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Jason has visitor to his bedroom.

No longer being newlyweds, their usual kiss on the lips was just a loving greeting. This time though, John tasted her warm tongue which brought a smile to his lips and a slight swelling in his pants. "Now this is different ...and nice", he thought. She smiled at him and said "I can't wait to tell you what happened today. I was a little naughty," she smiled that mysterious smile and then walked away. He stood there like the typical clueless husband, thinking, "Who says something like that and then walks off?" He was hooked on curiosity but it would have to wait.

John survived the wait until bedtime, the whole time wondering and guessing all types of scenarios. Finally Mel climbed in bed and cuddled up to John, grabbing his soft cock under the covers and gently rubbing. Smiling, she asked, "Are you ready to hear what happened?" John wasn't sure what was coming but liked what her hand was doing to him.

"I went to lay out for a while today. I already had a couple of glasses of wine and the sun felt so relaxing. Nobody was home behind us so I thought I'd try to get more sun on my boobs so I took my top off. I was half dozing from the effects of the wine and the warm sun and suddenly I thought I heard something. I didn't see anything so I closed my eyes again. Then I thought I heard someone talking. I opened my eyes and there above me were two young guys on the roof. Honey, I had completely forgotten that you had someone coming out to give an estimate on our roof. One guy was looking right at me; I couldn't move. The other one was farther away. He couldn't see my eyes through my sunglasses so I didn't know whether to pretend I was asleep, pretend I didn't see him, or to try to cover up. Here I was totally topless in front of him. I felt trapped there and was so embarrassed."

"Ok, so this is getting interesting", John thought, and his cock jerked a little. He secretly loved showing his sexy wife off; she so underrated how sexy she was. "So what happened?" he asked and thinking "... as if I am going to turn over and go to sleep now."

Melanie continued, "Acting as if I didn't notice him, I reached for my wine, sipping much more than I needed in one drink. I think I startled him when I moved and he turned toward the other worker as if he was inspecting the roof the whole time. Honey, I'm sorry but I got so embarrassed and didn't know what to do."

Mel left out the part where her nipples got so tight that they hurt, not wanting to sound slutty to John. Nor did she mention how muscular and tan the men were. She was embarrassed but was flattered by the way the men had stared at her. For a fleeting moment she went back to her earlier thoughts that morning. Maybe she should have worn that little blue number, she thought as she adjusted her bottoms, letting just the sides of her pussy show for a second as if by accident. "As soon as he turned around I gathered my towel and other things and walked inside. I was afraid to look up again."

John thought it was hot that she was seen, but he tried to sound supportive. "I hope you weren't too embarrassed honey. I should have reminded you this morning. So they didn't say anything out of the way to you?" He was imagining how sexy she would have looked laying there showing all her sexiness to complete strangers and his cock was getting even harder. Her breasts were always so perfect. "That's not bad. It wasn't your fault and you can't blame them for looking. It's over now, "as he ran his hand up Mel's thigh until her reached a very moist pussy.

Encouraged by his words and his sexy touch, "I have to admit that some of those times you talk about wearing sexy things and flashing you came back to me.

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