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Sister Joannie gets in on the fun with her brother and Mom.

I'd have to remember that little fact in the future. However, if he had come along, he quickly would have found himself bored to tears. We spent quite some time leisurely trotting around an open field so that I could make note of any shortcomings in the Marquise's horsemanship while her two handmaidens merely entertained themselves by riding along the forest edge, jumping haystacks.

The Marquise was actually a better rider than I would have guessed from her request for tutoring. She wasn't as confident on the back of a horse as she was on her own two feet but that wasn't anything that a little practice wouldn't remedy. I recommended she learn to relax and trust the instincts of the horse, walking her through a few exercises which greatly helped her achieve a more natural posture in the saddle. It would take time, but I was confident I could make an expert rider out of her.

After that, we rode into the greenwood along the paths I'd followed the last time I'd made this trek. In the heart of the forest, we came upon the royal hunting cabin, almost exactly as I'd last seen it.

"I think this will do nicely," the Marquise said. Having dismounted, she lead her horse up the front door and peered through a gap in the shuttered window. "Yes, very nicely indeed. Come along girls, let's get underway."

We pried open the doors with little effort. The heavy wooden timbers which supported the structure were dry and solid. A few small holes had developed in the roof which had allowed the entrance of squirrels and raccoons, and some of the floor boards creaked when trod upon, but otherwise the building was still quite habitable.

The interior was dominated by a soaring great hall with a huge fire pit recessed in the floor and a hanging copper hood above. A series of rooms opened onto a pair of hallways that stretched out to either side, forming the two wings of this royal cabin. The exposed timbers overhead imparted a feeling of vastness and wonder without the least bit of gilding or extensive carvings.

The majority of the shutters were left closed so the interior remained mostly in shadow. It leant a mysterious quality to the proceeding as we got under way. Standing near the center of the hall, I was instructed to draw my dagger while Traemene and Wilona took up position in the shadows.

"Baroness Stephanie; originally of Eagle's Head," The Marquise intoned as she stood at her full imposing height before me. "You are being inducted into the sorority of the knife. This is not a formal sisterhood. There are no rules, no meetings, no dues. Understand, however, that these lessons are not to be taken lightly. They have been passed down from mother to daughter in an unbroken line that traces its roots back to the earliest Calagearan tribes."

"Passed on from mother to daughter?" I said.

Hastily, the Marquise looked away. "There are occasionally extenuating circumstances: orphans and adoptees and the like. I think you more than qualify in this case." Quickly regaining her air of authority, she continued. "It is a sacred duty undertaken by each generation to ensure no woman is ever left defenseless. By accepting my instruction, you must promise to in turn pass on what you learn here to your own daughters."

I cringed in sudden revulsion as my gut twisted. I certainly hoped never to bear any daughters -- or sons either. But I suppose if I did one day SIRE children, I would want them to be able to take of themselves -- especially the girls. "Of course," I managed.

"Now take a stance. Let's see what we have to work with."

I did as instructed and the Marquise circled, looking me up and down.

"Most beginners lock their elbows," she said, taking hold of my forearm. "But not you. I can see you've had some instruction already."

"Some," I admitted. I hadn't consciously thought about what I was doing with my elbows, but Nikelle's harsh instruction was not a thing easily discarded.

"Though obviously not enough," the Marquise said, nudging my toe a bit farther inward.

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