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"But what about you?" She asked.

Ezekiel blushed, but responded anyway, "I return when Ezra returns."

"That's a shame. I was hoping that you might drop by and keep things warm, if you know what I mean?"

Ezekiel was beginning to understand the English way -- he did understand -- and it pleased him greatly to know she wanted it too.

"Well, maybe I could give you something to hold you over." She said with a sly smile.

Mrs. Maddox knelt before him and reached for his fly, an odd expression was fixed to Ezekiel's face. She reached in and gripped his rapidly burgeoning cock tightly between her hands, pulling on it slightly between both of her palms as she adjusted it below her face. She dipped her head and her warm pink tongue darted forward, flicking lightly over the thin, semen-seeping opening.

"Oh," he groaned and thrust his loins involuntarily foreword as the warm moistness of her wetly glistening lips closed like hot melted butter down over the sensitively throbbing head of his cock. He had no idea that so perverse a thing as this was done, but she was doing it to him and he was wont to stop her.

He reached down and tangled his hands tightly in her hair to guide the rhythm of her already slowly bobbing head. The rod of flesh was sinking deep into her mouth now, crushing through her softly moistening lips into the wet saliva at the back of her throat. Ezekiel groaned and undulated his pelvis, forcing the throbbing hardness foreword and inward again until she set up a steady rocking motion, never quite letting it withdraw but leaving the hot swollen head lodged a half an inch or so up inside the warm wet mouth.

"Oh!" he grunted as her lips tightened around his hardness and her tongue began to swirl heatedly around the warm moistness of the rubbery blood-inflated head.

Mrs. Maddox's tongue, with nerve-tingling licks on the outstroke, was making the head throb and jerk as though his heart itself were beating inside it. He bent his head forward and watched through widely bulging eyes, one of his hands tangling tighter into her bobbing head, and the other fondling her sensuously swaying breasts.

He made a hard thrust forward and almost his entire prick disappeared until only a little stretch of it showed white and glistening, protruding from between her rapidly working lips. Her cheeks hollowed on the outstroke and expanded obscenely on the in-stroke. He withdrew and the thin elastic rim of her lips pulled out grotesquely, clinging to the flesh of his warmly tingling cock as though held there by invisible fingers. Her breasts jerked and danced below her lewdly pumping torso, one of them lifting and falling in his hand and adding to the lust-inciting picture.

"Do you like it when I play with your balls at the same time?" she breathed hotly around his cock.

"Oh, yes!"

He sighed deeply and his head rocked back as she massaged the soft resilient skin of his testicles gently with one hand and stroked the base of his cock between the thumb and forefinger of her other hand as she continued to suck rhythmically up and down. She increased the speed and he could feel the silky softness of her tongue twirling faster and faster around his saliva soaked hardness at the apex of the withdrawal, the stroke of her tongue ending in a magic flick across the tiny opening of the glans at the end. He flexed his buttocks, thrusting his hips back and forth and then arched his back to grind his wildly bobbing loins hard against her face.

Mrs. Maddox could feel his throbbing reaction beginning inside his balls and began to suck his cock a little harder, increasing the pressure of her mouth, the tips of her teeth digging gently into the hard resisting flesh, leaving thin white trails where they had scraped the blood beneath the surface of the skin. She reached under his buttocks and cupped them in her palms, pulling his loins up tighter to her face. She could hear his breath quicken and her passion began to build and build in reaction.

As she picked up the pace she felt him begin to ejaculate against the

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