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Buffy is hot for teacher.

I actually took more than one shot of this dessert masterpiece. I wondered what Casey and Suzanne would think. Maybe they would try to outdo her. I did a waist up shot as she arched her back, a closeup of one breast and then the other, and finally a closeup of the strawberry and the whip cream.

Continue is exactly what I did with gusto. I helped myself to one of the strawberries and licked the cream all around it until I saw the hardened nipple which I promptly bit into causing a gurgling cry from Anne. I hefted the breast with both hands and slowly licked up all of the whip cream to her delight making sure my tongue licked the bottom, sides, and cleavage. I finished by biting on the nipple hard making it even more erect than it was. Having finished the right side I began to do the same thing to her left one. First the strawberry, then a healthy portion of the whip cream followed by holding it up with both hands to make sure I got all of the cream off. When I finished I held each one in my hand kneading them like bread again and looked at my handiwork.

She sensed the next move and pulled off her shorts as well as my pants, spread her legs and waited for my tongue to bring her into ecstasy which I did in a very short period of time. Between my nimble fingers and my tongue darting in and out of her pussy she climaxed in a very short period of time, collapsing for a brief moment on the couch.

"Change positions with me now Mike. It's time for a lot of sucking and titty fucking. Do you want me to get the oil?"

"Please Anne. I want it to slide smoothly."

She got up went to the bathroom and came back with the baby oil. She opened the bottle, looked at it, and proceeded to swallow my cock like she did last night taking it all the way down to the base. Now it was my turn to groan in delight as she slowly moved her mouth back and forth on my shaft. I was in heaven. She stopped, squirted a small amount of oil on my cock, and on the top of each breast and then slowly rubbed it into my cock.

"Knead my titties Mike and lube them up good before I give you the best tit fucking you've ever had in your life."

My kneading was slow and thorough and both breasts and cock glistened with oil. You could smell that unmistakable aroma from the oil along with the musky smell of her satisfied pussy. Her breasts had very little sag and they practically touched each other giving her a nice tight cleavage to slide my cock through.

Anne took my cock in one hand and slowly put it in her cleavage from the bottom holding it and pushing it up between the slippery flesh. They were close enough together and so firm that she didn't have to hold the sides at all. I just laid there while she held the bottom of my cock and rubbed it between her wonderful titties. While she was doing this ever so slowly she chanted "Fuck em, fuck em, fuck em."

She was holding just high enough on the shaft and her breasts were big enough that I couldn't see the cockhead. I was completely engulfed in her flesh and loving every single minute of it. She was doing it in almost slow motion so the pleasure was enhanced even more and she knew the effect it was having on me.

She got up from the floor and said "Let me lay on the couch and you can get on top of me and fuck my melons real good."

Reluctantly I got up so she could lie down on her back. I sat on her tummy and slid my cock into her cleavage while I held her tits, massaging them at the same time I was fucking her marvelous cleavage. As I slid further and further into her tunnel, the cockhead would appear at the top and her tongue was there to immediately greet it. The sensation so good I would stop and let her not only lick with her tongue but actually suck on it. After a few seconds I would pull back and slowly slide back down her cleavage until only the cockhead was still covered in her breast flesh. I would do it again and again prolonging the inevitable for as long as I could.

"I want you to squeeze my breasts together until the nipples touch and let me hold it in place so you

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