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The clinic staff volunteer.

Encouraged by her response, Sam slipped a hand up under her skirt. He was shocked to feel that rather than demure panty hose, she wore lace topped stockings. He usually fucked women who wore wool socks and if anything, plain cotton underwear beneath their practical jeans. Birgitte seemed somehow like both an innocent and a whore to him with her teacherly demeanor and fuck-me lingerie. Feeling her wetness through her silk panties, he thrust his hand past them and gently fingered the hot slick part of her that so clearly wanted him. Kissing her harder and holding the back of her head by her hair with one hand, he used the other to violently tear her thin panties off and tossed them aside. With a mental shrug he thought, "Silk, they're biodegradable."

Birgitte grasped the back of his neck, feeling the cords of muscle and sinew tense and hot, she darted her tongue into his mouth then pulled back slightly and nipped his lower lip with her teeth, any harder and she would draw blood. He groaned, dominated her mouth with this and began to pinch her nipples and tear at the buttons of her shirt to free her breasts as they strained against the cool material. With his other hand under her skirt he felt the soft hairs of her pussy, moist with desire, and suddenly thrust two strong fingers deep into her soft wet passage.

Birgitte didn't know if it was the sudden intrusion into a place where she had been untouched for so long, or the quick breeze that splashed cool droplets from the stream onto her hot exposed thighs that brought her back to reality but she quickly realized she was alone, deep in the ancient forest with a stranger, one who Miranda had hinted could be quite violent when the mood came upon him. She was frightened not only by this, but by the passionate way her body responded to him, her slim body wanted to be fucked and fucked hard, even if her mind was not entirely certain.

With a cry she pushed him away, and slapped him as hard as she could across the cheek. She pulled her shirt together and almost mindlessly began to run into the woods. Branches tore at her hair and her clothes as she heedlessly ran, her heart pounding.

Sam watched, rubbing the spot on his cheek where her palm had struck, again with that slight smile. After years of working in the forest he realized that despite her foolishness in running away in a place where she could easily be lost for days, perhaps forever, he knew he could track her heedless path of broken branches, torn shrubs and footprints in the soft earth. He brought his hand to his mouth and licked, tasting her pussy on his finger. He felt himself grow impossibly harder. He wanted her; he wanted to fuck her until she screamed for mercy and for more. He knew in order to get past her fear of him and the wildness he represented, not to mention her edge of prudishness, he was probably going to have to force her a little. No matter, he could feel and taste how much she wanted it. This professor needed to get fucked and fucked hard.

Birgitte ran until she was exhausted, then fell against one of the huge trees, so enormous she couldn't even begin to span the trunk with her arms outstretched. She crouched there, the soft pine needles forming a drier bed over the moist earth, and gasped for breath. She was scared he would find her, and yet scared he wouldn't. With her panties gone she could feel the wetness from her pussy dampening her thighs and unconsciously rubbed her legs against each other to feel the pleasurable friction. She was frightened because he was big and strong and possibly violent, but she was also terrified because she wanted him like she had never desired any thing before.

Stalking quietly through the woods, Sam followed the clear trail Birgitte had left.

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