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An erotic coupling story.


"THEN WHY WERE YOU CALLING OUT HIS NAME?" Face flushed with anger, he pushed her down onto the floor, completely overcome with his rage.

"Roger... please..." she begged.

"FUCK YOU!" his voice was a scream as he suddenly started undoing his pants. Before Allison could even say another word he was between her legs, his dick shoving into her soaked pussy, "FUCK YOU YOU SLUT! THIS IS HOW YOU WANT IT? IS IT?"

Allison didn't even have the voice to tell him that yes, this was how she wanted her. Her pussy was incredibly sensitive from already having cum and the harsh pounding he was giving it was sending her back up for another orgasm. Their chests pressed together as he roughly kissed her, shoving his tongue into her mouth, and she screamed into the kiss as the suction cups were pressed down on her aching breasts. They must have hurt him too because he pulled up quickly, ripping them off her chest as he continued to pump at her body, and his mouth was back on hers as she screamed.

The incredible sexual pain when he'd ripped off the suction cups was intense, and now as her chafed nipples rubbed against his chest she was in the throes of heady pleasure, the pain mingling with her arousal and sending her higher in flight. He fucked her relentlessly, pounding hard into her cunt so that her clit was smashed with every drive home, her pussy stretched as he dug deeper and deeper. Arching her back, she drove her hips up to meet him, exulting in the rough treatment as his powerful thrusts began moving her body across the carpet, burning her shoulders and ass.

He fucked her hard, brutally, the way she'd always wished he'd fuck her... the way that Todd had fucked her... and with that thought she realized that it still wasn't Roger she wanted. Even if after this he would be able to give her body what she needed, her heart had already betrayed her... she wanted Todd, not a replacement for him. And while this sex was amazing, her body craving it and joyful in its fulfillment, it still wouldn't be enough to make her happy with Roger. She'd always want Todd...

Still, as the heat between her legs built, she was heading towards another orgasm, keeping just enough control over herself not to call out Todd's name, her voice screamed out a wordless, enthusiastic announcement of her orgasm. Gripping Roger's body tightly with arms and legs, she shuddered against him, and he gasped as her pussy began rippling around him, for the first time realizing that any orgasm he might have given her before was nothing compared to this. He groaned low in his throat as her passion ignited his own climax, sending jets of cum shooting into her clenching body.

As he came down from his own climax, his pretty brunette girlfriend underneath him with her brown curls spread about her head, he suddenly realized what he had done.

"Oh God Allison... I'm so sorry..." Guilt and shame crashed down on him as he realized that no matter how much she'd just enjoyed it, to all intents and purposes he'd just practically raped her. Maybe she was guilty in other ways, but that didn't mean that he had to lose control like that. He buried his head on her shoulder, and then abruptly pulled back, not sure that she'd want him to touch her.

"Roger..." her soft voice and the hand on his shoulder kept him from pulling out of her immediately, "It's ok... and I'm sorry too... I realized that you're not the guy for me and I stayed with you anyway and I'm sorry. It was wrong... and... I don't know what else to say except I'm sorry."

Looking down into her eyes, he finally understood that what they wanted from a relationship was just so completely different that it would never work. In a way, they'd both been trying to make each other into something that they weren't. She'd said that the tape had happened before they'd met and he believed her. Soft hazel eyes looked up at him, gentle and sad, very apologetic for the fact that she couldn't fulfill his needs either.

Kissing her gently on the lips, he said, "It's ok.

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