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Advancing my interests and selecting my queen.

Just watching Han's slamming his cock into Dawn. Dawn squeezing Han's balls was just too much for me and although I really wanted to fuck Dawn hard but I couldn't hold back anymore I just exploded sending a jet of cum up the beach. And as if on cue Han's started to moan and came inside Dawn in what seem a long time before he stopped moving.

We all laid there for a few seconds just taking in what happened when Dawn announced that she was going into the sea for a wash, so I duly followed and so did Hans. We went down to the water and splash around and chatting away, it seemed quite surreal. Hans had just fucked my wife and there we all chatting like he had just borrowed a cup of sugar. Apparently Hans was staying at a friend's villa just down the road and was very keen that Dawn and I or Dawn if she preferred come and visit him later that evening for a few drinks, in fact he was so keen he wrote the address down on a twenty euro note and said that would pay the cab and with that he left us to go back to the villa to freshen up properly.

Part 2

Dawn and I pack up and went back to our hotel still feeling a bit surreal but the adrenalin buzz was still there for both of us. We freshened up and Dawn picked her sexiest outfit to put on and she looked hot, her character was transcended to the old Dawn I fell in love with. Lots of kisses and a few teasing gropes before we left the room! We went to the restaurant and during the meal I asked Dawn what she wanted to do tonight. Dawn was not very comitial in her response but we both knew what we wanted to do. I pulled out the Euro note and said we could always go and see Hans for a bit and then head on to a club or drink somewhere. This seemed like a good idea and it would be rude not to speak to Hans again, wouldn't it?

We summoned a cab and I handed the cabby the note with the address on. He said Include Tip Yeah OK, to which the cabby put the note into his pocket and laughed. We had not gone more than a couple of hundred yards when he stopped and said here. We had stopped outside a beach bungalow, I pointed to the door and the cabby said in his best English yes that one. We just paid 20 euro's for a short hop, ho hum. We proceeded to the door with slight trepidation and I rung the bell. Hans came to the door and was very pleased to see us and made us very welcome. We soon were relaxing on the patio overlooking a small pool with Hans supplying the drinks. Dawn was knocking the drinks quite heavily but seemed very happy laughing and giggling, I wasn't sure if she was nervous or just trying to please Hans.

Anyway after a while Hans suggested that we could cool off in the pool and it seemed like a good idea. Hans just stood up and the next minute he was naked and half way to the pool, Dawn and I looked at each other and I said well here goes and slipped my clothes off, Dawn not wanting to be left behind quickly stripped off and followed me into the pool.

The pool wasn't big or even deep but it was nice and cool.

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