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Middle age career woman discovers the serenity of submission.

He then trailed his hands to my pubic area, teasing and stroking my inner thighs and pubic mound while avoiding my labia and clitoris. After what seemed like an eternity of my hips moving, trying to make contact between his fingers and my now wet and heated pussy and clit, he lightly began to stroke and gently tug at my pussy lips. My need for him to penetrate me with his fingers and engage my clit with his loving strokes was consuming me.

He then whispered in my ear, asking if I was ready for more, ready for my surprise, as he lightly fingered both nipples. At that point, I wasn't thinking about what the surprise might be, I just wanted more of his touch.

He had built me so close to orgasm that I would have said yes to anything that would allow me to cum. So I said, "yes, I'm ready."

As Steve continued to caress my breasts with both hands, a felt another pair of hands begin to stroke my legs, one hand on each leg. I caught my breath, not knowing what to think. Steve and I had openly fantasized about another man joining us. We had mutually masturbated to that fantasy and had even role played with Steve pretending to be another man, but we had never followed through. Our fantasies and role playing sometimes involved Steve with a black man pleasuring me, or our next-door neighbor Chad.

Steve whispered in my ear to relax and enjoy what was happening, and reminded me that he would never do anything to hurt me or that I wouldn't enjoy. I asked who was in the room with us, not knowing for sure if I really wanted to know.

Steve said, "not now, trust me, just relax and enjoy what we're doing to you and what you're feeling."

I couldn't help but to grow even more excited. I've never had 4 hands touching my naked body. I couldn't see, but I could feel the energy in all 4 hands, stroking and wanting to please me. I could no longer tell which hands were Steve's and which belonged to the stranger, but I could tell that all 4 hands were strong man hands, and after my initial shock wore off, my excitement began to grow to new levels. Knowing another man was with us, seeing me blindfolded and naked for the first time, and touching me was exciting beyond description. I then felt 2 mouths along with the hands, kissing and licking my body. My body was in sensory overload with all the attention, and I wanted to grab them both, pull them to me, and visually feast on my lovers, but I couldn't.

They then worked their hands up to my breasts, all 4 hands stroking and loving my breasts. It felt so amazing, and then a mouth found each nipple. I had 2 mouths sucking my chest, kissing, mouthing, and tonguing my nipples. I have never been so close to orgasm from purely breast stimulation.

As my attention was entirely focused on my breasts and the wonderful loving they were receiving, I was again surprised to feel yet another set of hands on my legs. I breathlessly asked, "who's that."

The 2 mouths on my breasts continued without answer to my question as I felt the newer set of hands gently and slowly move up my legs to my pubic mound and begin to touch me in the most amazing way. Fingers lightly running over my pussy lips, gently circling my clit, back to my lips, beginning a rhythm that was nearly unbearable and unlike the fingers that had earlier touched me.

I knew then that this was the touch of a woman. I've never been touched in such a way by a woman, or a man. It was different than the way Steve touches me, more like the way I touch myself. I then felt warm breath on my upper and inner thighs, belly button, and pubic mound, and I began to moan as I then knew where that mouth was headed. A mouth on each nipple, and then a third mouth kissing and sucking on my labia, drawing each into her mouth to join with her stroking tongue. So good!

I then felt delicate fingers begin to stroke my pussy lips, gathering moisture from my wet pussy, and gently beginning to open my pussy, lightly dipping just inside me.

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