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The illicit relationship reluctantly continues.

"Just don't your tell dad okay? He already has lots of things to worry about."

I nodded and tapped her shoulder. She then placed her hand above mine, and then gave me her usual smile. It was then that I realized that my mother really loved my father very much. I even kind of wished that my dad was present, so he could have seen how lucky he is to have a loyal and caring wife. As I stood up from my seat, I said to her, "If you need anything mum, just tell me okay?"

"Sure, darling."

I entered my room and immediately slumped on my bed. After I threw my shoes and socks at the floor, I looked up at the ceiling and thought back at the events that happened in the day. I flashbacked first to Marcus and the several girls he had shagged, then to when I was laughed at by everyone and called, "Boner Kid" by one of my black classmates.

Thinking back to those events quickly infuriated me, as I stuffed my face with a pillow. It was then that pictures of Chris, Josh and even Sidhu while we were in the cafeteria, appeared in my mind, which eased my anger a bit. It made me even start laughing. After that, Amanda's beautiful face appeared. Her blonde ponytails, her metal-chick getup, her petite figure, and her smile caused a particular swelling on my sexual organ. I started imagining her naked while lying on top me.

"Fuck me James", she said to me seductively.

Deciding to use the moment, I reached down my pants and pulled my swollen cock. As I was whacking off, Amanda's face was then suddenly replaced by that of a black man. It was Marcus.

"FUCK!" I quickly opened my eyes because of it.

"Honey, is everything alright", my mum said to me while knocking on my door.

She must have heard me shout as it was pretty loud.

"I'm okay, mum!" I quickly replied. Looking at my dick, it was still pretty swollen as I haven't ejaculated yet.

"Damn Marcus, why is it that even in my imagination, you still cockblock me?"

I decided to browse online for porno since I was still horny and needed something to masturbate to. I typed in the keywords, "hot goth chicks porn", which resulted in hundreds of websites in the search engine. I clicked the one that said, "Metal Sluts" and saw different pictures of naked girls in various sexual acts. Several of them wore piercings on their body and some even had tattoos.

"This will do", I said as I started whacking off.


Five months ago...

Days passed by quickly, until I realized three months have already gone by. While some people still make fun of me at school, calling me "Boner Kid", especially Marcus' friends, I wasn't treated as a new kid anymore. I just ignored those people though and didn't really pay attention to what they say, because to me, they didn't matter. What mattered to me was having fun with my friends.

(I'm your mamma, I'm your daddy.

I'm that nigga in the alley.

I'm your doctor when in need.

Want some coke? Have some weed.

You know me; I'm your friend,

Your main boy, thick and thin...)

Within the three months, we hung out and did lots of awesome things together. We listened to music and sang to the tunes of different artists such as Curtis Mayfield, The Beatles, Nirvana, Megadeth, and Sublime while getting stoned from smoking weed. It turned out that Chris' grows cannabis in his room through the use of hydroponics and some artificial lighting. He even sells them to his neighbors, for some quick bucks. It's amazing what you can learn from high school science classes.

I also saw them play their music for the first time.

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