and held herself stiffly, her face bright red, staring at the wall as if by doing so she could ignore the fact that she was naked. Her pubic hair had been shaved to a pencil thin line. Her stomach was taut, her hips slim, her breasts full. She breathed rapidly with her lips slightly parted. Her blonde hair was messy.

Beside her Martin stood with his shoulders hunched and drawn in.

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