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Batman marries Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

I now licked the head and under the head, that sensitive area just below the head, which becomes exposed when the foreskin is pulled back, and used my hand to almost milk the huge snake just above my head, how I was able to even concentrate on him is beyond me. My body was a mass of erogenous nerve endings and my young nephew seemed to have them all covered, he seemed an exceptional student and I couldn't wait for the next phase, his cock sunk deep into my tight cunt came to mind. With that thought still in my mind I felt the sudden squirt of thick hot creamy spunk hit the back of my throat and before long my mouth was completely full of my nephews delicious nectar of life, escaping from the sides of my mouth and running down my face and throat into my hair. There was no controlling the beast as it writhed, wriggled, jerked and pulsating as I released it from its capture and it continued spewing cum juice like you would expect a cobra to squirt its venom, my fingers probed his prostrate forcing him to release all his liquid which now completely covered my face and hair.

My young nephew, although perhaps inexperienced was a very thoughtful lover, many men may have at that stage slowed down in their endeavours or even been selfish enough to stop, not James he was now eating, licking and fingering my holes furiously so that I too climaxed, my body completely surrendered itself to a sensation it had only experienced on four previous occasions in my life as I had a multiple orgasm, both my holes clenching tightly round his fingers and then releasing and repeating the process time and time again, my cunt now spraying him with thick clear cunt juice almost as if I was peeing, he forced his wide open mouth over my opening covering my quim entirely trying to capture my very soul as he lapped and sucked my cunt until my body eventually climbed down exhausted. I could take no more and gently pushed him off, only for him to turn round and crawl down to my head end and kiss me passionately allowing me to taste my own sweet juices.

Eventually we moved back on to the bed, my body now wrecked with tiredness, even James now seemed exhausted and we lay in each others arms, The last thing I remember before sleep overcame me was James saying, "You're the best and hottest aunt in the world, I hope I was good enough for you aunty Mary and you enjoyed some of what we just did to each other as much as I did." The silly wonderful boy that was so intense so satisfying it was beyond words but before I could reply I drifted off to sleep still being held tightly in his strong muscular arms.

The following morning I awoke at about 10:30 to find James gone from my bed, this worried me, had he realised what we had done was wrong and couldn't bear to see me, even worse had he phoned my sister and told her what I had done to her young son. All sorts of terrible things flashed through my mind as I got up to run downstairs to try and find him, find out what he had done, who he had told, my mind was in complete turmoil. Just then the door suddenly swung open and a huge gorgeous cock entered the room followed by its owner my funny looking nephew, who apart from a short apron, stood there in his birthday suit, his cock very stiff, holding a breakfast tray in one hand and the Sunday Times in the other, the relief at the sight made me laugh loudly, which was something I hadn't done in a long time.

"III thththought yyyou mmmight like bbbreakfast in bbbed aunttt MMMary, iis that aallright?"

It was obvious that he was now embarrassed, not sure why I was laughing and unsure of himself hence the return of the stammer, my reaction had obviously alarmed him and he needed reassurance.

"That's a capital idea James, thank you and thank you fo

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