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His right hand still cupped my breast and occasionally slid up and down across my nipples. He rubbed each nipple vigorously and then gently grazed the tips of them with the back of his knuckles. He continued this sweet torture while the fingers of his left hand lightly stroked the front of my crotch. One finger at a time tapped against me, as if he were tickling the ivories of a keyboard. He slid the heel of his palm firmly against the top of my panties and pressed his long middle finger into the vee at the base of my hips. His finger moved against the soft fabric of my panties and pushed them, along with his flattened finger, into my moist wetness. Dan gently started sliding his finger up and down. The scrap of satin that separated our skin was now drenched in my juices and it created a smooth friction as his steady hand moved back and forth. My clit was so sensitive to his touch that it was almost numbing. I couldn't decide if the firmness of his finger against me was too intense-almost painful, or if the ache that I was feeling was my body, betraying me with wanton desire. I parted my lips to whisper to him that it was too much. I only whispered his name and he instinctively stilled his finger and drew my mind back to focus on how deliciously he was stroking and touching both of my breasts. Dan alternated caressing my nipples and kneading each one between his thumb and forefinger. He pinched them into engorged tight peaks.

Dan's left hand moved to the waistband of my panties and tugged at the elastic. He slid them over my thighs and down my knees, letting them drop to the ground at my feet. Then his hand traced their path back up to my thighs. He planted the soft nubby base of his left thumb flat against my clitoris and started circling, while his right hand continued to caress my breasts.

My breathing became labored. I pressed hard against Dan and felt the stiffness of his erection pushing against the small of my back. He slid his middle finger back into place over my clit and spread his other fingers out cupping my mound. My hips started swaying and dancing in a rhythm of their own as Dan's hand kept its steady movement. He was pressing more firmly now and sliding his finger from the top of my clit all the way down inside me. He pushed as far as possible into my wet hole. Then he slid it out again dragging it back across my aching clit. He started slowly at first and then deliberately began to increase the speed of his movements. I steadied the rhythm of my thrusting hips to match the stroking of his hand and we moved in unison together, faster and faster. I ground my hips against his hand. I strained to press down harder. I needed to feel his finger pushed into me even tighter. With the next thrust he pressed two fingers instead of one deep into my wetness. I shoved my shoulders and head back against his chest and let out a series of broken gasps and whimpers. My unbuttoned top fell wide open and the night air stung against my breasts. Dan's hand rubbed and squeezed them. The crisp air danced across the tips of my tight nipples, piercing them with pleasure. The pressure of his hand on my breasts combined with the slight sting of the wind was bittersweet heaven.

I ground myself against Dan's hand with every ounce of strength I possessed as his fingers slammed into me.

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