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A teenage girl becomes a fuck toy for outlaw bikers.

The upstairs of the Knotted Rope proved to be a modest sized room filled with small groups of tables. Easy chairs and loveseats clustered in the corners, and more could be seen in a smaller second room through the wide entryway. A long counter filled one side of the room topped with glass cases of baked goods, and blackboards on the wall behind it listed various specialty coffees and teas as well as a short list of cold sandwiches. The lighting was soft, though not dim, and light jazz music played quietly. Overall, it had the air of an understated, classy cafe. Well, it would if not for the patrons.

Several people lounged in chairs, some chatting, others quietly sipping their drinks. While a couple were dressed in what seemed like ordinary clothes, most wore some level of bondage gear, from the young man at a table in jeans, tank top, and spiked leather collar to the girl in a full black and red latex suit curled up with a book in a corner armchair. Some seemed to be there alone, while others were obviously with someone else. A middle-aged man talking animatedly with a younger man sat with his feet propped up on the back of a girl on all fours. In the other room, a man in nothing but black leather pants knelt next to a chair, head bowed, holding up a coffee mug for the woman seated there.

A large man in black with the grey knot on his chest slowly paced the perimeters of the rooms, and another sat next to a black painted door on the far side of the main room. Two young women in the same uniforms stood behind the counter serving a drink to an older woman in spike heeled boots.

Lady Jillian stood at the door for a moment looking around, then strode forward, tugging us by our leashes. I stared about me nervously as she led us to a chair to the side. With a snap and a pointing finger, she brought me to my knees beside the chair. Derek she unclipped from his leash and pressed some bills into his hand.

"Get me a coffee," she told him. "Something vanilla. And her a chai tea, and you will have a hot cider if they have it."

"Yes, Lady," he murmured and turned towards the counter. Lady Jillian watched him go, petting my hair. As I gazed around the room, I noticed several of the other guests looking at us discreetly. Derek returned with our drinks and knelt on the other side of the chair. I lifted my cup to take a sip, only to feel a jerk on my leash.

"You would drink before me?" Lady Jillian admonished.

"No, Lady. I'm sorry, Lady," I replied hurriedly.

"Better." She raised her cup but paused, watching us over the rim with a satisfied grin before drinking.

We sat sipping our drinks and watching the room. A couple left and another entered. The middle-aged man sent his footstool girl for a cookie. The woman with the spike heels disappeared through the door at the back.

I was halfway through my tea when a man strolled up, dark hair cut short, wearing black slacks and a white button up shirt untucked and with the sleeves rolled up to show wide, studded leather cuffs. He took a seat in the next chair and addressed Lady Jillian.

"I've never seen you here before. Are you new?"

"I am," she replied. "I take it you don't get many newcomers here."

"Not often. Most of us are regulars. It's not as if we get people walking in off the street." He chuckled. "You can call me Leo." He held out his hand.

Lady Jillian shifted our leashes to the hand holding her cup and shook his hand.


"It's good to meet you, Jillian," Leo told her. "It's always nice to see fresh faces." He glanced down at Derek and me. "And I must say, you have beautiful slaves."

I found myself sitting up straighter and sucking in my gut, trying to perfect a pleasant, subservient expression, head down, though I couldn't help peering up at them from the corner of my eye.

Lady Jillian smiled proudly and patted Derek on the head.

"Thank you."

Leo took a long sip from his coffee. "A matching pair, that's great. How long have you had them?"

"A little over a year now.

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