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Poirot and Joceline have a date.

My dress was tented as I pulled on my dress from behind, accentuating my hard clitty. Ray stepped closer, undoing his pants and letting them fall to his ankles.

I gasped, "Oh Ray, you have a gorgeous cock, so hairy, so manly!"

Ray waddled closer with his pants still around his ankles. I swayed left and right from my perch on the bench, waving my tented cock at him until he grabbed my hips and ducked his head under my dress. Again I felt his mouth capture my clit, licking the head and shaft.

"Ray, your making me feel so good, I'm so close, do you want me to cum in your mouth?" I asked, trembling from my approaching orgasm.

Ray said in a muffled tone, "Yes, cum in my mouth.

I held his head as I thrust into his mouth. I felt my girly cum squirt, once, twice, before I lost count. Ray kissed my smooth belly, and nibbled on my balls. Pulling his head out from beneath my dress, he looked up at me.

"We should get out of here, it's getting pretty dark," Ray said with sad eyes.

Ray held out his hand, helping me off the bench. Looking at him. I saw a gentleman, a sweet guy. I leaned in and kissed him. I could taste my cum on his tongue. It was so arousing to taste me, on him. My hand dropped from his his cheek, to touch his cock. It was wet, oozing his arousal.

Ray again said, "We should go."

I kissed him again, our tongues dancing, our lips nibbling on each other. I knelt down, pressing my face into his groin. His pubic hair was full of his manly scent. Taking one of his balls in my mouth and then the other, I heard him moan as I licked the pre cum from his cock. Standing, I leaned over the bench and raised my dress giving him a view of my ass.

"Ray, do you like what you see?"

"Mmmmmmm...yeah I do, but it's getting late Sara, I'm worried a park ranger might start patrolling soon."

"Ray, I think you should fuck me, I wanna feel your cock filling my pussy, I need you to cum in me." I said.

Ray got down on his knees and kissed my butt cheek, softly biting it. I felt his hands spread my ass as his tongue began licking my hole. I love to be licked, I love knowing a man is licking pussy, inhaling my scent, tasting me in that special taboo place. I sensed he was now standing behind me as his cock was pressing into me. I was aroused again too. I couldn't wait until he was balls deep in me and I would feel those marvelous feelings as I clenched around him. I love clenching my pussy, milking a cock as it fills me.

I was desperate, I needed his cock, "Give it to me daddy, Don't tease me, take me deep and fast...Daddy needs to cum too!," I moaned.

Ray pushed all the way in taking my breath away. Once he built up a rhythm I was pushing back into him. I loved how he stretched my pussy, my clitty was buzzing with delicious sensations. Grabbing hips harder, he began an assault on my fuck hole, I had never been fucked so deep and fast, not even by Daddy. The head of Ray's cock was hitting my spot, as my clitty was dripping cum. In one last thrust, Ray shot his cum in me, hollowing like a wolf claiming his bitch. I felt the warmth of his cum fill me as it dripped down my thighs. Ray pulled out as I fell to my knees and began cleaning his cock.

"Sara, we need to get out of here, lets go." Ray insisted.

It was now dark and making our way down the path was difficult. Ray held me around the waist as we walked back, giggling and laughing about our adventure. We arrived back at his car and were exiting the parking lot as the park patrol was just arriving. We looked at each other and laughed.

"Sara, where was it that you needed to be dropped off?" Ray asked.

"If you could drop me off at my uncles, I would really appreciate it, could you?"

I gave him directions and sat back feeling Ray's cum oozing from my pussy. I thought it best not to call uncle Bernie, my Daddy as it would raise a number of questions. Ray picked up my panties and held them to his face again.

"Can I keep these as memory of tonight? Ray asked.

"Yes, you may," I replied.

My pussy was wet from the semen.

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