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Problem daughter gets what she wants.


"Captain, Sir, I feel to have suffered the pains of the damned. As a Convent-raised girl, I beg your mercy. My heart is a-flutter thanks to your clever hands, while my back and bottom ache in spite of your careful behaviors, Sir. Beyond that, although the memories of the pain are vivid, the stripes from the beating are only a burn. I am actually surprised, Sir."

"How say you then, Bitch, about your submission to your masters?"

"Master, I feel sure you would not turn me over to your officers unless I were to be safe; as you have said, you wish my value to be high at Jamaica or my health to survive for ransom. Will you be sure, and be able to assure me, that such a submission will not lead to harm at the hands of your crew?"

"And what kind of submission is this? Dare you BARGAIN with me on my own ship? Your surrender must be unconditional, Bitch, or punishment will continue! I WILL break you! " The tears began to flow once again, and her and she began to wail. I picked up the pear and approached her; she made an effort to control herself and begged me to wait.

"Captain, Master, please! Understand that I am an educated woman, and daughter of a slaveowner. I know how the slaves are treated! Why would I not be afraid?"

Putting the pear back down, I sat down again. "Tell me about your life at home."

"I was never at home for very long, Captain. As soon as I was born, I was given to a wetnurse for care. Later I was sent to France, to Convent School, for proper education and training. My father never wanted a daughter, you see. When Mother gave him no son, she was sent back to France. He wished me around while I was still "cute", but at schooling age wished me gone so he might take other women to his bed for his pleasure, and for a son. Still none produced a son, so father turned to other sources of.... enjoyment, you might say. He would find things slaves did incorrectly, and punish them wickedly. Many tongues were removed, eyes plucked, brands applied. When I finished school and returned home, it was my - obligation, he said, as one to be Mistress of the plantation on Martinique, to learn and master the ways of punishment.

"He had me beat a man's privates to shreds who had simply dropped a piece of crockery. I was required to use a small guillotine to remove a new scullery maid's breast for 'sassing ' my father, that being her resistance to his physical attentions.

"But worst of all, the treatment of a couple discovered fornicating after they had escaped our land. The man and woman were exposed beneath the sun all day for three days, and turned so they always faced the sun. This was to equal the amount of time they were gone. At night, they were bound face down on the sand, to increase the pain of the burn on their skin. Both had guards who tickled them when they fell asleep, so they would wiggle in their gritty beds. The evening of their third day the woman was forced on her back on a grillwork. Her legs were brought up and tied next to her head. Spread like a dockside whore, her lover was forced to watch as every slave on the plantation used her. Men used one hole or the other, while the women straddled her head for satisfaction. When all were done, her holes were filled with black powder and a fuse, then sewn shut. Her lover, freed from his bindings, was brought into her sight: he was hugely erect. Protesting over his betraying reaction, she screamed when he fell to his knees and closed her mouth with his hard rod. He was pushed forward until he closed her throat and massaged until he came. Both were released, then tied face-to-face around the whipping post. His hole was packed with powder as well, then both dowsed with oil. The lit fuses soon burned to ignite the oil, and they screamed until the explosion of the powder silenced them. Their bodies were left in the courtyard for days.

His cruelties terrified me, as did his joy in the administration of them. I was on a voyage of escape when you captured me."

Interesting story.

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