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A typical cheating husband story with a twist.

Manal headed to the back, the sisters prayer spot, and knelt down and prayed.

"Jummah Mubarak, brothers and sisters, how are we today?" said the Imam, an older student who appeared to be of Somali descent. Manal sat down and listened to the Imam as he spoke about the importance of a good Muslim's conduct, especially when dealings with the trials and tribulations that plagued adherents of the Islamic faith in the province of Quebec.

"By the Grace of the Most High, we shall persevere," Manal said to herself, nodding in agreement as the Imam cautioned the brothers and sisters in attendance about the hostile climate facing Muslims of all hues in provincial Quebec nowadays. A gun-toting racist white male nutcase had gone into a mosque and killed several people. Mosques across Canada had been vandalized. It was a tough time to be a Muslim in Canada, that's for damn sure...

Manal thought of a recent incident on the bus. She'd been riding the bus from her apartment in Laval to the University of Montreal campus, and on that lengthy bus ride, she ran into a lot of French Canadians who stared at her. As a Hijab-wearing woman of color, Manal was used to being stared at everywhere she went, but that day, the stares were downright hostile.

"Espece de terroriste, retourne dans ton pays," shouted an angry-faced, blonde-haired and blue-eyed white woman in her forties. The blonde woman had gotten on the bus a short time after Manal boarded it, and she was not happy to see her sitting there. Blondie glared at Manal with such hatred that the young woman froze, unsure how to react. I don't even know you, Manal thought, and she got up from her seat and went to the middle of the bus. Amazingly, Blondie got up and followed her.

"Laissez moi tranquille, diablesse blanche, leave me alone, you white she-devil," Manal said angrily, when Blondie came around. This time, Manal rose and confronted the angry white woman, refusing to be bullied. The other woman was bigger than her and had to be close to six feet, a great deal taller than her height of five-foot-five, but Manal refused to let that intimidate her.

"If you touch me, you towel-headed bitch, I'll call the police," Blondie said, laughing while taunting Manal, and she was still smirking when the young Muslim woman lashed out, and slapped her hard across the face. Nobody calls me a towel head without suffering the consequences, male or female, Manal thought angrily, squaring off against the shocked, irate Frenchwoman.

That's how Manal and Blondie got into a fight, and got held by the Montreal Transit Authorities and detained for several hours, given a stern talking to before ultimately being let off with a stern warning. Given the anti-Muslim sentiments in Quebec, things definitely could have gone the other way, so Manal counted herself lucky. The young woman smiled, reminiscing about that harrowing yet fulfilling day...

Justin walked around campus, wondering where he might find Manal. The gal wasn't answering her cell phone. Realizing it was Friday, the holiest day of the week for Muslims, Justin asked around, looking for the spot where they prayed. An Arab-looking dude named Ahmed volunteered to show him the place, and Justin gratefully followed him.

"Here we do Wudu, and then we go to prayer," Ahmed said, and he showed Justin a washroom with four separate basins where several young men were busy washing their faces, hands and feet. Justin nodded, and then after a brief hesitation, did the same. He followed Ahmed to the prayer space, intent on finding Manal and hopefully apologize to her...

"Oh shit," Manal blurted out, then she put her hand over her mouth, so surprised was she by...a most unexpected sight. Justin walked into the prayer space, along with several brothers. While walking in, he was speaking to Ahmed, a young man Manal recognized as one of the leaders of the Muslim Scholars Association. What the fuck is Justin doing here? Manal wondered silently.

"Thank you for making me feel welcome, Ahmed, it's my first time here," Justin said to Ahmed, who smiled a

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