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Lucky guy nails his dream newscaster.

About as red as they come. A "Carrot Top" as people with her naturally orange-red hair are sometimes described or called. Her pubic hair is naturally red also, and as I mentioned before, Rita has a very hairy bush. And as expected with most people with naturally red hair she has more than her fair share of freckles. About as Irish looking as they come. The combination of both, red hair and freckles, gives Rita the appearance of being a lot younger in age than she is. Late 50's.

In case your curious. I'm just the opposite of Rita, with very little pubic hair. As I aged it seemed to get even thinner. It's so sparse and fine that if you put your hand on my pubic mound without looking first you'd swear it was shaved. Plus my pubic hair is very light in color. Light brown or dirty blonde, so visually it even looks to be shaved at first glance because it's so light and fine.

We both exited the pool for the hot tub while Bill and Walter were just getting in the pool. After the chilly pool water the warmer hot tub felt good. The in-ground hot tub is enormous. It could hold ten people easily. In spite of that Rita sat right next to me. When she did it wasn't long before I felt her hand on my inner thighs. All while rubbing them ever so gently.

"I hope you don't mind?" she asked.

"Quite the contrary."...I replied. "Your hands feel wonderful. Maybe too good."

Rita smiled and kissed me. When she did her hand moved to my pubic mound and began rubbing it while one finger found it's way to my clit. When it did I spread my legs apart, which she took as an invitation to rub my clit even more than she already was.

It wasn't long before I found myself starting to hump her finger, but just as I did we heard Bill and Walter get out of the pool. Walter joined us immediately while Bill got more beer for him and Walter, and a bottle of wine and some glasses for Rita and I.

When both Bill and Walter were in the hot tub Rita sat next to Walter and I with Bill. It wasn't long before I noticed Rita was slowly stroking Walter's cock under the water. Same scenario with Bill and I, which didn't take much effort on our part to get their cocks hard and fully erect.

Then I asked Bill if he would like a blow job. I know, stupid question, but it's something I rarely do without asking first. Or at least mentioning it. Same as I would never expect anyone to assume I would just suck their cock.

"Please do Lacey. And if you don't mind I would like to cum on your face like I promised."

"I'm glad you remembered, and keep your promises."

Bill sat on the top edge of the hot tub with his legs bent at the knees and the lower legs dangling in the water. After he did I got between his legs while still in the hot tub and took his fully erect cock straight into my mouth deep as it would go.

Not to be left out, Walter and Rita decided to join us. Walter sat next to Bill and as soon as he did Rita positioned herself between his legs and took his long cock straight into her mouth also. Then we both proceeded to mouth fuck their cocks while sucking furiously. So much so we could easily hear the slurping sounds we both were making as we sucked their cocks. You'd think we were sucking on popsickles instead.

Once again I could comfortably take all of Bill's six inch cock deep in my mouth and throat while Rita as before had to struggle a bit with Walter's much longer eight inch dick. But as she did the one other time, she managed to do so with minimal effort.

Wasn't long before both Walter and Bill were ready to cum, and when I sensed Bill was I readied myself to take his cumload on my face. With Rita it was a different case, she wanted Walter to cum deep in her throat since the last time she sucked his cock he unloaded on her face.

Then both Walter and Bill began to moan while their respective cocks started throbbing ever so slightly in our mouths.

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