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Man develops a tablet to change him into a woman.

He lowers me to the kitchen floor, grabs my hips, and pushes his face into my groin. The floor is cold, but I don't complain, because his tongue is sweeping up and down my slit. My pubic hair is soppy wet and my opening separates. Around and around my outer lips he moves before licking my slit again and ramming his tongue into me.

I moan. "Oooh'" and place my hands on his head and weaving my fingers through his blonde hair.

As he licks my pussy, he raises his arms and strums my nipples until their hand.

"Oh yes, yes, yes," I moan as the thrills of his mouth and tongue surge through me.

He lifts his head and pushes two fingers into me.

"Don't stop, don't stop," I moan.

The sensations of his fingers probing my cavity walls are marvelous, and I feel the rumbling of my sex organs. I sense him move his head north, his tongue flicks over my clit. Over and over again he licks my most sensitive spot.

I arch my back and groan, "Oaaaugh," as my fluids gush onto his hand and the kitchen floor. He doesn't stop and I writhe under his unrelenting assault on my clit. "Stop, stop I can't take any more." He picks me up and carries me to the bedroom. I lay recovering from my orgasm as he undresses.

He stands over me with his large white cock dripping precum on my belly. Leaning forward he guides his shaft to my open mouth.

I kiss the tip, take it between my lips and squeeze as hard as I can.

He moans, "Keep that up."

I do and run my tongue around the tip concentrating my licking on the underside of his crown.

"Damn you're good," he says pushing his staff deeper into my mouth.

I take as much of him as I can before I gag.

He pulls back. "Sorry," but he continues to fuck my face.

In and out he moves, and I tighten my lips around his thrusting cock.

"Oooah," he moans and moves faster and faster.

"I hear his rapid, shallow breathing, and feel his cucumber swell harden and spurt globs and globs of cum into my mouth. I swallow as much as I can, but I can't gulp it down fast enough. My mouth isn't big enough to take it all, and it spills over my face and chest. I hold him tight until his spasms stop; he softens and slips from my mouth.

"Damn, you're a great cock sucker." He moves off me, pulls me to the edge of the bed with my head hanging down.

He stands in front of me and fondles my breasts hanging down and back.

"You have a great sit of tits. I bet your husband can't keep his hands off of you."

I laugh at the thought of my husband attempt early this morning. I enjoy Tom's hands on my boobs, and watch his cock coming alive again.

He continues to finger my hangers until he leans forward sucking a nipple into his mouth. Licking and sucking one teat and then the other. He switches every ten seconds until his hard-on returns. He probes my mouth with his erection until I take him into my mouth.

I'm warm all over. My tits are tingling and my mouth is squeezing his cock as hard as I can. He pushes and pulls it over my lips. The multiple stimulations sends wave after wave of pleasure surging though my body.
He leaves my hooters, moves his body on top of mine, and lowers his head to my pussy. His tongue rubs my honey button.

"Oh God that's wonderful." My contractions cause me to spit his cock from my mouth. I wiggle under his continuing pressure. "Stop, stop, I can't take any more." My body trembles from electric-like shocks zipping though me. I climax, "Aaaugh!"

My body is lifted, turned, laid on the bed on my stomach, my legs are spread, and his cock plunges into me. He holds me by the hips and rams my pussy over and over again. I grunt, "Ah," each time he jams his long, hard staff into me. I grab the sheets and hold them tight as my body is banged over and over again into the mattress. The convulsions of my sex organs are arousing me higher and higher. He stops and smashes into me as he ejects his sperm into me. The warm fluids bring my shuddering to a peak, and I climax right after him, "Oh God, oh God, yes, yes, yes!"

We lay on the bed trying to catch our breath.

My pussy has never been fu

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