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A growing dialogue leads two acquaintances to the Big Easy.

She gentle pushed on his shoulder and he pulled back.

"Wow," he exhaled.

She smiled naughtily and pulled back the blanket, revealing her curvy naked body, nipples erect at the centre of bright pink areolas capping beautiful round white breasts, iridescent against the purple of her open shirt. She was a breath-taking sight, he felt his penis swelling in his trousers, responding to his longing and this unexpected sexual reawakening.

"What do you want?" he queried, still wary that his need to be inside her was not guaranteed.

"I want you inside me," she replied, "but not yet. First you're going to have to work for it."

She lifted her knees and revealed the soft pink flesh of her pussy, a delicate mound, light coloured hair and a glisten of wetness gathering on the outside. He knew what she wanted first and knelt down in front of her. Working his way from her toes, he gently kissed every millimetre of skin, savouring the softness of her milky calves. As he reached her knee, the perfect scent of her sent his manhood into a frenzy, throbbing wildly, threatening to burst from his trousers at any moment. Upward he travelled, still kissing, caressing, enjoying every second as if suddenly released from a life sentence.

And soon he reached it. Parting the lips with his tongue, he licked vertically upward, flicking her clit as he passed. She gasped.

"Do that again!" she commanded.

He leaned closer, steadying himself and flicked her clit again with his tongue. Her body shuddered, responding to the moment and the stimulation. Three more flicks and she reached down, pushing his face deep into her soft pussy. He lapped voraciously as the sweet juice flowed, bringing her to the edge by licking her clit and then moving down to her hole, probing it deeply with his long tongue. Again she firmly guided him back where she needed him and he wrapped his tongue around the swelling clit, moving it from side to side then diving down to taste more of the delicious juice. She lay back, panting slowly as the sensation inside her grew. He felt it coming, the tense lips giving way to a light throbbing, wetter and warmer, her hips moving, thrusting the clit in time with him. And then it was upon her, arcing her back in pure pleasure, radiating from her engorged pussy in waves through her body, rippling through her expectant body. Slowly her breathing steadied as the orgasm faded and he took a mouthful of the sweet, sweet juices. She shuddered once more.

"I need to be inside you," he begged.

"No," she replied, "it's too soon. I want to do more."

She rallied herself and sat up. "Stand up," she ordered.

Naturally he responded. She admired the throbbing bulge in his trousers and reached to release it. With a swift pull she dropped his sports trousers to the floor and then teased the waist of his boxers away from his flesh. The pink tip of his excited penis appeared at the opening, single eye opening and closing slightly as blood coursed through his swollen cock. Unable to resist, she released it, pulling him forwards into her mouth and sucking hard, wrapping her tongue around the sides, teasing, teasing. She didn't take him deep, just enough to cover his deep pink head and allow her tongue to flick underneath it. The sensation he felt was beyond words, her mouth pulling at his head with every movement, excitement building, building. He held his breath trying to keep the moment from arriving, but could do nothing as the cum rocketed from deep in his loins and the ecstasy coursed through his body. She held him firm by the hips and swallow hard, licking delicately round the eye of his penis, tasting the last drop of his cum, smiling broadly at his happiness.

He was utterly speechless. He'd dreamed long and hard about this moment, picturing it every time he pleasured himself, and it seemed too that she now wanted the same thing. "Now," she said, and he obeyed.

Pushing her gently back against the couch, he leaned in and guided his shaft towards her.

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